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I just saw the thread posted by someone in this category with a title - "Why educational gaps are considered bad in India?"
So I wonder if I am doing distance learning MBA at the age of 30 and working as well and also have a gap between graduation and post-graduation and now MBA so can it really affect my career or will it make any difference if I try for a new job or go to give interview in new companies. However, the current company I am working with did not react to this. But do some companies don't accept such a gap. But in my MBA batch, there are many students of my age and they are working professionals too. Is it normal to pursue an MBA at a later age like 30 and after some years of graduation

From India, Ahmadabad
Sharmila Das

Dear rinsys,
Education has no such impediments counted on age. Though it is considered earlier that why is there any gap of experience or eduction, now distance education is deemed. Career being effective and job responsibilities have an extra mile to walk for goals and acheivements educational institutes have pioneered online course and tests. Even a certificate course could also mandate the demand of that for a person who has done a full-time course.
Companies have built their rules to avoid mishaps. However, explain the interviewer that your how can your learning support your work. Show your prospective employer that you applied a strong work ethic toward finding a new job.
Good Luck!!!

From India, Visakhapatnam

Thank you so much Mam. By the way, can you pls enlighten me that what did you meant by above statement
Do companies has such rules to not accept candidates with education gap and distance learning student....

From India, Ahmadabad
Sharmila Das

Yes, most of the companies made their rules/ clauses to avoid any unnoticed or unexpected cause from any employee. Fair when companies provide training and educate the employee for a process and trepediation of loosing such is sore.
Hence, many companies have highlighted distance education can be done through universities online while working. Now - a- days, we see this in many IT companies and this culture is adopted by many small, mid and large scale industries as well.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Dear Rinsys,

I am based in the UK, for a long time, and do not know the situation in India. However, let me make a few points. I think the companies differ in their policies and, in general, distance education degrees have been given a lower weighting to full-time degrees.

Regarding gaps between doing a basic degree and a post-grad; companies are looking for un-explained gaps. If your CV shows that there are no gaps, as the apparent gaps are covered by work experience, the organisation would be interested to know why you left employment to pursue MBA, for example. I did my post-grad degrees by attending evening classes and had no problem switching jobs in the UK. Thousands follow this course here; I am sure given the proliferation of such facilities, in India, organisations will employ people who have shown initiative and improved their knowledge base.

My sincere suggestion is write a short covering letter clearly explaining why you took up studies and how they have made you a better employee.

From United Kingdom

Wow!! Well as the plenty of suggestions/ advice and good things you already have received so far by the seniors here, but something i would like to add here is that "Life Is A Journey Of Learning Experience Where One Learn Everything At Every Step Whatever Wants To Learn" and being taught something at every single minute till the end of life but we sometime forget this truth, get distracted and puzzled.

The question to go for MBA at age of 30 and whether it is good , bad or normal never took place in our life, never comes in our mind if we accept the truth of life as what i said above. We are STUDENT OF LIFE, No matter what experiences and problems put us in this situation and we are running behind the time because of it,but the truth is if we wants to get more education, no need to stops ourselves or hesitate to get further Education (Enrolling ourselves or any study) which is the transmission of civilization and now became a necessary part or would say demand of life to survive.

Second, educational gaps are not just considered bad in India but everywhere. We all knows that gaps clearly states negativities of us such as lack of concentration, problems /bad experiences in life, etc but it doesn't matter who have gap in education cant survive and have no right to stand again to fight with world.

"Everyone can win the bad situation with sincerity, hardwork but only ultimate fighters can beat these all actually"

Your second question : Whether these gaps in education can bother you or not, yes they can bother you but until you try to do something to overcome the situation. For example :Recruiter certainly would take it a lack of concentration and a negative point in you but when you will express yourself on these gaps and why they occurred with valid points and now you are focused and wanna show the world what you can still do and have courage to fight with the world, would be appreciated.

For this you have to get strong your part enough, have to work alot, have to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can earn a confidence and impress them.

Lastly, i would like to add some more things with your statement/question that you have given above "if I try for new job", you are a working person currently and knows that your present company/employer has accepted you with whatever you are and now you guess forget that have earned some experience so basically your part is more strong than the past. You are more mature with work, skill and experience so you can face the interview but UNTIL YOU FACE ANY INTERVIEW HOW'D YOU GET WHAT THEY WANT AND WHAT YOU NEED TO DEVELOP IN YOURSELF FURTHER or according to their need/demand.

"Until we feel appetite never temp to eat"

Go take further step and know what you need more to earn.

in simple language, enroll yourself, earn education, skills, experience and present yourself to this world and create your world

Best of luck

From India, Gurgaon
Hi ...
My thoughts might contradict some here and mean no offence
My question starts with the basics ... Why do you want an MBA ?? Is it to hone your skills ?? Or is it another degree to be thrown at an recruiter.
If it is another degree to be thrown at an recruiter ... Yes you need to worry about gaps, no gaps, which college ... Distance, part-time or regular ... But if you are looking at honing ur skills then what matters is the course content.
MBA is supposed to be beyond a degree it is a grooming and nurturing process for business leaders.
Take ur time and think about your priority.

From India, Pune
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