I got a job in campus selection,and had to pay an amount towards training fee. The training was told to be over within 3 months including On Job Training. But We were send for OJT by the end of 4th month and induction to the company took place by the start of 6th month. After 1 month of working I was told to go to reserve at head office at Gurgaon stating that there is no projects for the company. I was in training for 6 months actually and was told to sit idle at HO.It was told to have the travel expence from my hand. I had to leave the job as they were delaying my growth or job in all ways.I didn\'t get any experience or releaving letter . For this I am suffering all these years. I had no choice that time as the regional manager was barely shouting and never supported me in any stage.
How can I express this in an interview?
How will I be treated? I want agood job at good places, But just getting rejected always
Whay dont it be fair with me? Do anyone leave the company without any

From India, Bangalore
What do you mean by suffering all these years? For how many years have you been suffering? What are you doing at present? Just because one wishes to have a good job in a good place, it won't happen. Have you tried to find out why they are rejecting you?
From United Kingdom
Dont loose heart. People go through difficult periods in their personal as well as professional lives. Just hang in there and have patience. Things will work out soon.It always does. Life is like a rollercoaster.What comes down goes up, as well.
From India, Calcutta
I second after Mr Simhan wanna say that you need to be more specific with your query.

Second, as you know that you are getting rejected, as Mr. Simhan asked that you need to find out the reason for this, you actually need to go through it. I buy that situation and the circumstance can be reason for you that made you feel to left the job but what i feel is that you had to show patience but you didnt and seeing the consequence.

Second, you said above that you didn't get any experience and suffering, saying us like you were never employed, is that true?

Third, there is no need to express yourself with these things that you have experienced but need to be confident on your qualifications and training and skill that you have earn. This can help you but it seems you are not so sure about yourself too and your lack of confidence is actually showing to me by your this query. I dont know what actually is going on with you bcz you have not much shared here but i have had many discussion with the same kind of query therefore i can say this to you.

Please share more about it and answer the question what Mr Simhan has asked you above

From India, Gurgaon
Mr Simhan ,Mr Kaushik ,Mr AK Arora, your replys are valuable for me

I couldn't work too long, I shall explain you all I had there.

I worked as a trainer in networking for 14 months. I wished a career change and was planning to go overseas. I put resignation as i got a chance to go. But for the embassy attestation of degree certificate, it took more time than expected and the visa got expired . Thus I stay Job less these days and I am doing a course on VOIP now.

I gets rejected when i say that I don't have experience and re-leaving letter .

If you are patient to hear whole process I shall explain.

(1.) I got a campus placement in a GSM tower Installation Company.

(2.) Paid an amount of 42000 for the 2months training and 1 month of On Job Training.

(3.) Training started on OCT 2009 and ended by January and was send for OJT just for 15 days.

(4.) Again Induction was done by March,all those months I didn't get any pay or stipends etc..

(5.) Project was allotted by April at a place with of travel 2 days from there.

(6.) Reaching there they were asking why you were sent here, it is not having much project.

(7.) I worked there till the end of the month and was asked to leave to head office as reserve and will be placed somewhere on need.

(8.) Again I had to travel back to head office with 2days of journey,also no travel amount alloted.

In between the training we had to ask several times for On Job Training ,Then after OJT asked several times for induction whoch was supposed to be done by the end of January.

How can I compensate these time in my resume??

I don't want to justify. But even the project manager was trying to get a new job. One of our Project manager suicided and the regional manager got terminated.

No Money deposited or no hope for that stating that no projects.

I had no choice but to leave.

Please think if any fresher leave his first job abruptly without any reason? We were a batch of 13 members while at training, now no one is working with them.

Please don't charge all the faults , but i need an help from you all.

I don't want to complain anyone at my interviews. I wish to present this in a safe mode. If i tell something bad about my previous employer, none will give me a chance.

Kindly I am not arguing or trying to justify me. Please Give a Good method. I am in need of a job. I am not feeling to skip that period of work .Because I did work even at training and my short period of job. Not just a supervisors or engineer's job, but worked like a technician, climbing up the tower,Pulling up the antenna and tower devices using pulley etc.

Please dont ignore me


From India, Bangalore
Thank you for the information. Have you not worked since 2010? If so, why? You do not have to "Bad mouth" your previous employer. You can tell them that the expected project did not materialise; the employer had hoped that they would get the contract and it did not materialise and, hence, all the staff were put on hold. As you could not wait you left them.
From United Kingdom
I tried the same job in my native place there also the projects was dull. Then I got a chance to work as a trainer. For 6 months i worked in contract and then got a permanent trainer post.
I was working from January 2011 to march 2012 as a trainer in computer networking.

From India, Bangalore
We are not trying to judge nor expecting the same from you but give you the facts and sincerely wanna help you to fight with your problem

But I would like to bring something into your notice that Mr. Shehansha, there is a conflict with your statements that you have made here.. in your very first post you said that you resigned bcz "they were delaying your growth or job in all ways" and in second post you said that you wanted to change your career and resigned from your job bcz you were intended to go abroad.

I beg your pardon but these two statements are not statements but are two different reasons that you are giving here as reason of your unemployment for a period which are not acceptable to me actually. You have invested your time in preparation of Visa and all and second you said that you have wasted your time bcz of several reason and lot done to you by your Employer.

I understand your situation and that you are worried about your career but two different statements can make other confuse or feel not good and you wont be able to get actually the responses you are looking for.

Second, after going through the story and explaining under thread no. 5 that you have presented, i just wanna say that you need to earn confidence on yourself first which is really important for you and enable you to stand while your interviews.

You know why you were not able to convince your interviewers bcz of LACK OF CONFIDENCE AND THE MISTAKES that you have done with whatever reason, therefore, first you need to accept the reality and later need to step forward.

Also you emphasis that you were upset that you were not reimbursed with your expenses ...and i wanna say Mr Shehansha that you need to forget all these things and need not to repeat it and work for your today and future

- You have no experience but are skilled bcz of training that you have earned while your OJT

Gap in education/career always create problems for all and this cant be erased but can hide by getting more advance and technical education along with practical experience like TRAINING...

- You need to polish your skills and also need to join any relevant certificate course which will enhance your skills and will give you knowledge to move forward

- You are a fresher but need to understand that to be a FRESHER is not your fault, so keep apply for jobs.

- You have completed your training but have no Training or experience certificate it is acceptable but never said nothing wrong about your previous employer to your interviewer, the same already stated my Mr. Simhan above which can be the reason of your failure in interviews, so please avoid it.

- You need to invest your time, money and hard work to get back on track which are really important now for you.

From India, Gurgaon
My I take this opportunity to highlight a simple fact.
When we do not give all the information on hand at the outset, we waste our and other bloggers' time and effort.
Giving information in pieces in response to questions, leads to frustration for all.

From United Kingdom

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