2nd February 2012 From India, Vijayawada

Dear Friends, Any recent amendments in labour laws can u explain Regards, SK.Karimulla SR.EXecutive (HR) 9014590222
2nd February 2012 From India, Vijayawada
Dear Sir,

We are having textile unit of mid size in Maharashtra. Kindly guide on rules/acts as also practical solutions on following points.

1. The workers working in particular deptt. refuse to do other work in their own deptt. (even though they have for years performed the job for many years in the same unit/deptt., before making them permanant and allottment of occupation), we are informing them that since due to absenteeism, machines are stopped , you work the machines and the work of carpenter/sweeper/oiler -miscellaneous jobs , management will get it done from other temporary/contract workers of other deptts. but they are refusing . In such cases can we treat them absent as Refused alternate work and not pay them the wages. pLEASE ADVISE.

2. Our finished product is raw-material for other industries and many a times for period of 15 to 60 days there is no work for want of orders from customers. In such situation we are marking present to all workers(who have completed 240 days ) who report on work and pay 100% wages -minus PF, However it becomes big burden in present situation to pay idle wages and we are suffering loss. Can you suggest some solution in the matter.

Await for an early response.


D K Aggarwal
5th February 2012 From India, Aurangabad
Dear sir,
1.In first case you people have to maintain them with in your hands. if the employee have such a skills to do another job which ever you shown you can say that to pay extra wages on piece rate system.. Aforesaid information by you they are not willing to do another work, if there z any reason we have to rectify it.. if it is due to his lazyness we can say that we will treat you as an adsentee like that.. after that also he refused to work its better to search for another worker...
2.In this case its better to maintain minimum number of permanant employees..payable payment on piece rate system will be work out in your unit as per my knowledge...
and my advise z that why dnt you people try to start another kind of buisiness? my intention z that why we produce raw material for another companies..if we start a small scale industry???????.... jst my advise nly plz dnt mind...
13th March 2012 From India, Calicut
It will be better outsource such type of jobs to work contract to some contractor. The contractor will manage all the things. You have to just see his Statutory Compliance. Rajiv Singh
8th November 2012 From India
Mr. D.K.
1. In first case you can explain them softly that they may get additional acting allowance,if mgt is ready, and can be given hint of disciplinary action if they refuse the offer.
If they still refuse to do other work yoy can take action against them as per the standing order i.e. willful disobedience of the reasonable order of superior. Once you remove 2-3 guys others will get the lesson.
2. In second case you can pay them 50% of basic +d.a. as per the lay off compensation under factories act that is limited up to 45 days of lay off compensation,if not provided otherwise in your standing order or agreement.
Kindly correct me if wrong.
16th January 2013 From India, Mumbai
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