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I had an account in name of Sunayna and my resident tag but it is all lost somehow, so here am I trying to start again. I have known citehr when the community was small and the handful of us knew each other by name, anyway things have changed and I have grown learning from cite hr.

I am a graphologist now and am here to share my stories and learning's as a Graphologist.

A little about how graphology can help you -
  • Individuals to help understand themselves or take decisions
  • Pre marital compabitility test to choose life partner
  • Post marriage compatibility and counseling
  • HR to select the right employees
  • Career planning for select individuals
  • Employee Engagement workshops

The listening problem

A skilled graphologist can understand if an individual is open to new ideas or is someone who is adamant and likes to do things on his own.

Sometimes, even a skilled graphologist can go wrong. :)

I recently met a very self made man, someone who had defied all the customs possible and made life on his own. His handwriting pointed out that he was not a very good listener and didn't really accept advice as graciously as one should.

I told him that, and he said I was wrong. This was my 2nd or 3rd point but he said that he listens to everyone. There was no way I was wrong. I tried to give him examples so I could explain my point. He refused. I couldn't really argue with such a senior business man...but this was so wrong. He just didn't budge, he was proving my point and I tried to point it out, but he still didn't agree. He told me to move on.

I carried on with my points and soon he started developing his trust. We came to the main reason for his analysis and I gave him the reasons. I was telling him something about his wife and the point drifted to how businessmen have to act in a way to be accepted by society. He said he understood it and we discussed how people close to us can nag us and constantly give ideas to help us improve. He then came to the listening point again and told me that he too faces the same issue. He had 3 wellwishers who always told him the right way of doing things. Like when one of them told him that the business won't work and his wife would come on the road, he transferred one of his flats on his wife's name and made his wife secure with a fd deposit and made arrangements for his child in next 3 months. When his aunt told him about looking good and dressing well, he bought the best quality clothes and a really pricey car in few days.

I realized one thing, Human beings are the most complex complex beings possible. He did listen to people but only to stop them from talking. He has lost those well wishers now but is happy in his own world. I tried to point this out in a subtle way that he didn't listen to ideas because the idea made sense, but only to prove a point and hence it showed in his handwriting but I don't think he was ready for that yet.

From India, Mumbai

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The process is the cure.

I believe graphology is the only medium where the process of analysis becomes the cure in itself.
There is nothing much needed after the analysis session. I see individuals feel the impact with each statement. It is like every truth is setting them free. Each statement of analysis helps you heal yourself and uncover your true self like the layers of the onion...and just like the onion, you realize there is nothing much to you. We worry so unnecessarily. We worry and form an image and use that image to scare ourselves. There are times when people call me for 4 to 5 days at a stretch, ask all the possible questions in the world related to graphology and end up not coming to me at all. Maybe coming to an analysis includes letting go of fear.
Maybe those who come to me are already on the journey to heal themselves.

From India, Mumbai
The Perfect match of marketing.

I was in a company collecting handwriting samples for my project. I have fortunately or unfortunately developed this habit of looking at whatever handwriting comes in front of me and analyzing it. The brain just starts working and it seems that I have no control over myself sometimes. I didn't control myself at this particular office too and before I knew it, there was this really enthused group who wanted to know at least 2-3 points about them. :)

Amongst them was a really bright looking lady. The one thing that struck me about her were her marketing skills. She seemed to be really really good at marketing. I told her so and she just gleamed from ear to ear. This should have been my clue but I guess I missed it. She asked me what "marketing" really meant. I told her that marketing as per graphology means

Ability to express ideas in a powerful manner

Sell ideas or products really well

Communicate with unknown people well

I added, also, a practical example could be that when you argue or when you are done presenting your idea or point of view, people rarely deny it.

She nodded her head on this and continued to smile.

We were sitting next to the HR area, and the lady got up and congratulated the HR on hiring her. She was actually responsible for handling marketing for the company. I was so pleased because the energy in that area was amazing. The lady was simply glowing. Imagine what she must have felt. Like all of us, who work, we always have doubts about what area of work to get into... Is sales really for me? Would I do good in csr? Why don't I get promotion in this field if I like it... All such questions must have been answered. If she was ever worried, all that must have gone.

I contacted her later and asked her if she would like to tell me how she felt so I could put it in my blog, but that didn't work out. Anyway, Imagine how the HR must have felt? There are so many times when we are confused between candidates and pick the one who is negotiating the best or is looking good on the ref check. The ref check story I will share later but the HR must have felt so good about herself and her skills to judge people.

It was a very pleasant experience to be there at the moment.

From India, Mumbai
Feedback as P.I.G.S

Graphology can help you understand a lot of things like - Stress level, health issues, personal nature, ability to work hard, ego and other abilities that can ensure that I talk for about 2 hours at least but it cannot predict the ability to give feedback sadly. I have a amusing story ahead, I was asked a question recently that I just didn't have an answer to.

I recently met a lady who knew herself really well. She is in the senior management of a company and had come to me for a mini analysis. She seemed happy with the analysis and I think I helped her with the solutions she was looking for. She was slightly unhappy with her boss because of his talkative nature and since she was to change her job soon she decided not to waste any time on it. While getting up, she asked me, "Can u tell me which traits can tell me if a person will give feedback like PIGS" I kept staring at her, hoping she would tell me what it meant, some new term...

Thankfully, she did. She said - Positive Immediate Graphic and Specific. I realized about 8-10 seconds that that is what PIGS stood for. I asked her if this was for the future boss and she sat down and gave me a big YES. I told her that there is no such trait, but a mix of traits and it would be difficult to judge accurately even for me. She sighed and said she would anyway get her future boss's sign for me if possible. To which I had to smile and agree.

It is amazing, I learn something new everyday. :)

From India, Mumbai
Strange how life is...

It is really strange how life is...what you have learnt at what stage in life gets used somewhere completely else... I was talking to my friend about her dreams and she told me that she saw a few mountains and sun rise. It was a beautiful dream and some sign of hope she needed. Her dad is unwell and chances of survival are very less. So this dream was a beautiful sign for her. She was so happy that she called me early morning to tell me about it.
What is strange is that she asked me what else could it mean? At the same time, the interpretation of drawing analysis was running in my mind. I told her that mountains signify problems and the sun signifies father. so since she saw the sun rise, it is an extremely positive sign that her father is rising up from the problems. She was happy to know and I was delighted to answer.The best thing I love about my work is that I delight people more than less :)

From India, Mumbai
Dear Sunayna,
Thankyou for sharing your experience. There are no greater learning that we can gain from each other.
Apologies for your earlier id. Please share that in this email and allow us to look into how we can merge your posts.
I am very happy to see your posts and can only ask for more :)
God bless you !
(Cite Contribution)
NB :Please consider adding your educational details in your profile. It will guide the members to learn from and interact with you.

From India, Mumbai
Dear (Cite Contribution), It would be great if you can merge, i have mailed you the details. Thanks a ton, No wonder citehr rocks :) Love and Regards,
From India, Mumbai

Dear Sunayna
Thank you very much for sharing your experience.
It is really amazing to read your words and please accept my appreciation.
We welcome you back to the forum.
You can also see many of my posts in the below link:
With best wishes.

From India, Madras
Dear AVS, Thanks for the welcome, Cite hr has always been very kind to me. Its like being welcomed all over again. I did go through the link yesterday and loved the concept. Keep it up
From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunayna,
I would like to take this opportunity provided by this forum to ask you what basic to be prepared to start learning graphology. Once one of my friend did the handwriting analysis for me and told me my characteristics which was all true. That lead my interest to learn graphology and have a add on in my experience and utilize it in my career ( HR).
I tried to read and understan from one of the book ( name i forgot) but i was unable to understand anything. So if you can tell me how I can start my work on this, that would be really appreciating.

From India, Bangalore

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