Dear All,
I am working in Bangalore, with one of the reputed HR consultancy,
We have provided manpower recruitment services to one of the leading General insurance company, who claimed to be no.1 in their segment, they have bank as well with the same brand name,
As per agreed term they have to pay us the service fee within 45 days from the date of joining, candidates have joined in month of July 2010 , till date we have not received our payment, initially when we were doing follow-up with HR they were giving excuses like, payment will be done in 7 days, by end of the week , by end of the month and so on, since 1 month they have started ignoring our phone call , by disconnecting, not replying to mail.
Need all your suggestion how to handle this, and what action we should take for non-payment and the harassment.
Reply awaited !!

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr.Anuranjan, Go ahead and meet the concern person directly and speak. If that does not works out, you can very well raise an e-mail to his/her superiors in that concern. Thanks, Miracle CEO
From India, Madras
Hello Anuranjan,
Assuming your client is in a position to pay [meaning NOT having any Financial problems], the candidate you placed is still on their rolls [meaning he/she hasn't quit] & your Agreement is is what you say it is, I think such people/companies need to be exposed--in public domain. I am not sure of others' responses--suggest pl wait for others to respond.
Let us HR professionals learn from what's happening all around us--so many scams wouldn't have seen the light of the day since the past few months if the Media didn't bring the issues/scams to the fore into public domain. I have observed that there are quite a few people/companies who admit/act ONLY when things come out into the open. For such people/companies, going the legal way may not be the right way.
But suggest wait for other responses.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Anuranjan
It is sad when companies behave like this and it reflects badly on their brand image
I have seen that if a Company decides that they don't want to pay you there is nothing that you can do about it.
The decision not to pay must have come from the concerned authority only, as violation of a contract is a risk
Additionally, the company might have calculated that your consultancy cannot afford the time to go to court to enforce the contract
I am not saying that you should give up. You should definitely communicate with the concerned senior and even go up to the CEO/MD if you need to
Just be prepared that you are in a long and complicated situation and that you might not see that money

From India, Gurgaon
Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I am waiting for more reply,
I would like to add here, When I spoke to the HR today , She started reacting by telling like you are not only in the market, and she don't want to communicate with me any more , I am stunned.
Please suggest, I really want to take it seriously ,

From India, Bangalore
Dear Anuranja,
You should name such firm/company so that other recruitment agencies in the market may aware of such kind of organisation.
Anuranjan if they are behaving like such (like you mentioned in your second post here) you should take some stern action against them. I would suggest you to remind them terms & conditions of your services and if not nothing help you then take a legal action if they not paying or rescinding your services in future.
thanks & regards,
Krishna Sati

From India, Delhi
Hello Anuranjan,
Suggest escalate the issue with the Head of HR & then the CEO [IN WRITING--from now on, do all interaction in writing; even if you have to speak over phone, follow it up with a mail summarizing in writing what you spoke over phone]--don't give them a chance to later say that 'we didn't know you had this problem'. Quite a few guys in senior levels do it--failing to see that such a situation wouldn't have come-about in the first place if their own processes/procedures are correctly placed/implemented.
Also pl be prepared for any kind of backlash from the company--this is where all communication proofs will come handy.
Wait for some more Forum members suggestions before taking the step.
Also there's one more way to look @ the issue. Is the amount due very high? If it's not, is it worth all this effort--basically do a cost-benefit thinking.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Anuranjan
You have my sympathies.
I also feel concerned about the fate of the candidate, whom you have placed.
It is ironic to find that while recruiting a candidate; a company will have lots of specification and rigorous requirements about the candidate including things like background verification, reference checks, salary verification etc.
However, once a candidate has joined; they themselves begin indulging in such un-ethical practices.
Is it not like a thief trying to hire honest side-kicks to help in his thefts and other un-lawful activities ??
I hope other consultants too, share their experiences about such unscrupulous companies.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Dear Anuranjan
I appreciate the suggestions and help given by my fellow members and friends....
As the said, you can directly talk to the MD / Chairman of the company stating the problems and issues faced by you from their HR department.
I would also suggest that you stop recruiting for them...eve if they release your payment and come back to you with new mandates i suugest you that you do not entertain them....let them repent on what they have done....
Also you can pass on the message to the other consultants in your city who work in your domain (field) to not to recruit for them because of this malpractice...i believe that this not the best practice but you no other alternative....

From India, Mumbai
Hi Friends,
Do we have a shared forum or site ect.... where we can find names and details of such Clients / Firm / Company so that other recruitment agencies in the market may aware of such kind of organisation.
This would help each/either of us to avoid such situation.

From India, Visakhapatnam

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