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Survival of a North Indian Person in South India, brings out lots of problems. In regard to this, the religion difference causes harrasment-mental torture. Is it serious? If yes, upto what mark? what one should do?
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Dear aahnapahwa, You have to be little more clear on to the situation to expect an appropriate comment.
From India, Bangalore
There has always been a dispute with South Indian employers regarding this biased behavior. they always prefer to hire South Indian candidate and always favor them in any grievance over any North Indian candidate. It has been noticed even in big MNCs and Colleges today.
Even in my current organization there are few South Indians who always crib about we north Indians...even my south Indian house maid has this problem..... :lol: .... its like India-Pakistan fight.
so dear aahnapahwa, just be hardworking and reasonable in your approach...if you think you deserve something in your organization and are not getting it...just go to the management and talk about it... hope your HR and upper management are bit MATURE enough in their approach. just ask them to be PROFESSIONAL and EDUCATED in their approach.

From India, Delhi

Dear Aahna,
THis is true that north indians face these problems in south. I am also working in south. I too face same problem as I dont understand their language......... but then I started being friendly with them and started praising them for the work they have done.......... And gradually I overcome the problem........
This is true that these people prefer south indians over north ones.... But there is always mid way........ We north indians get frustrated due to their behavior but try to be cool and be professional and some times friendly as well........ coz I have observed if you praise their culture they get very happy........ appreciate if you like some thing and try to understand them.....It is difficult in the first instance but it is not impossible.....

From India, Aurangabad

Dear All,
It depends on the individual and the circumstances they under go... There will be psychological thoughts thats what i hope so it depends on the situation how you manage people if it is north or south you have to tackle people just do not bother whether they are south or north....even south indians get anger or very cool at situation and north indians too.... Try to understand one thing don't do partiality between north or south languages may be different, gods may be different but, we all are INDIANS..... and this is a public forum certain have posted as south india and north india look like India Vs Pakistan is it so who told we are all brothers and sister and INDIANS....Jaihind!!!!

From India, Bangalore
Hey why don't be practical and down to earth... just look at the situation here...there is somebody who is been harassed in his organization and comes to a public forum for help and to know others experience.he is been harassed so much that he has to go public with his emotions....WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS ??
so instead of helping him out all are getting emotional unnecessary. just be practical in approach...OK!! we all have seen how one Mumbai-INDIAN are fighting with Bihar-INDIAN // south-INDIAN with north-INDIAN...etc... YOU CANNOT IGNORE THESE realities.... when one person makes the life miserable for another person then you have to look at the difficult situation and be judgmental rather getting PHILOSOPHICAL AND EMOTIONAL. This is professional world sir... just look at the reality and FIND OUT A SOLUTION... rather getting philosophical.

From India, Delhi
First of all you needto get rid of yr perception regarding all are gunning fr u bcos u r a north indian. Oncethis is taken care of then u need to do understand why yr colleagues are unhappy wid u n hw u can helpthem to change their percption abt 'U'.
I have not only worked in a multi cultural org in India but abroad too. Everywhere ppl areslightly apprehensive abt a new comer especially if they are frm a diff culture. Only time helps to accept each other. So stop playing culture card n create a rift between N.Indians n S.Indians on a public forum.

From India, Mumbai

Hello Friends,

In my view the best way to overcome the problem is have a face to face with the persons who are causing trouble. If they are found to be really region biased then they definitely require some Counseling from their respective HR department. But before doing that, I guess the person should analyse the whole scenario with a cool mind and see whether what he or she is facing is really a harassment or just a small acts being taken in a personal way. If we look at things with influenced words of others, we can never see the reality. So better look at the scenario in the proper light and gain a solution.

A gentle word, a helping hand and a friendly smile will take us all to greater heights. In case you are following all these three and still there is no change in their behavior, then you can definitely take it to higher authorities. Else you would be creating more negativeness in their hearts towards you.

So stay cool. Cool mind is always the source for success in any situation.

All the best.

Thanks & Regards,
Manju :)

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Shivani B

With regards to the post you have posted i replied there is no difference between the south indian and the north indian we speak different languages and i mean i am not emotional at all.... I feel we are HR and peoples differ from one to another and situation happens to overcome these barriers if you are into HR and to be successful its most common to play the role which suits and adjust to the situation this may lead to stress, or mental torture....i posted because there should not be any partiality between our own indians that too in this public forum...thats whats see for example what we south peoples think when we go to north india we search for south indian and avoid talking to the north ones rapidly it happens when you go to south indian if your tamil and go for Bangalore you search for tamils... this exists every where to over come you should mingle with all the others so that you will be safe in the career and plan accordingly this is my perception.... And do not divide south,north,east,west please we all are INDIANS....JAIHIND!!!!


From India, Bangalore


If you go out of home, your neighbour will be problem, if you go out of village, other villagers will be problem, If you go out of district, other district residents will be problem, if you go out of state, other state, their language, their food habit, their body language, their customary behaviour, their lifestyle,

But in real In Delhi Offices if you see you can find 85 to 90% employees are from South India and only 10 to 15% is from Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, eventhough the employers are from North India.

If you see the Tamil and Telugu Cinema Industries majority heroines are from North only, they are successful, they are adopted Tamil and Telugu language as their own language eventhough their mother tongue are different.

In this world the only place does not have any problem is GRAVEYARD, where the departed soul rest in peace.

So in your prayer, Ask god to give problems so that you can live your life and ask god to give strength to solve the problems too.

Some people are having the problem of Cholesterol due to over-eating whereas some others are struggling to earn their daily-bread/livelihood.




With warm regards

S. Bhaskar


From India, Kumbakonam
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