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Hi all, Could you please post a few samples of the leave policy? It would be really useful to me as i am working on redesigning our current leave policy thanks in advance Sneha
From India, Madras

Hi Sneha,

I have recently drafte the Leave policy for day week you can check with the below.


Office Timings & Late Coming

Number of Hour to put in a week

Leave (Authorized & Unauthorized)

Compensatory offs on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Accounting for Leave when Taken either or before Saturday & Sunday

Others (Night out, Breaks, Attendance its effect on Performance)

Cell phone Usage

Office Timings & Late Coming:

Office timings would start at 9:00 am in the morning till 7:00 pm in the evening,

Late comings will be strictly monitored, Deductions will be made on Monthly basis with out any link with the eligible Leaves If an employee comes late 3 times in one month, half a day leave will be deducted, if it exceeds more than 3 days the extra days will also be deducted accordingly, Supervisors to send office note to employee asking for explanation for the late coming & if the late coming continues for 3 days in a week then supervisor to send mail giving details to HR dept. Such mails would be taken in to account for performance appraisal

Number of Hours put in a week:

At the end of the week, Employee have to put in a minimum of 45 hours, excluding the Lunch break (i.e. 0:30 minutes from 1:00 to 1:30 & the tea Breaks morning 11:00 to 11:15, Evening 4:00 to 4:15, which would be totally a break of 1 hour in a day. Once data is gathered every week, if an employee had not put in the requisite number of hours it would be treated as follows:

· Up to 2 hours less: 1/4th day leave or waived by the supervisor

· 2-4 hours less: ˝ day leave would be accounted for

· More than 4 hours: 1 day leave

Alternatively, for hours put in beyond the requisite hours, the same criteria would be applied but for giving compensatory off, this would be Subject to the approval of the supervisor that the extra hours were productive or necessary.

Leave Authorised & Unauthorised:

When the employee is on leave, s/he should ensure that his/her manager is informed at the earliest practicable time, normally no later than 30 minutes after starting time. Reasonable notice is also required for pre-arranged leave. If one extends the sanctioned leave, employee will keep their manager informed at regular intervals of the situation concerning their absence from work. Un authorized Leaves are not desirable.

Compensatory offs on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

The supervisor will have to inform HR when people are called to work on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday and only then, the extra time would be considered for compensatory offs. Persons attending without supervisor’s notice will not be eligible for a compensatory off. This would be given only when a minimum of 2 hours work had been put in. For 2-4 hours, a ˝ day compensatory off and for more than 4 hours a full day compensatory off would be given.

Accounting for Leave if Taken either or before Saturday & Sunday

If leave is taken for 4 days or more it would be treated as long leave and any holidays during the leave would also be taken as leave. If leave is taken on either side of a holiday/s, one day taken after the holiday would be allowed without taking the holidays in between as leave ONLY IF THE LEAVE IS APPLIED FOR AND APPROVED IN THIS MANNER. If it exceeds by more than one day after the holiday, the holidays in between would also be treated as leave.

Others (Night out, Breaks, Attendance its effect on Performance)

If the Employee has to work for the entire Night, he/ she is eligible to take next day off.

Breaks in between the working hours is not encouraged, until its is urgent & approved by the concerned supervisor, Tea breaks in the morning & evening should not exceed 15 minutes, If it is either in the lunch room or out side the office premises. If the tea break exceeds the 15 minutes limit, the excess will be adjusted against the 45 hours period.

Performance of the associates will be judged taking in to consideration the punctuality, accountability & Ensuring that absenteeism is with in the guidelines,

Especially associates absent on the specific days of external trainings, or other effective trainings with out proper reason & Intimation have a direct impact on their respective performance Measurements.

From India, Hyderabad

really an extensive document! thanks for sharing. Could you please tell me how many casual leave sick leave and previlage leave are aloted per confirmed employee? Thanks sneha
From India, Madras

hi sneha
Each company has ist own policy about leaves.The number differs for every organisation.
We follow Casual Leaves 7
Sick Leaves 7
Privilege Leave or earned Leaves 23
The above is for a year apart from the regular holidays.This is for the employees on the regular payroll of the company.
For the employees in prohibition, trainees & for the employees on contract there are different leave shedule.
Hope the above gives u an idea .

From India, Hyderabad
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