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Hello everyone,

I was urged to get to citehr after a long time. Really a ridiculos(rather strange) thing to share.

I spoke to a friend of mine, who was also my classmate, after quiet a long time. She is in the field of HR (DOn't want to disclose her name - shall use a part of her name: Rach) Rach was highly disappointed and sounded so low that her ususal enthusiasm.

She used to come across as this HR with a lot of innovative ideas, she used to be very enthusuastic, and highly optimistic about anything and everything. She used to have a "Can do" factor within her...but, teh last time I spoke to her, she sounded so different.

Here it is - She works as a HR with a traditional company. Now the sister concerns of those units are highly reputed..and this group she works with is just trying to save an image by using the other sister concerns' name. Frankly speaking - they are yet to create a niche.

Now she is the first HR and was asked to streamline recruitment activities. She has completed almost a year and in this time she set a good recruitment system, brought about a lot of ideas regardig performance appraisal etc. etc... but here is what she told me last week:

a) First - the company believes a lot if all poojas, vastu etc. Every alternate nights/ evenings they have saints/poojaris visiting them, digging some land, planting some seeds, closing the path to specific areas... she herself had to change her seat direction many times

b) They are planning to create a corporate office - where they will have international clienst visiting them. The current office/though it is called a corporaet office - teh floow is frequently washed with cow dung, teh computers below to the first generation range. It is so dusty- etc etc (she cried over this to me over the phone!)

c) Each time they give her an assignment - like create a sign board for the company, bring an interior designer - she used to struggle and get everything done for approval. But - because of cost and vastu, and pooja related - they have denied everything.

d) The employees have not received their raises/increment. WHen she asked for her other employees - they somehow delay by saying that is not ready, this is not erady etc.

e) The worst and the sure one I remember out of all the examples at work she cited - Their Marketing Head was asked to go to particular temple, and circle a statue 9 times before he goes for any client meeting. And He is also supposed to tell what kind of vibrations he feels when he does that..

My friend was depressed... I suggested her to quit the job. Am I wrong?

Please share your opinion

From India, Coimbatore

I hink she should leave the job because employer is not authorised to harm or toucher u mentally or physically, for upto date performance, a good work environment is also an very important factor.
From India, Mumbai
Ash Mathew

WIll such companies prosper?
Just out of curiosity - Has this company been rated as a "Good place to work"..or anything like that to prove that all these astrological things / change of place / vastu will help in gaining profit - or any other recognition?

From India, Madras

Hr Wonder,
It is happening in most of the indian companies but level varies. If you want to know i have many such cases. I was a consulant in india and i have witnessed many such companies.The recent one with a rennowed IT firm in Banglore. Your friend need not to leave company but try to work more hard on her personal principles/belief . India needs people like her who are at least thinking that there is something wrong. Let the owner does his poojas / vastu but ask her to focus on her personal learning from this situation.I think this is a great learning in early in the professional life how to handlle such situations. This will help her in future career, because she will have to face more difficult situation than this in the future. I would love to employ your friend in my organisation. I am searching for such people who thinks more rationally. Unfortunatlly, there are not many in India because we dont get proper social education in house/school.

From Bahrain

Dear hr_wonder, I sincerely accept that this is ridiculous. The best thing for her to do is to quit once she get another one..
From India, Bangalore
Sudha S

Re: Does this happen elsewhere?
Ask your friend to quit the job and go for a better one where she can use her talents & efficiency for the welfare of the employees. A person should have a good atmosphere and good people at working place to concentrate the job.
Thanks & Regards
Sudha S

From India, Madras

Dear All, First of all she must search another job,n must have offer letter with her,then only she can resign her service’s,please. shrikant. 9423376641
From India, Pune
quite strange , but its reality in traditional organistaion.i am working with almost same atmoshphere but i can say that quite better then ur friend's one. i have seen many company performing poojas' and belive in vastu-shastra. but its quite strange to heard that senior mgmt people were forced to visit temple. Well its difficult to chage mindset of promotors.

From India, Vadodara

This Is really something different - i heard , i am also a HR and i never faced this kind of situation ---------the best suggestion you have given to her that she can look job somewhere else.

From India, Delhi
hi there,
you are absolutely right..why does they started the company-------for pujaaaaa? or for Vastu?
I had few words in my thoughts but here i can not speak as this is a professional spot..
if she can--- please tell her to leave the holy place and join something else....

From India, Ahmadabad
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