Hi, Can anyone help me in suggesting topics for my MBA MINI Project? I choose to do in HR. Please post some topics. Thankz in adv.
From India
Ashima Seth

Hi.. topics - 1.) Employees Retention in any industry (take IT industry, BPO, Banking Industry) 2.) Talent Acquisition hot topics these days... all d best
From India, Delhi

Dear Saraswathi,
I have listed some topics for your perusal.
2.Employee Welfare Measure
3.HRD Preactices
4.Factors determinig Job Satisafaction of Employees
5.Stress Management
6.Settlement of Grieveance(Do it in Manufacturing concern)
7.Effectiveness of Training(Do it as Research Project)
If u need help, feel free to ask.
John N

From India, Madras
u can do projects on some recent topics like:
POB: Positive Organaisational Behaviour
Neuro Associative Learning
Normatic Diffusion In HR..
These are the latest research areas try and find the net for more details.
B-Tech(ECE), MHRM(Cal), CPCM(DEl)

From India, Bharat
Ashima Seth

u can also do ur project on following topics -
1. Balancing the life between work and home.
2. Organizational Culture and Climate.
3. Competancy Mapping of employees in one particular org.
4. Factors afftecting employees motivation. do detailed study of all the
sectors - Manufacturinf, service rendering, Hospitality.
All d best

From India, Delhi
Yandamuri Ramesh

Dear member
In addition to the topic mentioned by our members, following may be worth for submitting as projects in the present seenario
Right Reruitment Proportionate to Sector
Performance Mapping
HR seemers Diplomacy in organisations
Thank U

From India, Visakhapatnam
u can search on human resource as a assets or not coz its in big discussion whether we should we include human in b/s or not
From India, Ahmadabad
am huney,
i need help in doing project..
my topic is job description...
i want details of some job summaries....regarding manufacturing companies.
the job profiles are "head procurement,business development,manager-business developement,manager-inventory,asst mgr(hse),exe asst(cio),head-production,manager(ppc),engineers(ppc)

From India, Hyderabad

Please do not request finished projects,thesis, or questionnaires on this forum, without giving enough information.

Instead of asking for a completed project, please search CiteHr where some projects are attached. Then do a literature survey and formulate your aim and objectives for the research (in consultation with the host organisation). You also need a conceptual framework for that. Decide what hypotheses you want to test.

If you have not done any of the above essential preparation for conducting a project, I would advise you to please do so and then pose a precise question.

Please see my post on Research Methodology (Ppt slides attached) at and Author Workshops at <link updated to site home> and my post at <link outdated-removed>

I am not sure if you have read any literature on questionnaire design. If not, go to questionnaire design + guidelines - Google Search= Also see <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) where an MBA project is attached as an example.

A Post by Prodcons also has information on Research Methodology. Please also see the post by naveeis4u at to see the type of background information that will be of help in designing questionnaires.

Also view and digest the message that ahujamamamia posted at citehr Try to become the marble statue rather than the tile.

Please read the post by Sayansayu at questionnaire or welfare measures - reg

A retired academic in UK
"It is never too late to learn or improve oneself"

From United Kingdom
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