Dear DSP1402

Had it not been posted by you, I might have thought it to be a humorous piece.

Yes indeed, it is a big problem, but manageable up to the extent of making people refrain from dirtying the office premises.

It is difficult to make people abstain or quit the Pan/gutkha habit; as nicotine is a much powerful addiction than even alcohol.

A few dreadful pictures will only have a very short effect. See, even the horrible pictures that are now printed on every cigarette pack sold in India, has not deterred smokers.

It is a different thing that you can persuade a friend - as cited by one of our member - to refrain from this habit; but the real credit goes not to the scariness of pictures; but on the sweetness and strength of friendship. In fact this is the only possible cure - Hope Dr.V.S. Rege would agree.

Simply educating them does not work. I have tried this by:
  • holding seminars, talks on "No Smoking Day", and on other occasions,
  • distributed pamphlets with pictures,
  • posters inside the plant/work-place,
  • article on in-house Occupational Health magazine and other house magazines,
  • having a few sessions, over the years by the "Ayshmaan Bhavo" organisation; etc.

Do you think people do not know? They just do not care, or, are not strong enough to withstand the addiction.

The only method that worked during my tenure in a large manufacturing plant; that too partially, was to have doctors from Medical Posts, Health centre s and Occupational Health Services Centre inside the plan,to hold camps for medical examination of addicts, and demonstrate to the employees the following:
  • how the mucous membrane inside their cheeks have changed or thickened, and
  • how their mouth does not open fully - in a healthy mouth all the fingers of a hand, when placed together can enter up to the second knuckle; whereas in a habituated persons mouth, the fingers can enter only up to the first knuckle, with difficulty.
  • ask the employees to try it; it is really scary, when you demonstrate it along with a 'healthy' person alongside.
  • smokers were shown their "lung function" test and compared with non-smokers.

Another useful method is to create "opinion leaders"-and-friend among their colleagues, who can keep a watch to motivate such employees. They are especially effective, when you find people having the despisable practice of talking with their mouth full of saliva and gutkha.

Counselling the family of the employee, too works to some extent.


From India, Delhi
hello..i think one way of solving this issue is by first rewarding those employees who do not have gutka and pan masala by simply giving them 100 -200 rs extra..per month and deducting a minimum of say rs 50 from those who have gutka and paan masala.
Another simple way of rewarding and encouraging them to leave is by offering them an egg and a glass of milk of tea free from yr side if they donot have masala ...
once the staff is cured of this problem it will be easy for the visitors and others to be the staff itself will make sure that that nobody spits in that area..
try it works

From India, Delhi
We have also faced this type of problem for chewing the Gutka, Pan & Tobaco in the premises. We take the serious checking on the Security Gate to people will not enter with the such type material in the premises. We have already depute a Security Supervisor to random check the employees as well as contract workers also.
If any one have the perfect solution please share.

From India, Mumbai
Dear All
Thanks a lot for giving me your time and guide me to come out from this problem.
A special thanks to Dr.V.S.Rege and Mr. Rajkumar for sharing experience and thoughts with me.I will surely try my level best to follow your suggestions and ideas and will update you with the results of this.
Thanks everybody .:)

From India, Jodhpur

khairnarravi <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) has given you the best solution. Its the most effective answer.
Security checks , putting up posters are temporary solutions, but putting up small tiles of gods and godesses will be the best solution ever which will completely solve yor problem. It is inexpensive ( better than putting up CCTV ) method but if your management permits. Let me tell you a fact about this .
The problem of spitting/urinating (pardon me for this ) on walls was a huge problem in mumbai, people tried every other solution to stop this problem but nothing worked.
One smart fellow came up with a amzing solution which almost completely eradicated the problem of spitting/urinating on walls.Now eveyone in Mumbai has made it a practice to put up small tiles with pic of gods and godesses on private/public walls outside there house.
You can also try it!!!!!


From India, Pune
Hey, i was facing the same problem in ma office so ive put cameras everywhere and th eproblem solved . Try it
From India, New Delhi
First, you will have to accept that such problems can not be addressed in short-period.
This will take a year or two also.
Make a list of employees - known / suspected / habitual / occasional users of tobacco / pan / ghutka.
Focus on the employees - whom you think can be counselled and converted into non-user easily. By this, you will get rid of about 40-60% of problem.
Your persistent counselling coupled with awareness posters / short-films will solve the problem over a period of time.
Nitin Asalkar

Dear DSP,
Apart from fining the culprits, you can also arrange their respective bosses to send a stern mail to them, that further repetition kind of behavior will result in strict action taken against the officer. Mails from bosses generally have good impact.
Moreso, though it might sound a bit harsh, the name of the employee can be displayed on the HR notice board for being a workplace miscreant.

From India, Mumbai
If you are not just looking at the spitting problem but also your focus is on your employees health and safety. Than just putting up posters and conducting a seminar will not help.You are looking at completely changing your employees behaviour which is difficulty.
Just check out Kurt Lewis theory on change management :
Please check this link :
Lewin's freeze phases

From India, Pune
You need to control this kind of nuisance as it affects health and hygiene of other innocent employees. Keep some people slightly away from spitting places , ask them to observe them , so that you can catch them red-handed , take strict action against such defaulters.
If you can fix some cameras will be all the more better to catch the people while in action.
Once you are strict with few employees otherwise will be disciplined
Only way to maintain discipline is to " MONITOR , REVIEW AND TAKE SUITABLE ACTION "
B.Dakshina murty

From India, Hyderabad

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