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Dear All,
In our organization there is peon who is on the pay roll of co. He is working in our org. from last 10 yrs. From last 1 yr we are facing problem beocz of him such as late coming, leave without sanction, poor performance, etc. We had given him 4 times verbal warning and 3 times written warning but no improvement.
Last year his wife was very ill and gone through serious operation(afterward died). At that time he had a dire need of money so co. had given him loan(after considering his good performance and tenure in org.). we deduct small amount of money from his salary every month against loan.
Now problem is that he is not performing and he is liability for org. 1) Managemnet do not want to terminate him because if terminate him from where we will get loan back. (We are deducting loan amt. from his salary). 2) Other peons are dissatisfied becoz they have to face more buden of work. they always complain about this and it is spoiling the culture of org.
Pls advice what to do.

From India, Hyderabad
Ash Mathew
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i could not undrstand your management ,for the shake of loan recovery they donot want to terminate him.
in my view you should not terminate him.you have told him several times and given counselling also.you take disciplinary action against him and complete the procedure
but lateron donot terminate him ,give some lesser punishment,sometimes he may improve after that .
some people improve with counselling but some impove with disciplinary action
or with fear of job .
this is my personal view.
j s malik

From India, Delhi

Dear ,
I had heared the same case in one of my friend's company,One peon,he had taken loan but due to his poor performance,he had transferred into another department where he worked under one of the well discipline person and whenever he came late,he treat as per reverse reaction means if he came late ,he used to stay till late evening with him,after some times he become usual to come on time and the supervisor used to teach everything about his future and planning for his children or re-married,he explained when he completed his load ,then he can take again loan from the management and he can do something for his children.
After sometime he used to operate a computer and management forgive his load amount and appreciate his hard work.
Try it for better for others,he already lost his wife ,you should support morally and put under supervision of some highly experience or senior person.
Best Regards-
sajid Ansari-Delhi

From India, Delhi

hi this is shimit here....
i wnted to tell u one thng that u will also grow old one day and due to sme reasons in ur personal life ur performance will also be affected..
the person u r talking about is a peon who has served u for 10 long years...imagine...10 long years.....and with not performing from past few days he has become a liabality....
i dont thnk so that u should terminate him ... u should hav a good talk with him first like a good frnd...listen to his problem,understand his problem.....and if possible try to solve his problem...and if u r not able to solve his problem thn plzzz dnt become a part of his problem....u knw human being is a very soft creature....some people overcome there fruastation and some dnt....so it affects there performance...!!
...plzzzz put urself in his shoes and then take out a problem of the solution...!!
plzzz...each and every time dnt show company's bad attitude on him....plzz....understand...!!

From India, Banga

dear , Money is not matter principle is matter. so management cant compromise with employees emotional blackmailing. termination is best solution Dada
From India, New Delhi
hi dis is gopi.
I want u 2 suggest 1 thing ur saying dat he has been wid ur org 4 da past 10yrs.so recognise his services which he rendered to ur org in those 10yrs.its not fair to terminate him jus by seeing his performance from few days. The other thing is dat as his wife dead he might be in depression so owing to dat he is not such productive.so counsel him regarding his performance and the impact he is showing on org.Give him some time 2 transform himself again even aftr that he remains the same take strict actions and then terminate him.

From India, Hyderabad
If you are deducting PF, try to use it against recovery. counselling / Threatening as per the need can help. kane
From India, Pune
Ash Mathew

Consider redeploying him else where. Let him know - the reason is purely becuase of non-performance in te current area.
Also - the loss of a dear family member and lonliness, and family issues (that we never know that he is facing) can be the reason behind him not able to perform.
counsel him - find out whats taking much of his peace at work - sometimes an extra effort to listen to will solve the issue.
He is under depression - that can lead to mental problems, and even lack of focus in what to do next with life... Counsel, and side by side try to improve productivity by redeploying him else where.

From India, Madras
Neelesh Desai

In any case (except corruption) u never think of termination. You never use this step because it affects not only the employee but the whole family of the employee geting disturbed. As a manager you never misuse your power. I feel that one employee not perform well it is indirectly the failure of the manager and management.
There are so many.....so many ways to handle the such type of case, but terminatation of the employee..... and at the same time he is senior employee( 10 years ) ....I think now a days it is very popular that employee stay with the org. more than five years he is become fool ...he is not capable...very wrong thinking. Loyalty has it's own value....and u can't argue for this.
In my view u take action against him but u can't terminate any employee on particular these reasons.

From India, Vadodara
My dear friend ================>
the problem is critical
i don't know the right way to tackle the problem
but i think i can share with you
what i would have done if i had been in place of you.
It may work or may not work .
I would have called him to my cabin and asked about his problem .
Then i would have told him
that look dear
if you want to secure your future you need to work in the present
now you are not working. Ok
your work is being done by somebody else .
The person who is doing your job , what is he thinking in his mind for you ?
Answer is what will you think if you will do the same thing .
Will you help any such person in trouble????????????????
If everybody will not help that person then think what will happen to him ??????????????????
tell him to only sit near your cabin
nobody will be with him in these working hours
no work
he may get bored and may tell you to give the job .

From India, Hyderabad
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