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Dear Seniors,
Today i want your valuable suggestions on certain issues like coming late to office.
At present we have manual punching system and who ever is late more than 4 days in a month his half day CL is deducted.
But now as rainy season is approaching in Maharashtra and most of the staff use to commute thorugh locals and buses they are arguing that this rule will not work in those days as trains will be late or stopped and there will be huge traffic jams.
I want to know what are the rules other organisations following as companies like Godrej, HCC etc have electronic punching system and a late means late no matter whatever be the condition outside.
Please guide me over this as it is becoming an issue in my place of work.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Yogita Parihaar,

No matter whether it is shining or raining these rules are meant for strict adherence. Any bending or reluctance in implementation will open thundora box for indiscipline which takes slowly but definitely inroads into other systems in man management.

Summer and winter or rainy seasons are part of our lives. It does its duty without fail. so are the duties of human beings. Whether we like it or not we get these weather changes from time immemorial.

There are very few who have genuine difficulties some times. certainly not many in numbers. It is simply an excuse to cover their action. With better time planning and preparation all of us irrespective of distance or mode of travel or age or gender we can stick to the timing in an organisation.

Can they give excuse in their personal lives? Certainly what is convenient or comfortable to some will not be so for others. If allowed there will be no rule or regulations.

To get along with these issues, I suggest the only way to go is allow no lineancy whatesover be the pressure. However you need to be guided by the Policy of your company in such matters. If there is no policy introduce and implement strict adherence without bais. It is the management who takes a long shot on any matters pertaining to human issues including this. Dp not cave in. Once you give up or put up reluctance that reflects your own efficiency or otherwise. If you are strict no one appreciates but if you are not many won't apprciate.

all the best.

V. Rangarajan.

From India, Pune
i dont live in mumbai, but understand the plight of a common employee who is travelling from far away to feed himself and his family, you might be arriving office in your office given AC car, but not everyone has the privileges, also I have heard that mumbai rains are worst, s the employees are bound to be late, might be a person who lives in mumbai and travels in local trains will be able to more understand the situation,
yogitta, come out of your AC car and travel on road ,, then you will see the mud, the slush, the rush,
hope this made some sense,,
some common sense,
to be followed

From India, Pune
look yogitta, i wonder how inspite of living in mumbai you are asking such questions that too being in HR, what is going on here i dont understand i really dont understand i really really dont understand i really raised to inifinity dont understand the motive behind asking such questions , look how beautifully mridu explained the havoc caused by rains,
From India, Pune
Flexibility is the key to good industrial relations. I know the havoc that monsoons can cuase in Mumbai, as I saw a family missing their flight, who said that he had to wak for over 20 mins, as no vehicle would take him on the looded roads.
In UK, I had to go for an interview, and due to an accident on the roads, I was delayed by 3 hours (the journey takes 45mins on average). Luckily, I had a mobile and informed the secretary of the Vice principal; she had also heard on the radio news about the accident and the clousre. I was given a chance later and got the job too.
Both Ravi and Mridu have given you excellent advice. I hope common sense prevails in these matter. Rules are there to be bent, if not broken.
A retired academic in UK.

From United Kingdom
Dear Yogitta,
I support Ravi, Mridu, and Simhan's opinions.
HR is not just about making and implementing policies clause to clause, it has to look into the 'humane' aspect as well.
It's just a matter of only 2 months of monsoon and I'm sure it will only make things good for the employees, for the company and for you also. There is no point in making employees accept and adhere something which will make them demotivated.

From India, Delhi
Hi Yogitha,
I really appreciate that you require our suggestions, and i felt very glad to hear such a good suggestions. in my opinion you must stick to your rules, let them inform through internal Memo or circular about not being late to office. but those employees who stay at far ends has to be excused for a max of 15 mins., so that they might be able to cope up the timings. and for the employees staying nearby shud reach on time.
best regards,
Md. Shuja

From Oman, Muscat
Hi All,
I respect all the valuable comments and solutions.
I am from mumbai and work for an IT company in Andheri. I agree commuting is a big task in a city like mumbai wherein people have to change buses/locals to reach their work place.
But at the same time company policies cannot be neglected.
You can have flexible timings at your work place. During the calculation of salary and attendance you need to check whether the employee has completed minimun working hours.
Dear Yogita hope this will help me in solving your concern to some extent. But speak with the management first.

Dear Yogita ,
Agree to Ravi,Mridula and Simhan , give value to valid excuse if someone is late due to rain then its a real reason yaar if you are seeing its raining heavily please give relaxation to your employees yaar.
We people here talk about Employee Welfare, Employee Engaggement etc etc lots of thesis reports policies , put all in dustbin yaar ........................................
If you are not giving relaxation on a real reason then you are supposed to say yourself a HR Manager and please those all who read my post please do not Fire any one if he/she come late (as due to ressesion companies are always looking for a chance) due to rain.
HR manager's here please try to convince your management ....................
Shine !

From India, Bhopal
Employees must be given some concession for late comming due to natural calamities or heavy rains. As HR Manager we must be reasonable and cannot force employees beyond their means to arrive intime

From Saudi Arabia

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