Hi, Can any one give me some inputs regarding Reference check. How and in what fashion it should be carried ? Regards Vinay Kumar
From India, Hyderabad
You can make a standard questioner which includes questions related with candidate(s) personal attribute, performance, etiquettes, experience, designation, behavior etc. Pramod
From India, Delhi

yes the reference check can be done through a quessionare. This questionnaire includes the details such as the
1. candidates name
2. position applied for
3. the reference name
4.his designation
5. His relationship with the candidate
6. candidates strenghts and areas of improvement
7. level of job performance
8. level of supervision required
9.judging on the areas like goal orientation, communication skills, personal credibility, work output, attendance
10. reason for leaving
11.comments if any
this will actually cover most of the things that yoyou need to know about the candidate from the reference.
i hope u get some idea through this.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Vinay, Hope you will find the attached document helpful for your query. Thanks and best regards,
From Malaysia, Ipoh
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Rajat Joshi


Insist on checking supervisory references to the candidate: Candidates sometimes say they don't want you to contact a former or current supervisor. There are two common reasons for this reluctance.

The first reason is that they don't want their current boss to know they're job-hunting. They don't want to burn any bridges with their current employer until they know they have a new job lined up.

The second reason is that they're afraid their current supervisor will say something negative about them.

If you're seriously interested in the applicant, you should tell them that they are in the final list but that you must have a full picture of their work history, and therefore must check with their past and current supervisors, even if the applicant has provided the names of other individuals in the organization as references. Explain that if you can't have a discussion with the immediate supervisor, you may not have enough information about their candidacy to make an informed decision, and you won't be able to consider them further. Then ask them to explain their reluctance and work through it with them.

If their current boss doesn't know they're looking, give the candidate some time (a day or so) to go back and have their own conversation with their supervisor, so that your reference call won't catch the boss off-guard.

If they're afraid the supervisor will say something bad about them, ask them to describe what they think the supervisor will say -- and why they think s/he'll say it. Sometimes supervisors will say discouraging things, even about good employees, if they're trying to keep the worker from leaving. Sometimes if there are problems in an employment relationship, the problems are with the boss -- and not with the employee. And sometimes there's legitimate negative information that the candidate would rather you not hear.

If the candidate thinks you may get negative information from a current or former supervisor, assure them that their own explanation of the situation will also help you weigh what you hear. Encourage the applicant to give you the names and phone numbers of others in the organization who might be able to give countering or balancing information.



From India, Pune

Hi Rajat,
Good one on reference checks. Thanks for that.
Last week I received a call from a MNC (well established with HR director et al) checking one of my ex colleagues performance, attitude etc. I got this call 3 weeks after this chap had joined that organisation. And most of all, my ex colleague himself called up and told me that I would get a call from the HR chap and requested me to give a good report! The HR guy from that company who was asking me several questions about my ex colleague was just reading out the questions from a printed format (and he told me this)!
What do you say about such organisations?????

From India, Madras
In my company we have separate recruitment team taking care of the entire recruitment activity - until salary finalisation. I do the post recruitment activity right from issuing of the offer.
Would like to know , at what point should the reference check be done and by which department.
Thank you

From India, Madras
Hello :
I would like to inform other employer about couple of bad candidates worked with my current organization and they have applied job there.
I always had a issue with their performance, late coming, negative attitude and not following company policies.
How i can write this e mail professionally.
I do not want them to suffer and waste time on such employee the way i had suffered and wasted time.

From United Kingdom, Kensington
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