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Mehvish Ali
Hello All, I want to know what is the importance of Employee Code or ID? Right now I am working for a NGO and we are in process of allotting employee numbers. But before assigning employee code, I want to know their importance and how can it be helpful for us?
From Pakistan, Islamabad

Hi Mehvish,
Employee Number is very Important in Organisation. When Employee join an organisation , he/ she will be alloted a unique REference number, that should be used for all your future correspondence with HR/ FIN etc.

From India, Indore
Hello All,
Even we are going to start giving emp IDs for our staff.... is there anything in particular to be kept in mind while deciding on the format...
We have thought of keeping it as alpha-numeric code... eg NCDR01 where NC in short in the company's Name.. DR representing the designation and 01 representing nth number of employee in the organisation...
Can anybody help me in correcting if i am wrong anywhere or missed out on anything important...
Looking forward for your valuable view,...

kasule Ronald
hi ali ,i suggest code should bear "the period (year) of appointment" of the employee to the company or organisation.example (NCDR01 - 02 ) where '02' represents the year 2002this is optional although vitalronald
From Uganda, Kampala
I agree to what Padma had quoted, But Tracking designation of the staff wouldn't be required since it is not going to be the permanent information we have an other option called Position no, There are chances where in which promotion is applicable in such cases the designation will change.
Do we revise the staff id on promotion? it's not possible right?

It would be always better to capture only the permanent details like.
year of joining/Date of joining

See to that the number generation is in sequential order follow alphabetical order in case of more person joining on the same date this would ideal.

Please consider using only numbers for employee ids. Other information about the employee maybe stored under other fields.
Mapping of information and MIS becomes very simple. Incase you work on MSexcel extensively with employee data, you will appreciate usage of numbers for employee ids, most ERPs throw data in MSexcel format.


Hi All I am working in an Software organization. In my point of view, we assigned the employee id card in the below format company name,joiningmonth,joining year, 001nth number... for eg: AST1006012
From India, Kakinada
Hello All, IF one emplyoee has resigned,can we assign that employee number to some new joinee Regards shah81
From India, Vashi

Employee num IDS should be kept simple. Like in our org we start the employee num in the ascending order of joining dates.Like 0098 etc. this makes the record keeping easy.. rest of the details like designation, dept, can be easily sort from MIS,Personnel files, so better keep it simple.
From India, Chandigarh
This is Shaik. please suggest how to allot employee numbers. in our company we have Head office, work shop and site offices. ( can it be given like H001- for HO, W002 - for work shop and S003 - for site offices employees. Please advise.
thanks & regards

From India, Hyderabad
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