Dear all , Can anyone give me an idea to how to prepare skill matrix and conduct competency evaluation . what are methods we can do competency evaluation? Regards, Charulathal
From India, Madras
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vikram reddyn

Hi Rahul

Skill Matrix is a way to capture/identify the skills required for a particular job.
- This can be of two types again: 1. Technical Skill Matrix, 2. Behavioral Skill Matrix
- It is a way, where, you can or should identify the Skills required for a particular job, in a particular department / team.
Please find the attachment of skill matrix.

From India

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Dear Friend...., I am attaching ehrewith some files regarding "COmpetency Mapping"..... I hope they might help you out.... Regards Ankit 09869851356
From India, Mumbai

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hi charulatha raghul i m sending u detail of a project and a review of gap analysis kindly go through that & mail me on my id .



The competency study being undertaken involves parameters of knowledge, skills, & attitude required to perform the jobs. The review of competency mapping, gap analysis & job description has leaded to align them with respect to Training Need Identified of the department of quality assurance to the future plan of the organization. There is no. of grades from LC-01 to LC-07 in each department according to the requirement to the requirement of the department.This research has been conducted at Jojobera Cement Plant, A cement division of Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd., Jamshedpur.

  • To review the job description of the various jobs of the department.
  • To review the competency mapping of each nature of job each position in the dept.
  • To align the job description, competency mapping, gap analysis & training need assessment.
  • The Department of Quality Assurance in Cement Industry.
  • For performance appraisal of the employees.


Over the past 10 years, human resources & organizational development professionals have generated a lot of interest in the notion of competencies as a key element & measure of the performance. Competencies are becoming a frequently –used & written –about vehicle for organizational application such as:
  • Defining the factors for success in jobs (i.e, work ) & work roles within the organization
  • Assessing the current performance & future development needs of persons holding jobs role
  • Mapping succession possibilities for employees within the organization
  • Selecting applicants for open positions, using competency- based interviewing techniques.

Competencies include the collection of success factors necessary for achieving important in a specific job or work role in a particular organization. Success factor are combinations of knowledge, skills, & attitude known as KSA’s.
There are three definitions which are necessary to discuss:
  • Competency Map: A competency map is a list of an individuals competencies that represent factors most critical to success in given jobs, departments, organizations, or industries that are part of the individual’s current career plan.
  • Competency Mapping: Competency mapping is a process an individual uses to identity & describe competencies that are the most critical to success in a work situation & work roles.
  • Top Competencies: Top competencies are the most important to an individual in their ongoing career management process.

There are number sources that describe some very common person functioning competencies found to be important for employees at all levels across organization. One good quote in this area is from Michael Zwell (2000, Pgs 53-55), the author of creating culture of competencies when he says, “From the body of competency research to date, a base set a competencies would differentiate the top quartile of performers from the rest in most positions in an organization: initiative, influence, Result Orientation, Teamwork, Service Orientation & concern for quality.”

“How do Competencies relates to individual Career Development?”

One of the first encounters with competencies for most individuals is in securing employment in a new organization. Organization that are purposefully using cutting-edge methods to choose talent for positions or project roles are engaging in what is called ‘ competency based interview & selection’. Later these are used as to assess performance, to encourage future development plans from individuals & to plan for succession in the organization. If we take the example of the fulcrum network, an organizational development consulting brokerage organization. Fulcrum recently released a manual entitled ‘How to Hire the Right Consultant,’in which it identified 18 factors that can used to evaluate consultant, (Fulcrum Network, 2002, pg.10) Most of the 18 factors would be considered competencies, according to the definition included in this research.

“Why should individual Employees Map their competencies?
The reasons are:
· Gains a cleaner sense of true marketability in today’s job market; once the individual known his/her competencies compare to those that are asked for by the job market in key positions interest.
· Projects an appearance as a cutting edge & well prepared candidate, who has taken the time to learn about competencies, investigate those in demand, & map his/her own competencies prior to interviewing.
· Demonstrates self- confidence that comes from knowing one’s competitive advantages more convincingly & from being able to articulate those advantages in specific language.
· Secures essential input to resume development- a set of important terms to use in describe expertise derived from prior career experience
· Develops the capability to compare one’s actual competencies to an organization or position recruited / preferred competencies, in order to create an individual Development Plan.

Reference: Career planning & adult Development Network

What is Gap Analysis?

Gap Analysis is the gap between “what is” & “what ought to be”. Gap analysis is a very efficient tool as it could be of use in the performance appraisal of employees & in developing a competency- based pay system. It establishes measurement to assess difference in the performance levels & tends to give suggestions to overcome the difference.

& committed

Emotional Awareness

Team Building

Service orientation & Political awareness

Innovation & Control


Conflict manage- ment

  • Sources of Data Collection:
This research was done on the basis of secondary data, which was provided to me by the organization through the concern HR personnel of the company i.e., Lafarge India
The data comprises of job description of several of positions of permanent workmen, competency matrix (existing & desired) of the department of the organization.
  • Universe for the study:
Quality Dept.: Process Assistant (Chemist), Utility Hand (Sampleman), Jr.Process Asst. (Tester cum Gauger). It consisted of all the permanent workmen so called NOPRs of the dept.of QA.

Description in Detail:
Designation Grade No.of Employees Nature of job

Process Assistant LC-06 8 Chemist
Utility Hand LC-01 7 Sampleman
Jr. Process Asst. LC-05 3 Tester cum

  • Tool of Data Collection:
The technique of data collection for the study was through an unstructured & focused interview conducted with the HOD of the dept. and detail of gap analysis, job description, competency check which was prepared two years back & TNA of the employees (NOPRs) for the year 2007.

  • Sampling Technique:
As the technique are deliberate sampling & convenience
The steps followed to review the competency mapping:

Step I: Review of Job description of QA Deptt.
1. Chemist (QA)
Grade- LC-06
Process Assistant
Page no.20
  • Should be B.Sc graduate
  • Should possess basic knowledge of computers.
  • Should be well conversant with IS Specification for cement, related raw material & testing procedure.
  • Should be well acquainted with statistical technique for quality improvement.

2. Tester cum Gauger (QA)
Jr.Process Assistant
Page no. 21
  • Should possess 10+2 qualification or B.Sc graduate (preferable)
  • Should possess minimum of 5 years of industrial experience
  • Should possess basic knowledge in computers
  • Should be well acquainted with statistical Technique for quality improvement.

3. Sampleman (QA)
Grade- LC-03
Page no.19
  • There is no associate in this deptt.
  • According to the deptt., the sampleman is LC-01 ( Utility Hand)
  • Should possess 2 years of industrial experience.
  • Should be matrix
  • Should be IMS Awareness
  • Should have knowledge of physical testing.
  • Should have basic knowledge of computers.

StepII: Competency Mapping through Behavioural Event Interview
Behavioural Event Interview technique is based on the premise that the best prediction of future behaviour is past behaviour.
For serving my purpose the managers & other officers were selected of the deptt. To know the kind of work the various NOPRS do. The purpose of this interview was to match employee’s skills, knowledge & motive with the required & the success factors of the jobs.

StepIII: Criteria for competency checks.
Lafarge India Pvt.Ltd. has its own grading system. The grades allocated to the non-officers in payroll are from L-1 to LC-7. The parameters of knowledge, skill, & attitude carry the competencies required by the employees of the named grades to do their jobs. The criteria for competency check have been presented in a matrix form. The matrix shows the desired competencies that an employee must have. Lastly the competency mapping was reviewed on the basis of TNA & job description.

Revised criteria of competency mapping as a result of competency mapping of Quality Assurance.






1.should be B.Sc graduate.
2.Basic knowledge
Of cement manufacturing process.
3.Conversant with IS specifications & Revised STI for cement, related raw material & chemical testing procedures
4.Basic knowledge on computers.
5.Awareness on IMS & emergency situation.
6.Awareness on safety precaution & use of fire extinguisher.
7.Knowledge of statistical technique for quality improvement.
8.Calibration of Laboratory Equipment
1.Should possess minimum of 5-year experience in chemical testing of cement & related raw materials.
2.Should possess leadership skill.
3.Should have effective communication skill & interpersonal relation.
4.Should be able to handle shift activity & interpret reported results.

1.Should have positive attitude.
2.Should be a good team member.

Jr.Process Asst

(Tester-cum- Gauger)
1.Basic knowledge of cement manufacturing process.
2.Should be 10+2 (preferably B.Sc graduate)
3.Conversant with IS & Revised STI Specifications for cement, related raw material & physical testing procedures
4.Should basic knowledge in computer operation
5.Awareness on IMS & emergency situation
6.Awareness on safety precaution & use of fire extinguisher
7.Knowledge of statistical technique for quality improvement.
8.Calibration of Laboratory Equipment
1. Should possess leadership skill.
2.Should have effective communication skill & interpersonal relation
3.Should have 5 years experience in physical testing of cement & related raw materials

4. Should be able to handle shift activity & interpret reported results.

1.Should have a positive attitude
2.Should be a good team member
Utility Hand


1.Conversant with sampling procedure & sample preparation Awareness on Revised STI
2.Knowledge of physical testing of cement
3.Should be matric or literate.
4.Awareness on IMS & emergency situation
5.Awareness on safety precaution & use of fire extinguisher
6.Should have basic knowledge of computers
1.Should possess minimum 2 years experience in sample collection & sample preparation
2.Ability to understand the instructions
1.Should have a positive attitude
2.Should be a good team member

The steps for construction of Gap Analysis:

Step I: Review of Competency mapping (Refer construction of competency mapping)

StepII: Construction of Training Need Identified.

StepIII: Formation of Gap Analysis through comparison of Step I & II.


After going through long step to review competency mapping, gap analysis & TNA, the observation was not much surprising. As the company named LIPL is a well known company who spends crores of money to cater the employees & their development. So that they can come to the level of present up-coming cut-throat competition. The company focuses on self development workshop, cost consciousness etc. HODS are the one who are busy in preparing the module of product awareness. Leading to comparison of different brands of cement. The gaps ranged from 2 or 3 & 1 in skills, well no gap was found in attitude. Hence the depts. Head is putting all the contribution it can contribute for the progress of the employees & company.

From India, Bhopal

HI.. this is shreedhar im new to CiteHR , pls help me if u have any information regarding "Developing a competency framework for workmen in Indian Construction Industryas" as im doing my project on this topic... my email id is

From China
How to ascertain Trainning vs Skills matrix ? Also what is the correct way to derive the Capability matrix of Mechanical/Electrical engineers with respect to Printing machine servicing ?

Hi Ankit,
I am doing My MBA Project in Competency mapping for the quality department for a valves manufacturing company....
I am so pleased to see ur attachmnet here....
CAN YOU PLEASE HELP regardign my project....
I am doing a competence mapping frame work in 4 levels
1. basic
2. competitive
But i am not able to get with qualities and skills needed to procedd to each level in Quality department..kindly help i am struggling to finish my project.....hoping for you quick response

From India, Madras

Hi everyone....
I hope there's lot of mentors appearing here to guide people who are begineers like us..
I am righ t now doing a project in competency mapping in quality department of a valves manufacturing firm...
I have decided to catagorise competency into 4 levels, basic, competitive, advanced and expert level..but i am really in search of the qualities and skill sets needed to a personnel in quality control and quality assurance to meet with these various levels..
kindly can anyone help me out with suggestions and other data sources..
My mail id is, and do plz send any attchments reagding my work....thanks

seeking for you earliest reply

From India, Madras

Hi, Can anybody give me a knowledge on grades deployed to an employee by the HR. If possible specify the grades. Regards Sarab
From India, Mumbai

Grades are defines and vary vy co. to co. all we need to know the categories of employees.
From India, New Delhi

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