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I would like to know why and how can HR in an organization has to keep contacts with the ex-employees of the organization. Radhika
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Separated employees fall in two categories.

1) Those who leave the organization, and

2) Those who are asked to leave organizations (for whatever the reasons!)

The first category is the one that represents a "resource" even if they have left the organization in search of greener pastures. While they were with us they (may) have contributed to the well being of the organization. We will talk about them for the present.

It is in the selfish interests of the organization to keep track of such employees, as future reunion with them should not be ruled out for the reasons that:

a) They know the organization.

b) The organization knows them.

c) While they were with us , there was a professional and cultural fit between them and the organization and therefore in case of a reunion the these ex-employees become operational almost forthwith.

The ways to keep in touch with them can be many and innovation is the limit in devicing the ways to keep up the contact. For example, we can continue to send the the house journal, Birth-day/New Year Greeting Cards, Invite them to Annual Get togethers, and mainly through their colleagues while they were with us even a social rapport can be manitained. We can go on like this, but the fundamental reason to keep up the contact is that would be in mutual ineterests and is a cultural commitment of good HR!

I rest my case!



August 25, 2006

From India, Pune
Hi Radhika,

Why to track ex-employees?

Ex employees are primarily ambassadors of the organization and have an impact on employer branding. Most of the employee engagement surveys have started capturing the voice of ex-employees.

How to track ex-employees?

1. Exit Interviews.

2. Constant Communication with ex-employees through snail and e mails.

3. Dedicating a section of the company website for alumni and encouraging them to use the interactive part of the website.

4. There are companies which invite ex-employees for a get together.


1. Ex-employees are good referrals. Employee referral policy should also accommodate referrals from ex-employees.

2. Good voice of ex-employees make your employer branding better.

3. Goodwill of your organization would improve.


1. Commitment from HR

2. Budget

3. High attrition industries will have a big database and the efforts would be more.

4. Ex-employees who have joined competition - Is it really useful to keep them also in loop?

Is is really worth for me to put so much effort and money? What is the take home for me after all these efforts? Once you are able to answer this question taking into consideration your organizational dynamics, you would be able to come to a decision.



From India, Pune

This is a topic most of the companies are working towards.
There is an article on the same topic of Reunion or developing an alumni section in organisation for the ex employees, this article is published in the ASCENT, TOI dated 23rd August, 2006.
If you can read this article in there where companies like HP, and others have shared the way they maintain relations with their ex employees.
If you cannot get a copy of that, let me know, I'll give you the highlights of that.
A must read feature, do read and share.

From India, Delhi
DEar Madam

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currently we are changing our policy on re recruitment of old employees who left the organisation due to various reasons and for the same I am collecting lot of scintific data's
can i have this article on reunion of exemployees or Policy of Hiring Ex Employees

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thanking you



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