Hi Dear All I have attached a Birthday card that i have designed for my organization.
From India, Bangalore
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Good one!!!
But why at all we should give birth day card??
Does it really serve any purpose?
I do not discourage any one here. I also tyried all these when I started my career But soon I realised Birth Day cards have no impact at all.
Birthday gift will be of some value. Mere card is ok during gthye first year Afterwards noone bothers
This is not to discourage you,, but to share my experience

From India, Chennai
faiz khan
We do wish our employees on their birthday by dispalying their names on the LCD screen near the reception. The screen is also used to wish all our employees who have completed more than 4+ years of service. Birthday gift and card are also a part of the celebration.
This is just to share with you all.
Faiz Khan

From India, Bangalore
Rajeev Verma

Dear Zahida,
This is nice idea to wishing Happy Birthday. In our company we are celebrating the Birthday of the Employee by giving the Birthday through our Unit Head in front of all the Regular Employee and than distributing sweets to all the employees on behalf of the employee and end the celebration on the note of some jokes delivered by few employees.
It really gives some reason for the employee to be present in the company specially on his birthday.
Good Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!:icon1:
Keep Going

From India, Delhi
Dear Ms.Zaidha MAriyam, the attachement which you have posted, its very useful to all HR peoples, since, this kind of card i was searching fro long, any have thank you very for you intitative. reyas
From India, Madras
Beauti-fully created! Thx mariyam Here i would also like to share another format , which i normally use while wishing to all employees in our org. Just wanna share:icon1:
From United States, Cambridge
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Its good that you have designed a birthday card. but sending same card to all the employees again and again wuld lose the charm of the card...the card should be made in such a way that everytime u send a card it has a new look and asthetics so that it is always appealing and have a new impact on all those who receives it..
From United Kingdom

Dear Friends,

I have never been in a Proper HR personl professionally and officially but thru out my career i have being performuing the duties of HR.

Let me share an experience wishing on special days really makes lots and lots of difference.

In my last company - i introduced this system of wishing employees - not by buying a card but just a plain image of flowers, cake, baloons and a verse on bday wish. Take a print out on a plain paper (not necessarily a colour printout) and get it signed by all (thos who want to wish the person) initially stated getting a cake by individual contribyution. later on company started to sponser for the cake.
During the noon tea time - a small gathering, cake is cut and this birthday wish signed by all is given.
Beleive me it has worked wonders and even today afgter 5-6 years u will find all the employees having their bday wish paper well preserved in their file.

Going a step ahead we (with the help of the management) introduced sending a small flower bouquet worth just Rs 50-60/- to employees on their bday and anniversaries. The flower used to reach them early in the morning at around 6.
I am sure that such practices really reaally boosts the morale of the employee.

The most imp is this is applicable for all employees (on Pay Roll) starting form the pantry by, security guard, cleaner till the MD.

Today even after 1.5 years of me having left that organisationn all the old emp of that organisation are more than 100% sure that the first ring on their mobile or the first mail on their mail box on their special days is going to be Bharathi's.
This feeling itself gives me the best of the happiness.
This is a tried Funda. Try it . it is really wonderful and very satisfying...

Just attaching a sample of the type of mail that i send to friends wishing them.

Best Regards


P.S - Could not open the word File

From United States
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Dear Friends,
I acknowledge with my friend, mere birthday cards are making any difference. Some times employees feel that they are given some rubbish. I hope a good lunch coupon for the family in a good restaurant depending upon the experience he puts in an organization, the value of gifts on a birthday should increase.

From India, Bangalore
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Have attached the card what i use to send ma employees on their birthday!!
and on the month end we'll use to celebrate every one's birthday together wit a cake cutting.. that time i use to send an invitation to all.. hav even attached the copy of that..

From India, Madras
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File Type: pps Invitation February.pps (363.0 KB, 470 views)

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