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Hai Peer Mohammed,
Thanks for the detailed insight on the best of the breed companies rated as Great Places to Work.
It would be really a useful reference guide for HR people who are into HR policy framing & implemention for their companies.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear all,
Crores of employees work in millions of companies in India. Of this, if you take sample of 200 firms and choose 36,000 employees, and take the rating of top 50. Is it not ridiculous?
Sample size is too small considering the immensity of the India's workforce. As for as my limited knowledge is concerned, I can deduce that 99.99% companies don't follow 75 standards of 108 mentioned in the list.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Well found a HR person who thinks practically, else all other HR s became too happy of themselves on reading this post. While the truth is other.
Even I have observed, there is a lot of difference between following a standard, and stating in writing that we follow this standard. All companies state only some follow.

From India, Pune
M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

This is fantastic to be RIDICULOUS,,,,
Usage of word should be important...
Do u think that I am a fool to sit & compile all these points and post it,,,
Giving comments on work done is easy & but at the same time, look into the efforts taken by the individual,,
What Sample size is not Important,,
What is the information shared and what output is what is important,,,
Definitely not all companies follows these points,,,
Companies which follow these points & practices are successful and that is what is mentioned,,,,
This information is posted here to teh benefit of all members to follow in our organisation and make our organisation successful...

From India, Coimbatore

I have been observing / reading your postings.....
You have great ideas.....
Activities mentioned are worthful to implement .... to keep the organization at greater heights.. then only people will love to work and contribute.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Peer,

Thx for the efforts that you have put in to capture the list of best practices from ET. This is really helpful for all the organizations who are struggling to figureout what can be done more for better work culture and employee moral apart from giving more money.. :)..

Per me, for retention any Top management will approve something which is not linked with compensation and I find there are few which can be implemented immediately by any organization. I didn't see this in ET, but I'm lucky to see in this forum.. Thx.. Peer.

Following are few, which we found to retain good employees:

- Supervisor’s Leadership Skills
- Good compensation & benefits package
- Proper Performance Management System
- Clarity on reporting structure (Org Chart)
- Roles and Responsibility clarity
- Learning new skills and growth opportunity (Job rotation)
- Recognition for a job well done (Good Performers to be awarded)
- CEO vision on short and long term goals and objectives of Organization
- Organization’s Business & Financial update
- Proper planning & process – Lots of uncertainty in daily task allocation
- Good Human Resource Policies
- Professional Workplace
- Employee Engagement Activities
- Employee support in tough time or personal crisis
- Provide an environment of trust


From India, Hyderabad
Good work dear, That’s really informative . You have done lot of research on the same. Keep it up.
From India, Pune
Thanks for the information,it's an excellent research done by you ,I would be implementing few practices in my organisation.Employee should not be treated as worker but as a part of the organisation.

Hi I am working with one of the Tata Group companies, we celebrated month of May and November as Employee engagement months.Some activities as part of EE Program are carried on for the whole year. One activity which was carried out only in these 2 months was a Quiz program.For HR group ID daily in the morning as question (puzzles, riddles, general awareness) is shot up to all the officers. Some humorous text is written along with the question. Then we had prizes for all locations.
Trust me we got a very good response, evrybody across all levels would wait for question for the day. The purpose is just to divert everyones mind for few minutes from their routine work.

From United States, Minneapolis

Peer, I am new to this forum and found your article to be very useful. This would help me in my summer project for planning rewards & recognition for my company. Thanks again. Sangeetha
From India, Delhi
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