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I am shruthi.V, I wanted to know how to introduce the best performance appraisal system in a start-up software company. So I kindly request anyone to suggest to me the best method and how to introduce it. Please help me.
Thank you

From India, Bangalore
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Shruthi,

Rather than concentrating on just Performance Appraisal (PA), I recommend instituting a comprehensive Performance Management System (PMS). PA is part of PMS.

Setting up a Performance Management System (PMS) is far more serious activity. It has to be handled with due sensitivity. To institute PMS it requires great exposure across the spectrum of industries. If mishandled it may do more harm than good.

To know more about instituting PMS in the company, you click here to refer to my past post.

There is a lot of misconception on the concept of KPI and KRA. To remove this misconception, I have uploaded my presentation on YouTube. To refer to that video, you may click here.

I have been giving my replies on the subject time and again. If you wish to refer to my past replies, then you may click the following links to refer to those:

Subjectivity in Performance Appraisal

I handle consulting on PMS. To know more about my services, you may click here. Talk to your management and if they are ready then we may work together. If you hire my services, I will do a deep study of each department and design new measures which hitherto you had never thought of.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
In most of the companies, the performance appraisal is based on the perception of the boss and budget allocation. All type of mathematics and bell curve statistics is used to ensure that the carrot is given to the boss pleasing
my suggestion for design is as follows
1. Define a well informed and measured Key Performance Measurement systems for all
2. Set the targets based on the KPM and reviews
3. Appraise on the achievements
in short, appraisal should be on agreed KPMs

From India, Mumbai

In a good appraisal format, apart from employees details, format to be devised by incorporating
following details:
1) KRAs/KPAs laid down for the current year under review
2)KRAs/KPAs to be laid down for the next year
3) Achievements made/done forthe current year under review
4) Short falls, in any
5) Areas where the employee is required to give more focus
6) Identification of training needs (TNI)
R K Nair

From India, Aizawl
Hi I work in a software company,Since we this is an appraisal month,I have joined new in the company and want to know how to design a structured performance appraisal so that there s no bias and fair appraisal can be done by the managers
From India, New Delhi
Hello Everyone, I am an HR at a Startup. My CEO wants me to plan for performance reviews.
I am new to this. My knowledge is that we need to take feedbacks from Manager, peers and self assessment.
I am confused as to how to design the weightage for all these feedbacks and how till their total score be derived. Is there any guide that I can follow.

Another thing is if we conduct a 360 degree feedback if there any free tool that can give a graph representation of the results?

From India, New Delhi

In My Company, We Still Have To Process The Quarterly Performance Reviews Of The Employees. And Also We Need To Take The Review Of the Last Quarters. Is It Possible If Nothing Is In Process? I Would Appreciate Your Guidance On The Same With Formats If Possible.
From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Jidnyasa-Nashikkar,

Good to note that you wish to conduct the "Performance Review" (PR)) of the employees. However, we need to be clear on the parameters on which the performance will be reviewed. You need to communicate those parameters at the beginning of the performance cycle. The PR cannot be done as an afterthought.

While designing the KRA, one must be absolutely clear as to what needs to be increased or decreased. Please note that the sentences used in the Job Description (JD) are different from the KRA and KPI. Please watch the video on YouTube which I have uploaded about nine years ago.

In this thread, refer to the post Sl No 2. I have given several links. Go through the links and apprise yourself of the process of establishing the PMS in your company.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

I train HR people and also line Managers, other stakeholders, senior management personnel, on a one-day format - Performance Management System, with practical examples, sample formats, templates. If interested please revert. Have handled PMS for over 20 years during my tenure in L&T as Head of HR.
Best wishes

From India
Dear HR Fraternity,

I am writing to request a KRA (Key Result Area) & KPI (Key Performance Indicator) template. I am in the process of developing a performance management system for my company and would like to use a KRA & KPI format, which will be used to measure and evaluate employee performance.

Your help in providing the necessary template would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

From India, Coimbatore
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