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Hi All, I graduated from college with a good GPA in 2020 and joined company A in June 2020, where I worked for 1 year and 1 month. 6 months probation period after that I became the permanent. After that, I got an offer from company B on 17th August, and this one wants me to join on 23rd August. I told HR that I would resign and would pay the amount for not serving the notice period. She said that the company don't give a relieving letter if I leave without serving.

At that time, I didn't know about a relieving letter, EPFO history, BGV, etc, so I sent a resignation mail to them on the 17th, finished all formalities and joined the new company on the 23rd. I got an FNF settlement letter from them, and in EPFO history, the dates do not overlap. Since I don't have relieving letter from this Company A I'm not keeping it in my resume and experience. It's been 2.5 years in company B. I got an offer from company C, and they gave BGV to a third party. they sent a form to me where I filled in my UAN, PAN, Aadhaar, experience, and college details. Company A's details are present in EPFO history for seven months. I'm in PANIC mode right now.

The following questions are running through my mind every day, and because of this, I'm getting into depression and suicidal thoughts.

Will they find out and revoke the offer letter?
What if I join any company and they got to know about this? Will they terminate me right away? I'm the sole earner and don't have any properties/skills to choose another stream.
Is this the end of my career?
Should I stop switching? What if I got laid off here?

Please suggest me guys. Will every company check EPFO history?
Please suggest companies I shouldn't try if you know

How should I undo this mistake? I was new to industry and don't know this will impact my whole career.

Is this end?

From India, Bhiw%u0101ni

If you had worked for more than one year in Company A why did you conceal it in your CV? If they ask about relieving letter, you can say that you did not possess it because you did not serve the required notice period. You can tell the employer what all duties you were doing in Company A. Issuing a relieving letter or not issuing it is the head ache of the employer and you do not have any role in it. For the reason that you do not have a document to show that you had worked with a particular company, say Company A, a good HR will not terminate you. But they can ask for clarification why you did not mention the experience in Company A. But they should have asked you the question right at the time of interview like:
You are graduated in 2020. But you started your career only in 2021, ie after waiting for more than a year. Didn't you get an opportunity?
Then you could have said:
No, immediately after my college, I joined a company called Company A. I have not mentioned the name because that company did not give me an experience certificate because I could not serve the required notice period. When I got a better opportunity where I was supposed to join immediately, I put the paper and that was accepted on mutual terms. I was also paid final settlement amount.

Normally the above would be a convincing reply to an HR person. For the reporting Manager, anyway, what counts is how do you perform.

Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about. One thing you should understand is that a background verification agency is not a statutory body investigating your criminal background. In my last three decades of service in various organisations, I have never engaged any such agency to know the background of an employee but I would consider the depositions of the candidate at the time of interview as vital. If an HR person cannot read the mind of a candidate he is unfit to the position, I would say. But many employees repeatedly do mistakes like this. You should be bold to say that I left Company A because I did not like the HR climate of the organisation. Everyone knows that an employee will never leave an organisation but he leaves only his manager. You should be bold to say that you are a competent person and very much employable also.

Now, if the background verification agency finds out that you had worked with Company A, you can certainly defend saying that you did not mention it in the CV because you did not have a document to show the service. That is not a crime. Therefore, never think negatively, be positive. Everything will be alright.

From India, Kannur
Don’t worry bro. I am in the same situation
From India, Hyderabad
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