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What factors contribute to the high rate of job offer declines in India? How can we improve the joining ratio of candidates in India?
From India, Lucknow
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Akansha Karmakar,

You have not provided the context of your query. Are you a student or a working professional? Why have you raised the query? Are you working as a recruiter and personally have you faced the challenge of jobs being declined by the candidate?

What is the nature of your industry? Does this problem prevail in a particular industry or is it more in your company?

Generally, the candidates decline the job offer or even drop out midway through the recruitment process for the following reasons:

a) The salary not at par with the market standards
b) The company does not have a brand image. The candidate does not feel that joining a company could add value to his/her CV.
c) The company has acquired a bad image in the industry segment. This could be because of the whimsical or autocratic administration style of the top leadership
d) Poor recruitment practices. The interviewer could be failing to project a positive image of the company. For example, pretending to be a very busy person and taking calls during the interview or unwittingly the interviewer could be uncovering his ignorance during the interview.
e) The physical environment of the company. Does the company surrounding make the candidate queasy?
f) Unreasonable working hours. Candidates could perceive that taking this job could disturb their work-life balance.

Final comments: - Gone are the days when employers could enjoy a patrician sense of noblesse oblige by providing the jobs. The candidates of the 21st century have far wider options. Today candidates demand a credible reply to their question of why they should join the company. The candidates are able to see through the credulity lying behind replies.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Agarwal BD

In addition to Mr Dinesh Divekar's list of reasons, it is possible that a candidate may have multiple offers in hand and may select the one offering more salary. There are instances where candidates use the offer letter to renegotiate salary with their current employer. So gone are those days when the employees also had ethics and kept up to their commitments. .
From India, Kolkata
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