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Dear Seniors,

I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the relevant links or share your valuable knowledge on employee leave policies in private sectors, in accordance with the law.

Our organization is governed by numerous rules and regulations that lack transparency.

From India, Varanasi

Hi Sidarth,

Types of Leave:

Annual Leave/Vacation:
Many organizations provide paid time off for employees to take a break, usually referred to as annual leave or vacation.

Sick Leave:
Companies often have policies allowing employees to take paid or unpaid leave due to illness or medical reasons.

Maternity/Paternity Leave:
Laws may require employers to provide paid or unpaid leave for new parents.

Leave Accrual:
Organizations may have policies on how leave is accrued, such as earning a certain number of days per month or year worked.

Notification and Approval Process:
Companies usually have procedures for employees to request leave, including how much notice should be given.
Approval processes may involve managers or HR personnel.

Employees might be required to provide documentation, such as a doctor's note for sick leave or a birth certificate for parental leave.

Leave Without Pay (LWOP):
Some organizations allow employees to take extended leaves without pay.

From India, Bangalore
Thank you so much Raghunath Sir for reply but please explain in details how many days of leave are mandatory to give in every kind of leaves
From India, Varanasi
o Earned Leave
o Casual Leave
o Sick Leave
o Special Leave

Earned Leave
Exempt Cadre (Management) - 23 days/ Year
Non-exempt Cadre (Workers) - 1 day for every 20 days of working
Apprentices - As per the Apprentices Act and Rules

Casual Leave
7 days/ Year (Management & Workers Both)

Sick Leave
Is part of Earned Leave

Special Leaves or Paid Holidays :
Other than the 3-National Holidays, 4-5 days leave are notified by different authority and the organization every year, depending upon festivals and request of employees.(Likes- Diwali, Durga Puja, Vishwakarma puja, Labor Day)

From India, Dibrugarh

Basically there are three types of Leave in any Private Company.
EARN LEAVE/PRIVILAGE LEAVE- This type of leave planned ahead of time. The leave entitlement based on certain number of days worked, say one day for 20 days. Day worked shall not be include holiday and weekends. The leave balance of EL can be carried forward to next year. This leave can be encashed You can bar the accumulation of EL say 30 days or 60 days.
CASUAL LEAVE- This type of leave is for urgent /unforeseen personal requirement. The Number of casual leave is vary 7-12 day in a year. This leave can not be carried forward to next year. You can take it either full day leave or half day leave.
SICK LEAVE-This leave is provided on the ground of sickness or accident. If you availed sick leave more than two day you have to produce medical certificate
You can also have
Maternity leave -This leave for women only who worked 80 day in preceding 12 month before expected delivery date. She have 26 week leave with full payment.
Apart from these some company provide paternity leave, Higher study leave etc.

Sunil Kumar

From India, New Delhi
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