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Can anyone tell me if an employee is on leave from a long time.. then Sundays or other holidays can be counted also as leave from office... means only absenteesm from working days should be treated as leave or including the sundays or other holidays if availabe during leave period be considered as leave without payment..???

From India, Mumbai

Hey Shalini,
If an employee goes on leave and during the period of his / her leave, if there is any weekly off or paid holiday which comes in between, then those weekly offs or paid holidays will be counted as leave...
If a shop floor employee i.e. a machine operator goes on leave and if there is a weekly off or a paid holiday during his leaves, then those weekly offs and paid holidays will not be coutned as his leave because he is paid on daily wages and he is not paid for weekly offs and for paid holidays...
Whereas, If a Management employee i.e. a employee from management cadre goes on leave and there is a weekly off or a paid holiday during his leaves, then those weekly offs and paid holidays will be coutned as his leave because he is paid monthly and he is paid for weekly offs and for paid holidays...

From India, Mumbai
Dear Shalini
If any employee is on leave for long time than his w-off and paid hoilday considered as a leave. If any employee absent before and after holiday than also his w-off and paid holiday consider as a absent.
But In my company If any employee go on leave than we consider his w-off as a w-off not as a leave. (This also depend compnay policy), but generally it consider as a leave.
Let me know if you have any query.
Hemant Modi
Sr.Officer - Human Resources

From India, Ahmadabad
Suresh P

Dear Shalini
counting of leave in the middle of a leave period generally depend on the leave policies of the company. Again your query is not very much clear, however;
if it on sick leave, from day one till last day all days are counted as sick leave and remain paid or unpaid based on leaves available in employee's credit.
EL / PL or Casual leave based on the management discretion.
For operators, as it is explained by Ankit

From India, Pune
Thanks Guys.. My only concern was to know that my two days leave prior to Holi for home visit will be treated as leave from office even on Holi Leave (Saturday and Sunday)...
From India, Mumbai

You need to first tell us that when did you join....
If you have resumed your work on Monday then you can apply leave only for thursday and friday....
But if you have resumed your work after monday( i.e. on tuesday or wednesday), then even your holi leaves (saturday & sunday) will be counted in your leave....

From India, Mumbai

As per factory act , intervening leave not to be consider as leave if leave with pay, however company can make a policy for leave when giving leave more than prescribe limit.
From India, Delhi

According to my knowledge, Leave rules are prepared by companies based on the statutory provisions (Factories Act/Standing orders/Shops and establishment Acts). In EL(Earned Leave) intervening holidays/off days will not be treated as leave, whereas in the case PL(Privilege Leave) intervening holidays/off days are treated as leave. Because public sector companies, Banks, MNCs, ansd some other organizations are providing 21 to 30 days PL. In the case of CL(Casual Leave) intervening holidays/off days will not be treated as leave. In the case of SL(Sick Leave) intervening holidays/off days are treated as leave as one cannot remain sick only on saturday and then on monday.
However this can be at the discretion of the management.

From India, Kochi

ms shalini
leave is of three types, in general.
and Earned
CL and SL are granted as per the organisation policy. normally an intervening holiday or sunday comes in between CL, it will not be taken into consideration. the standing orders will have clauses abt this.
In case of SL or medical leave, the intervening holiday or sunday is taken into consideration.
Normally the Standing orders or disciplinary rules of the company will have something way in dealing this. when we were working at that we had made it a point that any holiday or sunday preceding or ending weeklyoff or holiday will also be taken into consideration. ex. if an employee applies for leave on thursday and friday, then preceeding saturday and sunday will also be taken as leave. or if one applies for on monday and tuesday, the preceeding saturday and sunday will also be taken for leave. This was true in any manufacturing company. this is to see disuade the employees to present on all working days. But in view of so many software companies and MNCs coming here this has changed. and the above principle isd forgotten conveniently

EL is granted account of factories act. So here one has no choice if any holiday(declared under nation and festival holidays) or sunday falls, the same shall not be taken into consideration. This is law. but i stated that has also seen some change.
hope i am clear abt this
dr nagaraj

From India, Bangalore
Shyam Agrawal

Dear All,
The above discussions may be summed up as under (except for daily wage earner shop floor employees as beautifully explained by Shri Ankit Chaturvedi Ji, Board Moderator):
Leave begins as leave and ends as leave. No holidays or weekly offs to be allowed in between leave. However, holidays and weekly offs can be prefixed and / or suffixed to the leave. This rule does not apply to casual leave. Casual leave may have intervening holidays/ weekly offs. However, casual leave cannot be clubbed with previlege leave, earned leave, leave without pay, sick leave or maternity leave etc.

From India, Pune
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