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Sakeena khader
Hi all,

I joined a reputed MNC, while in interview they did not inform me about the cab service pattern. I was informed that I have to work in only night shifts to which I agreed.

Later I joined the induction where in they informed the company provides two way cab facility. And on the day one of training my shift was on 7pm in the night but the company did not give me a cab for pick up so, I went on my own. When I attended my 1 day of training the manager informed me that the company does not provide pick up service from the door rather they provide point pick up service.

Though I am into complete night shifts the company is expecting me to walk or travel to the pick up point on my own I was not at all okay to compromise with my safety hence, I informed the issue to my reporting manager the manager gave me a lame solution that they can provide me door pick if it is a late night pick ups which is after 10 or 11pm if the login is at 7pm I have to take the cab at the pick up point to which I was a little confused to what to be done.

I came home and my parents completely denied after hearing that there is no door pick up and they snatched my phone in a fear that I will go on the job the next day on my own. The manager also expected me to come to office on my own for 3 days while the login was at 7pm as there was some issue with the cab application.

The next day I informed the manager that I cannot be continuing as my parents are not agreeing I could not pick any calls for 2 days as my parents took the possession of my phone. Later as I saw after 15 days I received an abscond mail from the company since that day I started reaching, replying to every mail and call from the company and trying to notify them with my issue but I did not get any solution from the company back again the company instead of solving my issue they are proceeding with the termination formalities I am helpless on this matter as I am getting no response of help from the company.

From India, Bengaluru


Whether to continue or not is your choice but you need to follow proper separation process. Mere update over phone that you are not willing to continue will not be sufficient. You should have contacted the Superior or HR by person and explained the situation. When employee is not reporting to work normally all companies use to follow disciplinary process which includes warning and termination. If you had signed any bond they might follow up with you legally.

From India, Madras
Dinesh Divekar

Dear members,

The post appears to be a classic case of a gap in communication. During the recruitment process itself, the company should have clarified the mode of transport and whether or not the door pick up and drop is arranged. If not, then confirmation should be given about the nearest pick-up point from where the candidate would be picked. However, the candidate was not informed.

From the candidate's side, neither did she seek clarification about the pick-up point. Both sides had their own assumptions. Now it has become a discovery to both sides about the expectations of the other party. Nevertheless, the company has to take more weight of the lapse. Professionalism demands clarifying the terms and conditions of employment. A discovery at a later stage brings bitterness. While the company may terminate the employment of the selected candidate, their efforts of recruitment will be in vain. How will they recover the cost of recruitment?

For Sakeena Khader: - If your shift starts at 7 PM, then you need to be available at the nearest pick-up somewhere around 6 PM or later. But then at that time the Bangalore roads hustle-bustle with the traffic. By the way, you have written a post with a solicitous view that Bangalore is not at all safe or insecure for women to walk on the roads in the evening. This is not at all true. The cities in south India in general and Bangalore, in particular, have grown because of the safety they assure. Every job is associated with some risk at the primary or secondary level. The risk you are projecting is the mildest one and whether to forego the job for the sake of mildest risk is a call you will have to take!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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