Now that the so-called New Industrial Relations Code is here to stay, are there some ground rules for every State Government to act in the right direction? Or will it be used by employers to simply exploit contract labor?

Furthermore, can such a code make any difference, if the root cause of many problems is not identified? For example, the massive exodus of uneducated and untrained people, from the backward BIMARU States to South India, includes their total ignorance of the English language. If the Hindi-speaking people from these areas can at least know English to a much larger extent, they can even pursue higher education on a private basis and become graduates. This never ever happens. They do all the unskilled jobs, where the educated masses do not go at all. Hence, we simply have exploitation of a tall order.

Just one piece of evidence. Even if the same Hindiwallah is a graduate, with a BA degree in the Hindi medium, he lands up in a job where Hindi is the main language, like a BPO, in Chennai or Bangalore or Hyderabad, and then makes his way, by learning English as well. But why is the Hindi issue is such an emotional issue in the BIMARU States, thereby forcing millions into believing that they can do anything with Hindi? Is this not an injustice of a tall order? Is the present situation of helping the industrialists or businessmen, in South India, simply employ these hapless individuals, simply because their regions are still under-developed? And make huge profits?

From India, Nagercoil
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Apadharna Sivakumar,

This forum is for queries related to HR and Admin field. However, you have raised a post on job market, inter-state migration, etc. Your post is based on your perceptions. It does not quote a research data or studies of any kind.

As far as labour exploitation is concerned, it has been going on for the centuries. Nothing new as such. When north Indians were yet to migrate south India in mass scale, the exploitation existed even then also. The native industrialists exploited the native labour.

Nevertheless, mere expression of grouse or frustration on social media is not sufficient. We need to go forward and come up with a reasonable solution also. If you have a solution, then please come up with it.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
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