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Hi Guys, How come there are no posts in this forum? Lets get started....!!! Thanks and regards, Sanjib D Lahkar.
6th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi All Cite HR Members from Assam, Pl start posting your various HR related issues. Regards, Deep Asst. Manager-HR
6th May 2008 From China, Qinhuangdao
Well, Its true not much of us have responded. I believe we have a lot of Civil and Mechanical professionals currently at Assam working for infrastructure companies. May be i can reach them. Plz help me.
6th May 2008 From India, Madras
Dear All Cite HR Members from Assam,
Let's make an HR Group of all HR professionals from Assam working across India. Let's get proactive now discuss all our HR related issues. We are one of the least discussed local user groups in Cite HR. I wonder whether there are are any HR professionals from Assam working anywhere in India. Gear up !!! Guys, let's make it a practice among all Asomiya HR professionals to discuss all our HR related issues.
Deepjyoti Phukan
Asst. Manager-Human Resources
7th May 2008 From China, Qinhuangdao
Hi Folks,
Sonjeeb Here.........from bangalore......nice to see you all here......lets discuss all problems relating to HR in this forum............Thanks to Mr Sanjib (hai my name is also Sonjeeb) start the forum.....splly for HR professionals for assam......................................
HR Exe

7th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
We have a lot of people from Assam working for different companies across India and abroad and each of us are doing a wonderful job. Our first objective shall be to know each other. How much can we help/share our thoughts related to HR.
I wanted to find out
*what are the effective ways to retain people in an organization.
*How do I groom the new upcoming civil and mechanical engineers to prepare for the challenge?
i would be interested more in infrastructure industry. We all know that infrastructure industry is undergoing through tremendous growth and expansion. I request everyone to express their views and suggestion.
Thanxs and Regards
Amritraj Saikia
Deputy Manager- Learning Development
7th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hai Amitraj,
Good Evng. Sonjeeb Here from bangalore.....The two tough question you posted....every organization facing the problem of RETENTION. According to my knowledge People leaving the organization because of following reasons...............
1. Growth Opportunity.
2. Stress.
3. Higher Education.
4. Relationship with reporting manager.
5. Promotion and Reward System.
6. Bad name of the company. (Specially in Marketing people)
7. Last but not Least SALARY ISSUE.
We can ,
The Best Way to retain the talent COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNCATE with employees wats there problems, why they want to leave.
and Reward your employees Promptly........
This is my personal experience in the organization. May be am not correct.
Thanks and Regards
7th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Sonjeeb/Amritraj,

Nice to hear frm you guys. Good that people have startd posting their queries in this forum. I am Deep working in an FMCG Co in Mumbai as an Asst. Manager-Human Resources. The most imp task for us as HR professionals is to constantly train, motivate and retain our employees. The reasons that Sonjeeb has cited for attrition are very true;as it is the usual answers which the employees give during their exit interviews.I believe that every organisation should have an informal exit mangement with the HR so that they feel to discuss why they were leaving the org & an online exit management form should be activated for all the employees leaving the organisation which should go directly to HRD dept & the Top Management without any information being divulged to thier reporting seniors.This can help us in making new policies to motivate & retain good people.

I too agree that proper & effective communication with the employees can help in solving their queries & grievances. There should be a direct communication of the employees with the HRD dept. without the intervention of their reporting senior. This can help us in gaining the confidence of the employees.

Moreover to motivate the sales people; it is not necessary that we should pay them as par our competitors. What i believe that we as HR professionals should strive to retain our employees not because of being an excellent pay master but becoz of inducing a better work culture and a good employer. Of course, money matters but we can motivate our employees through "CASHLESS MOTIVATION". Various schemes like 'Long Time service awards', 'sales contests', 'Pat on the Back awards', 'Certificate of Excellence awards' can be given to our employees to motivate them and to make them feel that the company cares for them.

If you people have any more ideas to motivate and retain people, pl pen down your thoughts so that we can make our work place a better environment to work.

Best Regards,


8th May 2008 From China, Qinhuangdao
Dear Sonjeeb/Deep,

Thanxs a ton for ur valuable suggestion. As a part of our initiative to motivate and bring in recognition within our organization is to conduct internal training session for our own employees. It has been observed that employee with their expertise in their own field can always be shared with their junior, with the relevant dept / people. The out come

*Employee recognition who conducts this programme.

*Knowledge sharing

*An opportunity to communicate among a moderate crowd (usually the participants are about 10 to 15 for the session)

*Breaking the monotony of usual work at office.

These sessions are generally on Saturday and for an hour or hour and a half. End of the programme every month the Faculties are honored with a memento and a Letter of Appreciation.

The informal feedback of these sessions is very encouraging. The existing people who had been the faculties want to do more sessions. There are new people who have come forward to be faculties on their respective field. My entire Saturdays for about 8 months are booked.

Well, this is one small initiative to keep a few of my employees motivated. May be u can share ur ideas / suggestion to keep the employees happy and motivated.

Thanxs & Regards

8th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hello amitraj / deep
Nice to see your reply. What deep cited is 100% correct. Specially Online Exit Management, Pay them same what your competator is/are paying, CASHLESS MOTIVATION is also good option to reduce attrition.
and what amit is doing for new comers is excellent idea. splly sharing ideas.
Last but not least ALYZ MOTIVATE YOUR EMPLOYEES........
I am just a rookie in HR field.... Plz share your new ideas....
8th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Amritraj/Sonjeeb,

Well regarding training of newcomers, why not follow the process of "Mentoring"- which is a common practice with large PSUs. In Mentoring Process a new employee which is called as "mentee" undergoes a detailed, long structured mentoring process under a supervisor called as "mentor". This is process is generally used as a part of the training process which is for a 1 year duration. I will send you both a detailed project of how mentoring system works in an organisation. Send me a test mail at

Amritraj - you can also use various movie based training programmes for motivation & team building sessions. One training programme that i attended was a Motivational training based on the movie " CHAK DE". Various cut of clips were shown to us which can be related to conflict, team building, team spirit , motivation, diversity in an organisation. What i have experienced from this training session is that the audience can relate more to a movie based training programmes.

Would like to have some tips to motivate counter sales people for FMCG companies which you see in various malls /shoping centres. These people are generally 10+2 passout or pursuing 1st year graduation. There is a very high attrition rate among these people as they tend to switch their jobs even for a thousand rupees hike.
9th May 2008 From China, Qinhuangdao
Hello Everybody,
I am glad to see that there has been a flutter of activity in this forum.Good-lets keep it up.
With the North East Industrial Promotion Policy being effected there has been some investment in the region.
Consequently industry and the service sector has shown interst (though limited) in Assam.
HR-including IR Personnel could share issues/promblems/innovations/practices typical to this region.
So keep posting;-at some stage we can also consider a Get together/Workshop/for exchange of ideas on HR IR.
I can volunteer space in Guwahati for a session.
10th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi All,
Two more people added, gr8. Pl keep posting all your queries related to HR.
Sanjib -- regarding the get together workshop it would be very difficult as we all are scattered across India. Lets make it a common practice to discuss all our queries in Local user group.
12th May 2008 From China, Qinhuangdao
Hi Sonjeeb!

With reference to ur query about high attrition rate in counter sales.

Few things has to be taken in to consideration.

My observations are

 They are there to make extra money.

 Itís a freedom, they get to be with the same age, group.

 A sense of pride to be associated with a reputed brand.

 Their ability to mingle with people while selling discussing, while conducting demo.

 Any progress (successful selling, successful demo) is a sense of achievement, increases self-esteem, confidence.

But as time goes by due to family pressure, studies, and change of priority people tend to leave. (These jobs are generally temporary- I do not know how ur systems works)

The best way to keep them longer according to me is

 Performance based incentives. -SPOT INCENTIVES. (it can be small or big- e.g. like a mikey mouse tie from Allen Solley)

 Create team, groups- display their scores

 Do formal announcements of their performances may be in the after noon and evening.

 Ask them what do they want- something that can be give within ur budget.

Conduct briefing before the start of the day. De-briefing is important at the end of the day to analyze the performance for that day.

Tool box meeting is important to reorganize or to strategize for the remaining day.

I could come out of few things that I could think. May be others can give tips to Mr. Sonjeeb to retain people.

Bottom line "Get down to their level to understand them what they want." they have raw power to work hard and earn. Utilize that to make them perform.


12th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hi ,
Myself Dhrubojyoti working in HRD in a limited concen.It is really a great concept where we guys from Assam can share our views in HR working in differnt sectors.There is a saying that knowledge shared is knowledge gained.Moreover we can reach out to many potential candidates who are jobless.
13th May 2008 From India, Delhi
Hi! Can some one throw more light on balance score card - in performance appraisal. Any books, site.. that can give me details Regards Amrit
15th May 2008 From India, Madras
Hi, This is Anubrat Das working as a Dy.Manager-HR (corporate), in a Medical Devices Manufacturer at Faridabad (Haryana).
Really glad to see postings at CHR from you folks wih so much of concern of our homeland.
Let really geared up together with lots of suggestion and posting thru this forum.
Anubrat Das
Dy. Manager-Human Resources
Mobile : 09810123314
email :
17th May 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Hi Mr. Sanjib Lahkar
If you can remember me we had worked together with HLL in panitola T.E. Thats quite a long time!!!!!
Presently based at Gurgaon I am working as an Human Resource Business Partner.
So how are you Sir and where are you working at present?
20th May 2008 From India, Kochi
can any one help me.................??????????????/
how to get into a HR job as a fresher ,in assam?? or anywhere else?????????
I did my MBA(Hr) 4m ICFAI 05-07,Guwahati internship was 4m an NGO on Job Satisfaction.
Presently m working as a sales coordinator for 7 months in an MNC in guwahati,and that 2 outsourced.however even though ,i alwayz wanted to do a job ,something in /related to HR i was unable to coz of being a fresher ,and everyone is looking for experienced ppl.
why is it so..that nobody even wants to give an opportunity to a fresher like me..............
26th May 2008
As you are new few good things for you.
26th May 2008 From India, Delhi

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hi mr Naharkatia
i am already registered with this consultancy "Mafoi Guwahati"..............."
but am totally dissatisfied with it..................
it had been nearly one year since i registered with it,but had received only one call till now and that too,asking for some body else's contact number.....................
can u imagine disgusting
26th May 2008
Dear Gipsy,
Well, I do understand ur plight and ur frustration.
Registering with HR recruiting firm is a good way of finding a job, but they do not have opening offĖthe-self.
Try talking to ur friends ur known people. Do not restrict ur self to work only at ur hometown. u may loose time. Try to come to the Metros, u have options and opportunities.
First u need to decide what do u want in be ...u are HR professional. Whtz is ur strength. I understand u are a sales co-ordinator with an MNC. By now u have learnt how to sell urself... i mean what is good in u that shall benefit the organization u work. (Think.......)
Then look-out.
i am sure u will get u are looking for.
All the best!!!
27th May 2008 From India, Madras
hi..Amritraj ji

thankz for your suggestions and encouragement,thankkz a lot.

but dear Mr Amrit ji ,i have already talked wid the ppl whom i know..........frnds etc..and everything............

wat i can see now is the last option is to move out of this place to somewhere ...else as u said ..............

may be this is the only solution .............i am really frustrated wid my career............n really like to thank u for " all yr encourgement".

well can u suggest me ,wen will be the best time to move out...mean to say ,the period wen companies recruits freshers /recruitment season/job openings are more in a FY.

Also ,as i hav got to know dat recruites openings are available in metros ,and as i want to go for Hr-generalised role/something like that else training....etc and not as recruiter........would it be the right decision to start as Recruiter.

m asking this coz i got to know that once u get into one track............its difficult to change your it true??????????

Also since i am in marketing.wll i be able to shift to Hr.....................


27th May 2008
Dear Gipsy,

Thanxs for the complement.
HR opening are kind of an openings that generally do not come to often. However i would suggest u be open to any opening in HR, to start with. That shall give you exposure to the domain.
Keep looking into,, Float ur profile.
Usually in metros fresher openings are published in daily news papers specially on sundays, wednesdays( Metro editions).
There arnt any season for any openings , its like as and when opening comes either they take people through reference, (b'cos that works and its very effective), if its urgent and the requirement is huge then either its advertised or services of HR consulting firms taken.
You have to keep looking, u have to be alert. But dont worry, u neednít have to panic.
Well u can always come back to HR even if u are still in marketing. Keep looking for opportunities. U can go to any metros am sure u should have friends working, studying... develop contacts ( i mean networking---thatz deadly and the most effective method), meet people regularly.
Donít loose heart !!!!!
Till u push urself u donít get the best out of u!!!!

27th May 2008 From India, Madras
Dear Amritji
once again
"Thankz a lot "
well i think now m clear to some extent............wat 2 do as of now...........................
so now m ready to move out as soon as posible ,to a new place wid my dreams....................................
one more thing 2 i leave my present job after completing one yr.................or does it matter if not ...............mean 2 say,coz comapanys nowadays wants ppl who stick 2 one job 4 quite a long time n not frequent switchers..........????????????????????
28th May 2008
Why don't you check out upload your resume location as delhi/bangalore or wherever u want to be in, use words like sales executive or space selling or any frequently used words etc i.e. words which specifically define your interest or current work in the key skills. Since, naukri is used by recruiters who has JD to match they punch in key skills to pull out CV, hence this way ur profile will be highlited often. Call up the consultants/HR exec who has posted the vacancies if given in the ads.
There is so many vacancies i am sure with a little bit of focus,u will land up with a good opportunity.
28th May 2008 From India, New Delhi
Dear Priyam
Thankz 4 ur concern..............n suggestion
well ,wat u suggessted is wat i m doing wid all jobsites,n i do got calls 2 ,but all for marketing/sales jobs which i m not interested in..................
i m genuinly interested in getting into n HR profile.............but .............
So ,If u can please suggest me,wat i should put in key skill areas /in my get it highlighted alwayz .................for d same
29th May 2008
Hi Gypsy,
I saw ur question, I knw hows ur feelings at present after completion of MBA (HR) degree you are wrking as marketing. I just want to give some suggestion:
- Look for job in some Metro cities (like Kol, blore, hyd, delhi etc) bcoz there lot os opportunities.
- Its good if you join in any consultancy (IT, ITES wat ever) after completion of 6 month you will get a good job in any corporate sector.
- For HR, recruitment is good field to start your career in HR. In any corporate sector there is not only recruitment other things also there, if you are performing well they will give other responsibilities also.
- There is no any season of HR recruitment. like Eng, technical people have.
- You can upload your resume in all the job portals (like Naukri, times jobs, monster etc)
Keep patience..........YOU WILL GET A GOOD JOB......
Please suggest me if i am wrong.....
thanks and regards
Its my personal experience in corporates.
29th May 2008 From India, Bangalore
Dear Sonjeeb
its ur personal experience ,dat u r talking/suggesting.............
come on ,how can dan it b wrong...........
nwayz gud n honest suggesstions r alwayz wellcome everywhere...............
coz in todays world its difficult 2 find ppl who care/or spare their precious time ,helping others.
And u r someone who took d pain 2 help strangers .............Like all d others in this forum do....
so "THANKZ A LOT" 4 all ur concern n suggesstions.
i hope dat ur suggesstions like in ur case,will also workout 4 me 2.
29th May 2008
Hi nice to hear that there is a forum of assam , i am also one who can join the hand for this forum. i am working in a manufacturing unit in GUWAHATI as an HR looking after the HR activities of the factory.
Thanks a lot to all of u for the forum again
17th June 2008 From India, Guwahati
Hi Everyone!
Great there is such a forum. For long i have been thinking to have a Association of HR Professional from Assam and strangely i find some of you are already organised in this forum. Accept me as a member.
Ideas flow only when we share, so you are welcome to share some with me.
From Guwahati
8th August 2008 From United States,
This is Saroj Kumar Deka working as a Manager - HR in Delhi. I really glad to see the upgraded comments towards unity. Hope this will lead to keep alive of our Laru Pitha among all upcoming asomiya generation.
Keep in touch at
We should share our all HR & IR Related issues to each other that we can show the world about the power of BIHU.
Wish you all a good and prosperous new YEAR 2009

Saroj Kumar Deka
22nd December 2008 From India, New Delhi
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