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i am makin a project on employee relations
i really dont want a ready made project coz this is for my 100 marks project
but cld u temme the topics tht i shd include....
i have thought abt surveys...but i dunno wt to ask the employees/...apart from personal experiences....ratings of grievances.....time period..
31st March 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunayna,

Am very happy that you are not taking a easy way out by taking a ready made project as one doesn't learn nothing from it!!

Last time i couldn't help you on marketing examples and shall make up this time..

Employee Relations are practices or initiatives for ensuring that Employees are happy and are productive. So think of ways in that direction and with a objective making a truly vibrant organization!!

You have research and may nclude the following topics as mentioned below-

Acceptance of a Resignation Before the Date of Resignation

Access to Personnel Files

Charging an Employee for Making Mistakes

Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

Deductions from Final Pay for Employee Loans

Probationary vs. Orientation Periods - Regular Employees

Record Keeping Requirements

Severance Pay

Tracking Exempt Employees Attendance (Vacation, Sick Leave,etc.) Time sheets for exempt employees

When Do You Have to Pay for Travel Time?

Communication and interpretation of company policies and procedures

Training and development

Ensure uniform application of policies and procedures

Execute progressive discipline

Conduct fact finding investigations

Conduct employment practices management training

May i request my colleagues to add more topics?..


1st April 2005 From India, Pune
*Flexible work hours – how they effect employee behavior
Google allows 2 hours of personal project work. Interesting facts and other measures taken by companies like that.
*After Lunch breaks – MUST SLEEP FOR AN HOUR
Can’t remember where I had read this but this was enforced as a rule.
*Employee retention – do you need to please them to keep them?
*Internet Usage - what is acceptable?
*The age of free agents and consultants
*Monetary rewards
*Employee Referral Programs
1st April 2005 From India, Gurgaon
wow,,,,thnks mr rajat,,,i dunno wt half of it means,,,thnk u sooo strt workin right now,,, n CHR..u rock..u r always help out..thnks... m waitin for more options.. regards sunayna
1st April 2005 From India, Mumbai
hi,,,can u also help me with some site wer il get more info.....most of the sites tht i am browsing are not free. wer can i get proper definations from? plz hurry with this regards sunayna
2nd April 2005 From India, Mumbai

plz have a look...this is wt my index looks i missing out on any topcis?..GPI is the company i am makin my project on..

am i missing out on anymajor topic????

i am really tensed with this one.....100 marks keeps rotating in front of my eyes wenever u start my project :(



• Introduction of GPI

• History of the company

• Brief overview of the departments

• Hr dept

• Functions and necessity

• Various department


• Definition

• brief information and overview

• Types of ER

• Topics included

1. hiring and induction

2. Training and development

3. Charging an Employee for Making Mistakes / progressive discipline

4. incentives

5. Monetary benefits

6. steps taken to motivate

7. *Employee Referral Programs

8. Reducing Absenteeism

9. employer healthcare contributions

10. ensure safety

11. Sexual Harassment Prevention and Resolution

12. dealing with stress and / or recreation facilities

13. Career Development opportunities

14. bridge to change

15. collective bargaining (grievances)

16. steps taken for retention

17. exit interviews

• way of communicating employee relations

1. Code of Conduct (develop legislation)

2. Code of Ethics

3. Suggestion Programs (KT)

4. recognition

• Role of HR dept at GPI – employee relations

• Hazards in employee relations

• Need and usefulness of employee relations

• Personal observation and conclusion

• Recommendation

regards sunayna
5th April 2005 From India, Mumbai
john, i am confused...cld u plz elaborate...
u mean abt the ER topics....
will htis be the right way to go then.
1 motivation
2 solving grievances
i dunno how else to grp this wt u meant???
6th April 2005 From India, Mumbai
hey...this is wt my new n approved index looks like
• Introduction of GPI
• History of the company
• Organization structure
• Hr dept
• Functions
• Role and scope
• Definition
• Overview
• Aims and objectives
• Advantages of Employee relations
• Types of Employee Relations
 Relation between employer and employees
1. Training and induction
2. Progressive discipline
3. Benefits
• Incentives
• Monetary benefits
• medical benefits
4. Safety
5. stress management and / or recreation facilities
6. Career Development
7. Collective problem solving.
8. Involvement and engagement
• Role of HR dept at GPI – employee relations
• Employee relations at other plant factories – Parle
- L & T
- M & M
• Worldwide employee relations
• Personal observation and conclusion
• Recommendation
plz feel freee to commentm anxiously waiting. :) .
regards sunayna
8th April 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hi all, even me doin a project in employee relations , required help !! infact i’m doin it in the IT and BPO industy in india. Suggestions awaited.Sunaina you could be of help :D
11th August 2005 From India, Mumbai
hiii Jensensieiro(i hope i spelt it right, i m callin u JS nxt time, hope u dont mind)
can u send me ur mail add? will attatch n send
wt u studyin? project for college?
i made it for universtiy as a 100 mks project
i am still workin on it...
will surely send u the rough send me ur comments :)
12th August 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hey Sunaina,
Thnks for that prompt reply.and i surely dont mind yur short cut to my name.btw you could also either call me jensen (luckily my name :lol: )
email address -
i've given my final exams MBA doing this project as its necessary for the results.
12th August 2005 From India, Mumbai
hi everyone
i am finally uploading my report on employee relations
made by me - sunayna
took loads of efforts.
still might change a little, but this is wt sunayna's hardwork looks like :)
please go through
i am dying to hear your feedback
i know it may be a lil long, but if u remove the formatting , it will hardly come to 20 pages
please lemme know ur comments
this is my first project for HRM as a subject
i may have made blunders... please point them out.
hoping to hear, atleast from a few
2nd September 2005 From India, Mumbai

Attached Files
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File Type: doc emprel_499.doc (369.5 KB, 1557 views)

Hi JS (borrowed Sunayna's idea),
Sunayna's praisworthy work should guide you for your project.
You can make following addition to your project on BPO.
Role of Govt. on Employee Relation
Legal Framework of HR
Existing legislation on Industrial/employee relation
Desireable changes in legal framework.
Hope this will be useful for your project.
2nd September 2005 From India, Sambalpur
Hi Sunayna,
Thanks for the document. I have not gone through it properly. But after just a glance through it i could figure out that the doc gives an overview of HR function, tkes you through some detailing of these and then specifics of the 3 companies. Helps a novice like me to understand much better on HR.
Thanks a lot
2nd September 2005 From India, Madras
hmm 5 downloads...not bad..
but gimme ur feedback toooo plz
psyched....since u r goin thru it to learn something...temme if ther is continuity...? i mean is everthing in order?
how do u like the proj?
2nd September 2005 From India, Mumbai
its been more thn a month... n no comments???? any criticism is apreciated come one..come all
15th October 2005 From India, Mumbai
Sunayna, My apologies for not replying. I am keeping this post live on my lap top to enable me to formulate a response very soon. Bala
19th October 2005 From India, Madras
Hi sunayna,
Just went thru your paper..must congratulate for comprehensive work..good job done..
Remember that when you initially posted this couldn't follow some of my i think i need to learn a thing or two from u..certainly you have moved up on the learning curve!!
Have stored this my pendrive & shall take the printout in office tmrw & study before i comment on the same...
19th October 2005 From India, Pune
i like the words "comprehensive work..good job done.."
:wink: thnks
hihihih...ya i rememeber...well..thts wt a GOOD leader does..he motivates and sees the fruit grow
im so happy tht u found somehtin here tht was worth storing
now toh desperately waiting for ur comments
post soon
21st October 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunayna, Phew.. read your paper spanning to 62 pages!! Have made corrections & comments have been inserted... Pls check the same which am uploading here. Cheers, Rajat
25th October 2005 From India, Pune

Attached Files
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File Type: doc employeerelations-sunayna_206.doc (371.5 KB, 1055 views)

good real work, inputs and educative. rajat experience must have enlighten and presentable the drafted document. Your selection of companies are also different and in indian labour context.
my suggestion is some testimony from emplyer/employeee would have enriched the manual as they have been able to meet their personal and proffessional goals.
nice thing is it can be used for reference as informative manual.
Kick start your career with your first goal by getting 8.99.
hey! being in GPI how many packs did u got..
:D :P
if not applicable pass it on..
25th October 2005 From India, Delhi
wow wow wow

mind blowing

mr rajat...i hav no words to thnk u. its amazing....u ve actually read more thn 60 pages of matter .... i am really grateful

i shall make the changes and post a better report..right after my exams. _ hopefully by children's day

ive showed my report to like 10 ppl..and no one has suggested these many changes(not tht i am complaining...)but i m sure i am gettin an "O" grade (thts 95-100) for my report now

thnk u sooo much :icon1:

hi umalme, ya..i kind of chose them based on feasibility and quick accessibility. i was aiming for benchmarking GPI against parle, M&M, pidilite and a few more...but i somehow thought of adding Taj and combining industrial sector and service sector

abt testimony....i think its late....but i l call them up...lets see if they r frm the line staff and one frm managerial position shd be wonderful....keeping my fingers crossed

hihih...abt gettin packs frm GPI....well... :oops: ....i dint ask for them..the smoke of cig makes my eye none..i wldnt encourage smokin. breathin in n out smoke doesnt make sense to me...thts something to dicusss for later

shall upload my report by 14th nov.

till thn more comments on thm will be appreciated
26th October 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hey ..welcome
Lemme reiterate that you have done a good job..
Once you make the relevant changes..allow me to vet it n perhaps you should get even better marks..more than marks am concerned with the knowlege which u imbibe..& apply those when you join the corporate world..
To succeed all you need is passion & will to implement the same notwithstanding the support of Top Management..
Children's day is the right day to publish the same!!
26th October 2005 From India, Pune
well...change of plans...exams are over and planning to go trade off with sleep
my updated report.
the page numbers and index dont match...and i have to start new topic a new page...n lil formatting here n there..
apart frm tht..this is going to be the matter.more or less
mr rajat...wt do u mean by C&B? under advantages of emp rel?
do post ur views and criticisms...gotta print n bind by this weekend
thnking u in anticipation
13th November 2005 From India, Mumbai

Attached Files
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File Type: doc emprel_946.doc (645.0 KB, 531 views)

hey...3 downlaods n no comments?? :( i have to print this report by monday... some comments plz ive put new diagrams , plz hav a look
17th November 2005 From India, Mumbai
i had a re look. diagrams make it good and relevant, report is more organized. i think cover page, co-ordinator signature page, reference page and glossary page u may like to add.
good work before printing whole print out a few pages and match simple formatting stuff with some standard document or report.
that's from me.
18th November 2005 From India, Delhi
thnks :D
i know...simple theory was sooo boring,.i myself wld fall asleep :wink: ...any more comments
ya.ive got all tht ...cover page hai, exec summary, preface, and acknwldgment...
hmm...wer willl i find a standard document or report? this is the format as per the university... :) we cant change it.
anything else... :?:
18th November 2005 From India, Mumbai
I am printing on wednesday... any last minute suggestions or recommendations...
mr rajat and umalme, u all have helped me a lot. right from the start, and i am very thankful. shall upload the final final version by friday.
Bala, im still waiting for your suggestions

22nd November 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hope u have got all useful suggestions into. Last suggestion is to get auspicious time from any pandit. :) hard work pays off .. umalme
22nd November 2005 From India, Delhi
:D :D :D hihihhihihih i dont know about muhurat..but will definitely pray before initiating the printing :P
22nd November 2005 From India, Mumbai
My sincere apologies for not responding to your post.
I am in hell a lot of issues and challenges on work front. Looks like i have to move out very soon. In the midst of that which has been on for few weeks now, am really not able to concentrate on anything.
My apologies once again and Wish You all the Very Best.
23rd November 2005 From India, Madras
oh please
you are embarassing me,
dont be silly
all's well that ends well.
my project is done, printed and binding as i post.
will be submitting tomorrow.
now i hope the viva's go well..
i guess you are very tensed with your work. whats the use of getting vinisha told me during our first paper ." main tension leke karu kya?"
chill..hope everything is fine soon
24th November 2005 From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunayna,
Thanks for your post.
I hope all of us follow the byline you put in your posts which is "if u see someone without a smile, give them one of yours".
Thanks once again,
Hah Ji, aap jo bol rehe he sach hai. Tension leke kya phayada?
24th November 2005 From India, Madras
:D :D :D :) :) :) :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P :P :wink: :wink: :wink: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :icon1: :icon1: :icon1: :icon1: :icon4: :icon4: :icon4:
24th November 2005 From India, Mumbai
khulein dil sa na lutaiya, kahi wo gana na gana pad jaye 'kadam se kadam milaye jaan ye jindgi usi ki hain tu com pe lutai ja' bande matram, bande matram..
keep some for you, best of luck.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
:D :D :D :D :? :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
25th November 2005 From India, Delhi
Hi This is Asha
I read the sunaya's project description and Rajan's suggestions.
Ya it is very interesting.I would like to give some more .
Is it any correlation between the Employee Absenteeism and Productivity
Training Vs productivity
About the Frieng benefits
2nd February 2006
hi asha. uve made me very happy by taking the effort to read it.
thanks..and the frosting on the cake are ur questions
but, i dint quite get ur question..are u asking abt the relation between absenteeism n productivity?
or absenteeism n fringe benefits
plz do clarify
n im curious to know ur views on the report
3rd February 2006 From India, Mumbai
Can a HR Executive record the voice of the employee without employee’s knowledge? Is it acceptable? Can somebody assist pls.. Thanks & Regards, Dova
25th February 2007 From India, Hyderabad
hi sunayna and Rajat
thanks a lot to both of you.
i am doing project on employee relation.
till i came across this topic i was confused what to do and how to go abt it.
now atleast i know how i can start with the topic and yes i ll try and understand whatever terms have been used by two of you.
and i require one more help can u people help
my mentor is asking me conduct a survey regarding to different benefits and policies.
i am not able to understand wht kind of questions are to be included in it and specially what kind of close ended questions on benefits and policies of a co.
plz help
28th March 2007 From United States, Santa Monica
dear friend
could u plz share the questionnaire on the topic iam also mba final sem student and planning to do the project on similar topic . if possible plz send the relevent material on mksharmapilani
18th April 2007 From India, Jodhpur
hi guys...can anyone tell me how to download the report on employee relations posted by sunayna... regards, paresh
13th May 2007 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
oh rily...tnx a lot!! i never knew it could be downloaded by clicking the download button...!!!!!!! i wish i were computer savvy jus the way you seem to be... all the best.
15th May 2007 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
hey..i'm doin a project on employee relations too...
this project documentation has been a great help...
now i can atleast streamline my efforts in how to go through the process...
thanks a lot guys..
all the comments are adding to my knowledge...
29th May 2007 From India, New Delhi
Hi Sunayna,

my name is siddharth, i am doing project in Employee relatins . i have no idea about that . so can u help in finding the information. If u find any report on this plz post it into my email address ( i am waiting for your reply.
24th June 2007
hi sunayna,went thru ur project... must say wsa quite good... a good insight was given... i am pursuing MBA AND doing a project on employee relations nly... can u plz share ur questionnaire with me... if not share then can u please give a idea about what sort of questions to be included... it would be really helpful.. iam confused about the language...regardsaditi
2nd June 2008 From India
Hi Sunayana..
Ur project is very fine..
In a simple sentence there is a loads of hardwork put in..
I'm doin d similar project bt not comparing 3 cos..
Ur proj induced me to do my proj in a different way..
Bt b4 startin my proj i jus want to know hw u formulated ur questionnaire..
Can u pls upload ur questionnaire format..
Awating for ur response..
With Regards,
17th November 2009 From India, Raipur
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