Please elucidate my doubt regarding Performance Appraisal.

Why it is done with the purpose of Promotion or for rise in pay. Every one says that Performance Appraisal is a tool, which facilitate personnel development because through this we come to know about the key strengths and the areas on which an individual need to work upon to make his work as well as himself more efficient and productive.

But it’s very clear that Appraisal is done with the purpose of Promotions due to which even today Performance reviews are considered as a painful ritual. Very few of us actually enjoy hearing about our shortcomings and few of our bosses and colleagues always look forward to expose them, which in turn leads to no change in the employees behaviour and skills as well because some where in the mind its set that it is going to affect his image and in turn his promotion.

If it will be very lucid in the mind of the employees that Performance Appraisal is actually happening with the idea of Individual growth, employees will feel free to come out of the shell and will be interested to know about their shortcomings and probably we can ensure the positive change in an individual.

Recently I got a mail which was suppose to be hilarious, but I found actuality in that:

People who do lots of work...

make lots of mistakes

People who do less work...

make less mistakes

People who do no work...

make no mistakes

People who make no mistakes...

gets promoted

That's why I spend most of my time

sending e-mails & playing games at work

I need a promotion

From India, Mumbai
Hi Neha,

I read your query and was indeed very happy to note that you are actually picking up things fast!! Great..Keep it up..

This is where we HR Professionals have to drive home the point that PA is not just annual excercise where most of the Deptt heads and Managers limit this to the form filling up excercise.What's more important is the spirit behind this. The word PA is limited hence it should be also be known as PA (Potential appraisal). My previous boss Managing Director used to spent one hour in preparing and setting up the agenda prior to the Performance appraisals meetings of functional heads which used to last for atleast one hour. How many people do this today?...Once this done at the top level percolates should be done on quarterly basis or half yearly basis and not linked with increments or promotions!! Otherwise there is a tendency of politics..people who have hidden agendas wrt to their departmental bosses...

Again you are right!!...sometimes people forget esp Managers the good work done in first 11 months and tend to remember mostly the mistakes or goof ups in the 12th month!!....there has to be a strong competency development model to take care of these issues...and culture of the organization has to be matured enough to address these issues..

Very true!!...

Ha ha a good one!!

Shall address this issue once again...



From India, Pune
hello neyha,

For further info -refer the links - This site is similar to above, but I'd rate it better as it is a complete HTML survey. It covers Communication, teamwork, management effectiveness, company values & goals, integrity, job skills, commitment, problem management & customer focus

1 - Abridged Sample 360° Feedback Questionnaire <link updated to site home> - Sample 360° questionnaire - Scroll down to read about 360° and view sample form



Hello Sir,
Sir as you said, there is a tendency of politics; people have hidden agendas wrt to their departmental bosses.
I guess such type of politics or bias practices get exposed more when we have only one way to get appraised that could be from your Boss or the Superior only.
If according to the Appraiser the employee is not up to the mark could be because of personal indifferences. In that case the person will get negative as well as the only feedback and company might lose one potential employee then and there. That way getting appraised from various people (360 Degree) is actually beneficial and indeed employee will accept it if that is not linked with increments.
Sir you talked about “strong competency development model” is it same as a Good Appraisal Form or is it different?

From India, Mumbai
Hello Ricky Sir,
Thank you for providing me with such valuable links, I was really in search of such good sites and these excellent links will actually help me out with my copious needs.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Neha

A good bold question. More of a statement, I'd say, because you know the answer and are not really looking for one from others.

What you are pointing out is the difference between theory and practice. However, don't belittle theory simply because no one follows it. It remains true that if perormance appraisal is not linked to pay/promotions, it will be more useful to the employeee in several ways. However, business also requires some tool to appraise guys, so as to make the promotion decision. Since the two tools are measuring the same stuff, albeit for different purposes, it becomes cost effective to merge them. In the process, its effectiveness for the former role gets diminished. But we must accept that business is more concerned with its latter role.

Good companies do make efforts to reduce the ill effects of the traditional, one-on-one performance appraisal system. 360 degree feedback and MBO ( a goal-setting tool really, but also affects the performance appraisal system ) are some such systems.

Also, I do not agree that the present appraisal system is a total failure. In the given circumstances, it does a pretty good job. Of course, the employee does not agree with it in all case, particularly if it is negative.But that is only to be expected. Do not expect people to accept their faults so easily. It is against human nature. So, someone has to roughride the objections and take a decision. As long as there are a resonable number of checks and balances, it is OK.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Mr. Alok Asthana,

Sir, I am actually looking for the answers. No doubt I fall more on theoretical side because till date I don’t have any industrial working experience, so I mostly relate practicality with theoretical knowledge counting my imaginations and things I have heard with experienced and analytical people like you. I know my imaginations and statements are formless which need to get formed.

Sir as you said, “ Business also requires some tool to appraise guys, so as to make the promotion decision” …very true.

Sir cant it happen like companies adopt quarterly appraisal process and first three will be purely based on the actual term and route of Performance Appraisal and the last one which took place at the end of Financial year will be with the purpose of taking promotion or decisions related to increments.

In that way company is giving full opportunity to an employee to progress and to explore and establish his efficiency and productivity as well.

But yet again the question of cost efficacy arises.

Sir, even you stated, “employee does not agree in all case, particularly if it is negative.. Do not expect people to accept their faults so easily. It is against human nature.”

What is the possible way to bring down such behaviour or to deal with such situations, which is universal?


Neha Sharma

From India, Mumbai
We carry out an exercise called "how did I perform" for our developers, not as a tool to give them a hike/promotion but as a measure to check deviations from deliverables, guide/coach them to better their performance, if fallin short of expectations, have a performance plan to correct it in a phased manner to reached desired level of expectation. When we finally do a "salary review" which is done every six months, we take into account their performance within the review period.

Performance review does not necessarily relates to a hike/promotion, its a misnomer.

Couple points,

1) conducting an appraisal needs skills and knowledge, unless and until you have a plan to train your supervisors/managers on "how to conduct and appraisal session" you may have issues of the kind you described, however if its done in a well thought out manner the chances of its effectiveness increases.

2) The other issue is of feedback sharing, I think your mail primarily relates to feedback sessions and the how and what of it. Again, Managers/appraisers needs training on these aspects as well, we aren't looking for dictators, we are looking for managers who facilitate this process and assist his/her team reach their objective. Managers should be coached in giving productive feedback. If Managers are taking advantage of this system, HR managers should intervene and facilitate.

Hi Neha,

May i request you to call me Rajat please.We all are students here as we learn from each other!!

Yes but remember politics is a part & parcel of the organization; let's not give a bad connotation to politics as it can also have positive effects - think from both perspectives.

Here bosses and superiors need to have all the information & be in touch with the pulse of the organization to really know as who and what are exactly doing..but sometimes people have blind spots as well..if HR professionals are part of the process as a Moderator then these issues are dealt with in a matured way..It is very essential that HR Managers are integrated or well embedded in the system to make sure the appraisals are handled properly and the grivances or issues are discussed in right forum subsequently so that the employees don't feel that they are being victimised or biased against.

Yes very just can't implement 360 degrees in one shot - first build up the culture of trust & transparency, slowly sensitze the company to appraisals and CEO has to be a driver of the same in terms of vision and mission statements. Ideally start with 180 in first year and 270 in the second year and them implement 360 subsequently. That's why companies employees outside agencies to conduct the same so that the feedback process is handled properly which is very critical.

Yes, getting appraised from various people is actually coming to second part linking to increments - most organizations i know generally link the two for the simple reason that it is time consuming process to have another appraisal for increments alone!!

Generally 360 degrees should not linked to compensation as 360-degree feedback and performance appraisals can complement each other, but should not be linked. If 360 is linked to compensation decisions, it loses its power as a development tool. When compensation is that outcome, individuals will quickly learn how to play the game, "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine." Further, if people do not get satisfactory ratings, morale can decrease when 360 is linked to performance appraisal mode, but low scores when 360 is used purely for development tend to be viewed as constructive feedback.

Strong competency development model - refers to development of competencies on a continous process like customer service personnel being trained on various aspects of customer like accent delievery, solving the problems timely and being cost effective or having a pleasant voice etc..


Rajat Joshi

From India, Pune
Yes one point here people mixing alphabets like AShit/REgards some thing
like this. plain R.S.V.P. should be entertained.
For Performance app,
Well I just say i am given the chance to take off a word from dictionary then it would be [code]politics[/code]. Most of the problems for not accepting the negative behaviour,
- not able to express his/er clearly,
- conflicting goals with the organization,
- any hidden pressure
- simple attitude why tell if it's going to deappraise .
- work satisfaction
- friction in their team and department
- goals achivement
- may very case to case..

From India, Delhi

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