Dear all,
can anyone help me with the what and how of HR workflow.
one of my friends was asked this in an interview, n was caught offgaurd. i am also quite lost abt the same.
pls do help me.

22nd March 2006 From India, Pune

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Rajesh Balasubramanian
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Workflow is nothing but business procedures;
business procedures, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.
we use workflow for various H.R functions like ;
Recruitment And Selection
Benefits management
Training and Development
Performance management
For your understanding i'm attaching Requisition to Hire Workflow
22nd March 2006

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thanx Indus,
i had also seen that flowchart on one of the sites.
but wen asked explain the HR work flow does one tell the process followed in one's organisation or a general work process?
22nd March 2006 From India, Pune
Do you mean the whole HR flow? HR MACRO PROCESS consists of all the processes from Searching candidates --> recruiting --> job assignment --> development (training, promotion, etc) --> until separation (pension or termination). Each process can be mapped in work flow. Each work flow is the procedure for respected activities, such as recruiting procedure, new employee orientation procedure, new job assignment procedure, training procedure, job training procedure, PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE, promotion procedure, transfer procedure, retirement rpocedure, etc. These make all the life cycle of an employee from the first time he/ she was hire until he/ she leave the company. Hope this clarify the question.
22nd March 2006
As Joesph quoted - Work flow is the procedural aspect of any activity defining the processes it involves
HR work flow - in general it is right from the Manpower planning to employee separation. This life cycle is same across industries but the processes for each system(recruitment,PMS,c&B etc) tend to vary from company to company
22nd March 2006 From India, Bangalore
Life cycle is common across all industries. But workflow of different activities may differ from industry to industry and with in industry it may even varies with size of the company and org structure they follow;
23rd March 2006
hi joseph, rajesh and indus,
thanx a lot for your inputs ... it has helped me a lot.
i am now trying to make out a workflow in my organisation also, right now it is a bit haphazzard!
thanx once again,
24th March 2006 From India, Pune
Hi Pallavi

I am very attached to this question as I am selling a solution that automates HR workflows ()

Putting myself in your friend's shoes, when I am asked this question...I may answer like this

" Sir, typically HR work includes managing the complete life cycle of an employee with the organisation. Right from the time he applies for a job in my organisation till he separates, he is a valuable realtionship and all my workflows revolve around one entity called employee.

An employee needs a resource in his team he informs HR after getting necessary approvals. HR then hunts the candidate, arranges interviews and other tests and finally a prospective employee (candidate) becomes the employee of the organisation.

In the organisation He marks his attendance everyday. HR reconciles his leave and attendance to generate payroll data which is then given to finance for actual salary disbursement. Also, HR takes care of the Travel & conveyance, if it is in accordance with the employee grade and also, the medical and other benefit administration of the employees is done by HR.

In all these stages, there will be company specific workflows i.e. in some companies employee may give his mobile bill directly to accounts and get that rembursed while in others it will have to be aproved by his supervisor.

The other tasks of HR include Performance management, Training and development and Employee separation. In these three cases also, the workflows are very company specific with few generalisations like in training and development, HR creates a training calender and nominates employees based on their competency mapping and that required for that role. In employee separation, once resignation is approved, clearances are saught from various departments. how they will be saught is company specific.

I hope that answers your query. tell me if you need any further clarification


24th March 2006 From India, New Delhi
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