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Thank you for suggesting me for HR compliance.
From India, Kannur

This is unfair to criticise senior contributors as only Compliance experts, they have contributed in many spheres of their competence in the past. AI-assisted replies are not what the querists are looking for, they want replies based on expertise and personal experience.
From India, Mumbai
mamta kumari

Dear Dr BV Raghunath Sir,

I refer to your comments posted in this thread. Far from addressing the query, your post selectively has targeted the senior member, @Dinesh Divekar. He was the first person to give a reply to the query. His second post was addressed to Mr Andrew White. I find even this post valid. However, by targeting Mr Divekar, your post has distracted and undermined the ongoing discussion. Our focus must be on resolving the queries. This is the platform where we learn and share our ideas and experiences, which are always helpful to people.

Your post mentions that Dinesh Sirís replies don't relate to the query and don't resolve the issues. This is far from the truth, and I disagree with you. Many, many many times, I have benefited because of his replies. A handful of members drive this forum and he is one of them. Through his insightful and knowledgeable replies, he always helps people find solutions. His focus is on root-cause analysis rather than providing ready-made suggestions. The language he uses is far superior and improving English is the indirect benefit of reading his comments. How many members of this forum can match the richness or lucidity of his language? I consider myself blessed because of people like him. They spare their valuable time in guiding the HR fraternity.

Rather than acknowledging his contributions, your post expresses your deep ill will toward him and is hardly compatible with your qualifications or stature. My humble request is to refrain from using this forum to express disdain against a senior member.

As a member of this forum, I am more of a reader than a contributor. I am writing this post because I was aghast at your post. A revered figure like Divekar Sir certainly does not deserve it.

Anyway, I look forward to reading better replies from you. Because of your post, you have tainted your personality unnecessarily. By writing worthy replies, whether you will be able to remove that taint remains to be seen!


From India, Mumbai

Like many of our Senior HR's here at CiteHR, Dinesh Divekah is a long standing and well respected member of our community. Although I live in Australia, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Dinesh during a visit to Bangalore some years ago.

I have on several occasions warned people about attacking and disparaging other members. We are all here to help each other with advice or suggestions where appropriate answers may be found. To that end, I would also caution that mere spoon feeding rather than genuinely helping younger members to learn and grow will not bode well for the next generation after we Seniors have gone.

I have taken a very dim view of this attack on Dinesh, and will have no hesitation in closing this thread. I am also more than happy to ban members who persist in this inappropriate behaviour. This is a PROFESSIONAL forum.

From Australia, Melbourne
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