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Hi Everyone,

I have 4 years experience in an MNC company but i joined this MNC company with a fake experience. Now I got a new offer with genuine four years of experience in a startup company, and I am currently serving my notice period, but my current company has offered the same package to retain me....

what should I do now?
shall I continue with the same company or shall I change?

From India, Hyderabad


Primarily it is your call.

I would suggest you to continue with current MNC instead of moving to a startup provided you get the same package. Reason being you cannot predict how for the start up company will be able to sustain in the market. Second reason being if the startup company plan for BGV process you had a fake history which might be exposed. However if you think start up company might flourish in the near future you may opt for it. It depends on the profile of the Company. You need to decide.

From India, Madras
Hi Lakshmi Narayanan ji, Thanks for your response. But If they do BGV again?
From India, Hyderabad
Agarwal BD

The possibility of the MNS where you are currently employed, of doing a BGV after 4 years is remote. If you continue for another year you would be entitled to gratuity also and as Mr Narayanan suggested, there is going to be a lot of uncertainty in a startup. Please do some serious work culture and background check before joining a startup.
From India, Kolkata

Hi Prasad,
t's important to approach this situation with honesty and integrity. While the decision ultimately depends on your personal priorities and career goals, it's essential to consider the following factors:

Ethical considerations: Continuing with a job based on fake experience might pose ethical issues. If discovered, it could lead to serious consequences, including termination and damage to your professional reputation.

Long-term career prospects: Consider which option aligns better with your long-term career goals. Evaluate the growth potential, learning opportunities, and work culture of both the current company and the startup.

Personal growth: Assess which role provides you with more opportunities for personal and professional development. Consider the challenges, responsibilities, and learning experiences offered by each option.

Company culture: Reflect on the company culture in both the MNC and the startup. Different organizations have different work environments, and you should choose the one that aligns with your values and preferences.

Financial considerations: Evaluate the entire compensation package, including benefits, bonuses, and any other perks offered by both companies. Consider your financial needs and whether the compensation aligns with your expectations.

Stability of the startup: Assess the stability and financial health of the startup. Startups can be more unpredictable than established MNCs, so ensure that the new company has a solid business plan and a sustainable growth trajectory.

Career path: Consider the potential career path in both organizations. Assess the opportunities for advancement, promotions, and career progression in each company.

Ultimately, it's advisable to make decisions based on truth and transparency. If you decide to join the startup, you may need to address the fake experience issue with your new employer. Be prepared for potential consequences and be honest about your past.

It's recommended to weigh these factors carefully and possibly seek advice from mentors, colleagues, or career counselors to make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances and priorities.

From India, Bangalore

Hi Prasad,
You are second part of the question is:
Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process for many organizations. Conducting thorough background checks helps employers make informed decisions and ensure the safety and security of their workplace. However, there are instances where organizations may need to conduct background checks again, even if they have already been done in the past.

One common reason for re-running background checks is when there is a significant gap in time since the last check was conducted. It is important for employers to stay up-to-date on their employees' backgrounds, as circumstances can change over time. Conducting periodic background checks can help identify any new red flags that may have arisen since the last check was performed.

Another reason for re-running background checks is if there has been a change in job responsibilities or access to sensitive information. As employees take on new roles within an organization, it may be necessary to conduct a new background check to ensure they are still suitable for the position. This is especially important for roles that involve handling confidential information or working with vulnerable populations.

In conclusion, while background checks are a valuable tool for organizations, there are instances where it may be necessary to conduct them again. By staying proactive and regularly re-evaluating employees' backgrounds, employers can better protect their organization and ensure a safe and secure work environment.


From India, Bangalore
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