My question is, my HR and my Manager Held my Confirmation letter even after Confirmation, which shows in the company system on 1-7-23.
Yet, now my manager asked for my resignation with a notice period I denied; he mailed to HR on 20 january 24 that I had not performed well and take action accordingly.

14 months Completed in that organisation.

Then HR mailed me that your last working day is 31 January 24.
What should I do?

From India, Mumbai

There are two alternatives, to leave without questioning and find another job and make the career peaceful or to fight against the decision by filing complaint in the appropriate forum, legally or otherwise. If you chose the latter, you may not be able to spend the rest of the days, career, peacefully.

Non confirmation and asking an employee to leave during the probation are purely management prerogative. Until you receive a communication that you have been confirmed, you will be under probation only. There are court verdicts which supports termination during probation without showing any reason. Of course, if the termination order is stigmatic, you can challenge it, otherwise, you have no option but to accept it.

From India, Kannur

Hi, As suggested by Mr.Madhu better quit the job and look for a better opportunity.
From India, Madras

Hi Sridhdar,

: Professional Ethics and Employee Rights in the Workplace
In the modern corporate landscape, the relationship between employees and management is governed by a set of ethical principles and legal obligations that are designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and respect. However, instances of unethical behavior and breaches of employee rights can still occur, leading to disputes and challenges that require careful consideration and resolution.

The scenario presented raises concerns about the treatment of an employee following their confirmation in the company. The individual in question has indicated that despite being confirmed in the company system on 1-7-23, both the HR department and their manager retained their confirmation letter. Subsequently, the manager has requested the employee's resignation citing performance issues, prompting the employee to contest this decision and the associated notice period.


From India, Bangalore
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