Hi Team, Recently, I was working in TCS, and now my manager has approached me for conversion to Permanent.
Now HR called me and ask my work history then i informed him and same is available in ibegin portal.
Then what happened for one company where I worked for two years, I don't have the bank statement as I was getting an in-hand salary.
The TCS recruiter said I need a bank or PF statement. Then, can we proceed?
I also requested he delete that experience because I don't have a bank statement.
Now, HR is saying we cannot proceed in this scenario. I said you can check with company how i was getting salary.
But he is refusing to proceed. Please, Team, help me in this regard.

From India, Delhi

Whether to hire a candidate an employee is purely a management decision. But whether to make him permanent or confirm him by changing the status from probationer would involve both professional ethics as well as company policy. If we follow the former, the background verification, records of the past service etc should be positive right from the day one of employment and it is unethical to let one employee join without any records/ evidences to show his past service, his past salary etc and then to demand such things as a procedure for making him confirmed in service. this would mean that a probationer can be anybody but confirmation will be based on certain parameters.

The latter is the policy which will decide the faith of an employee. If the policy says that no employee would be made permanent unless he produces his bank statements to show what he was drawing as salary then you have to produce the same without fail. Why should an employee produce the bank statements is a question because an employer is not concerned with the salary his employee was getting from his past employers. What is relevant iis whether the employee is employable with the salary that we offer. If we have a pay scale and we can fit him into that scale, why should we worry about his past salary? If he produces a statement that shows that he was getting salary much more than the salary offered from this employer, will he give the same or higher salary to the employee? NO. Whatever we can afford to pay will be offered. Therefore, there is no meaning in asking for the bank statements and whatever declared by the employee as his past salary could be accepted as if that is an affidavit of past earnings. But if the policy of the company is to get it and the company takes it from all the employees before they are confirmed, you will have to produce it.

Now in this digital world, it is not acceptable that you were getting salary in cash. It is also not acceptable that you did not have a PF account. When the new company is asking any one of these statements, you should be ready with it. You cannot challenge the action of the company if the policy says so. As already said, ethically it is unfair to demand the statements at this stage because they could have collected all these documents right when you were hired and inducted as a probationer. But this cannot be challenged legally. Therefore, I recommend that you should either get an explanation from the previous employer why was salary paid in cash and why there was no PF for you in his employment or to leave the company before you are fired.

From India, Kannur
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