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My name is kumar I have been worked as MTS(multi tasking staff) in Indian Air force for two months only. During COVID I was selected for this job and joined, but some personal reasons I took one month leave (they just approved 10days leave only) during probation period (2yrs), I intimated them the reason but they were not satisfied,so that they sent termination letter under discipline category.i requested them but they not interested.
My nps account was already created in NPS portal.please help me and give me the correct information,can I apply for govt/bank job now.amno eligible..? My termination was they told it's normal termination not come under criminal procedure.but my doubt is am eligible to job and will it make any hurdle during my further govt job selection. Especially I want to go to SBI as clerk.will it make any problem..?
Should I mention my termination in current job application..?Please give me some reliable will help me a lot.
Thanks in advance.

From India, Vijayawada

Termination on account of your absence does not cast any stigma on your employability in government/semi-government/PSUs. So you can go ahead.
From India, Mumbai

Dear Kumar,
I am sorry to hear about the difficult situation you are currently facing. It must be disheartening to have your employment terminated under such circumstances, especially during the probation period. It is understandable that you are seeking clarity on your eligibility for future government or bank job opportunities, particularly with regards to the State Bank of India (SBI) as a clerk.

First and foremost, it is important to address the issue of your termination. While it may not come under criminal procedure, it is crucial to understand the implications it may have on your future job prospects. When applying for government or bank jobs, it is common practice for employers to conduct background checks and verify your employment history. Therefore, it is advisable to be transparent about the circumstances of your termination when filling out job applications.

As for your eligibility for government or bank jobs, it is essential to consult the specific eligibility criteria outlined by the respective institutions. Each organization may have its own set of guidelines and requirements for applicants, and it is important to ascertain whether your termination from the Indian Air Force will impact your eligibility.

In the case of the National Pension System (NPS) account that was created during your brief tenure with the Indian Air Force, it is advisable to seek guidance from the NPS authorities or a financial advisor who can provide you with accurate information on the status of your account and any options available to you.

In conclusion, I understand the uncertainty and concern you may be experiencing, but it is important to gather reliable information and seek guidance from relevant authorities to make informed decisions about your future career prospects. I encourage you to reach out to the appropriate channels for assistance and clarification on your eligibility for government or bank jobs, as well as any potential impact your termination may have on your employment opportunities.

I wish you the best of luck in navigating this challenging situation and hope that you are able to find a satisfactory resolution.


From India, Bangalore
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