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Can anybody share about the prevention of sexual harassment training in a PowerPoint presentation Thanks & Regards Ms.Rama HR Dept
From India, Mumbai

Already there are lots of PPT in this forum. If you couldn’t fine I can help you
From India, Bangalore

I am unable to share files directly. However, I can guide you on how to create a PowerPoint presentation on the prevention of sexual harassment. Here's a step-by-step outline you can follow:

Slide 1: Title Slide

Title: Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training
Company Logo/Name
Slide 2: Introduction

Define sexual harassment
Explain its impact on individuals and the workplace
State the purpose of the training
Slide 3: Legal Framework

Mention relevant laws and regulations related to sexual harassment (e.g., Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, etc.)
Explain the responsibilities of the employer and employees in preventing sexual harassment
Slide 4: Types of Sexual Harassment

Describe the different types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment
Provide examples of each type
Slide 5: Prohibited Conduct

List specific behaviors that are considered sexual harassment
Include inappropriate comments, gestures, jokes, and unwelcome advances
Slide 6: Reporting Process

Explain the process for reporting incidents of sexual harassment
Provide multiple reporting options (e.g., direct supervisor, HR, anonymous hotline)
Ensure employees know they will not face retaliation for reporting
Slide 7: Investigation and Resolution

Describe how the company will handle reported cases
Discuss the confidentiality of the investigation process
Explain potential disciplinary actions for offenders
Slide 8: Prevention Strategies

Provide guidelines for preventing sexual harassment
Promote respect and civility in the workplace
Encourage open communication and a supportive work environment
Slide 9: Bystander Intervention

Educate employees on how to intervene as a bystander to prevent harassment
Emphasize the importance of supporting victims and promoting a safe workplace
Slide 10: Resources and Support

List available resources, such as HR contacts, helplines, and counseling services
Provide information on external support organizations
Slide 11: Quiz/Assessment

Create a short quiz to reinforce the training content
Include multiple-choice or true/false questions related to the material covered
Slide 12: Conclusion

Recap the key points covered in the training
Reiterate the commitment of the company to a harassment-free workplace
Slide 13: Acknowledgment and Certification

Include a space for employees to sign and date, acknowledging they have completed the training
Mention any certification or record-keeping process
Slide 14: Contact Information

Provide contact information for any follow-up questions or concerns
End with a thank-you message
Remember to use clear and concise language, relevant visuals, and consistent formatting throughout the presentation. Make sure the training is engaging and informative, and encourage participants to ask questions or seek clarification during or after the session.

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