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In the month of March, I was told that my performance was not satisfactory for the year, which was true, and I was transferred to a new city for business requirements. I was told that this was done so with the reason that it's an alternative to avoid PIP. I readily accepted and came to a new city.

Since only one month was left in the financial year, I did decent business, and the new financial year started.
Recently, in June I put up my papers citing personal reasons and early relieving which they agreed and the resignation was accepted in darwinbox portal and I am out on notice.
Today, my company's appraisal came in in which my performance was shown as non satisfactory with a suggestion to go for PIP for further improvements.
I have already put up my papers and resignation was accepted by everyone on darwinbox and i requested early relieving on 1st July which is like 37 days of recovery in lieu of notice which i agreed to pay.

Since I am on notice, can I still be put up in PIP, or will I be relieved on 1 July?
Another question is will this save me from. PIP, which was suggested for me post my resignation approval?
Will a relieving letter have any statement regarding my unsatisfactory performance coz I am about to join a new company on 7 th July.
Kindly suggest and help

From India, Mumbai
Can my resignation be revoked so that I could be forced to go for PIP by my employer?
From India, Mumbai

The response to your queries is as follows:
Even though you are serving the notice period, still you can be put in PIP. PIP is a separate matter and depends on the previous performance and your leaving the organisation is a different matter altogether. This would not affect your relieving
It doesn't appear that you were put on PIP just because you resigned.
Relieving letter usually contains a statement regarding the nature of the service. With the background of the matter, it is not likely to be mentioned as satisfactory service. You better check up with your HR.
Resignation can be revoked by you only, the employer can only refuse to accept your resignation, but it is less likely.

From India, Mumbai
My notice has already started and my relieving date is 1 July and i agreed to pay 37 days as recovery. Inspite of my resignation if they put me in PIP for something that happened in last financial year inspite of me accepting transfer, i feel it's a wrong behaviour on their end.
From India, Mumbai
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