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Are women employees eligible for full pay during maternity leave or just basic pay or average pay? Also is it mandatory to provide 6 months paid leave?

- Does 182 days Maternity Leave include weeks off and holidays?

- if not, will she get payout of week off and holidays?

- How to keep record of Maternity Leave? Please excel calculation if possible.



1. Yes Women employees are eligible for full pay during maternity leave. Only Basic salary should not be given. What ever total salary the same needs to be paid.

2. Yes 182 days is inclusive of week off/ National /Festival Holidays as well.

3. Full salary to be paid for 182 days compulsorily and week off/holiday salary should not be excluded.

4. As the Maternity beneficiary continue to be employee during maternity period you can keep the records as live employee. Employee need to apply for Maternity leave along with Medical certificate. After delivery proof of delivery certificate can be collected for file purpose.

From India, Madras
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The specifics of maternity leave and pay can vary depending on the country and company policies. However, I can provide some general information:

In some countries, women employees may be eligible for full pay during maternity leave, while in others, they may only receive basic pay or a percentage of their average pay. It is important to check the relevant laws and company policies in your specific situation.

In some countries, such as India, it is mandatory to provide at least 26 weeks (or 182 days) of paid maternity leave.

Typically, the 182 days of maternity leave do not include weekends or holidays. However, again, this may vary depending on the specific laws and policies in your country or company.

If an employee is entitled to pay for weekends or holidays that fall during their maternity leave, they should receive the appropriate payout for those days.

To keep a record of maternity leave, you can create a spreadsheet or use an HR management system to track the start and end dates of the leave, any pay or benefits owed, and any other relevant information. You can use formulas in Excel to calculate the total number of days or weeks of maternity leave taken and the corresponding pay owed.

From India, Dombivali
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