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Dear Team, Need advice I have worked at a private limited company for 2 years on third-party payroll. I resigned from my Job some personal reasons after 5 months I got a mail from my previous company for a recovery amount of 250000/- I've sent a reply mail to clarify what is recovery I have submitted my all assets nothing is pending from my side but they did not tell about the for which case recovery amount for that I have made phone calls to hr my reporting manager get meeting with my reporting manager in the office but no one has told me about the what kind of recovery is this amount they also sent recovery letter on my address that mentioned you have 250000 recoveries paid in 7 days or we will take legal action against you.

I guess that one mistake happened by my hand during the work I ordered the wrong part from the brand due to a lack of knowledge or training so I sent mail and take the following up from the brand for 1 or 2 months still brand give me Instructions as per there Instructions I have followed the procedure but brand had charged to my previous company for that part the Amount of 250000 that I guess my previous company this using against me as a recovery,
So please advise.

From India
Dinesh Divekar

Dear member,

In your post, you have written that you were on the third party payroll. However, did the principal employer issue you any terms and conditions of employment in their company? In the letter, has anything been mentioned about the penalties or recoveries?

Secondly, even if you order a wrong part, why the order was not checked by the manager? Were you the only person who sign the order?

Lastly, the discovery of the wrong order has been made five months after your exit. How come the company did not have checks and balances to find a wrong order?

In fact, for the omissions and commissions of the work, highest authority involved in the work should be questioned and not you. Why they the company holding you responsible but allowing others to got scot free is not understood.

Anyway, you may check the appointment letter and if nothing is binding, then write to the company that you are no way responsible for the losses. Clarify from the company under the provision of which law or act have they raised the recovery claim. I don't think you are liable for the payment of any damages.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

In reference to the above there is nothing to worry because if any part is wrongly ordered then only you are not the responsible person for it (Because you are not the authorized person). pls check, some other authorized persons signature will be available in the purchase order. and you were also on third party payroll so company can't send you the recovery letter directly. They are only projecting their mistake on you.
I suggest you to pls communicate with related authority for same for better transparency and if they are not responding properly you can ask through mail.
Also mention in that mail if not fairly assessed i will take it up to court!

Dear Sir,

Thanks for replay and advice I have read my agreement copy that is not agreement it is Work assignment letter provided to me and that is not signed by me

They have mentioned in that letter for any lose or damage during employment of our client you will responsible for that.

From India

You have ordered a wrong part.
There are others in the chain who check, quality control etc.They also have equally a role to play.
Why did it take 5. months to discover?
Item could have been sent back.
Have you placed the order on your own or on being asked to procure the product?
They cannot pin the blame on you alone.Yes mistake is done but it is part of business life.
If they initiate legal action, take advice of a lawyer and frame a reply.
They cannot pin blame on you for having ordered the wrong part.User department should have been active in bringing up the wrong item and system should have worked.It is not an individual alone.Whole system works/Team works in a company.
Do not blindly accept any liability.

From India, Pune

As per a company procedure, the system runs like this.
1. The shop floor make a requisition with detail of report about a part required by the shop floor person that is checked by the supervisor. First it is check with the stores whether the part is available in the maintenance stores.
2. A report is prepared requesting the part from the stores. The stores write its report of No Stock and requisition to be made by the Stores Manager through the Purchase Department.
3. This report is submitted to the Factory/Manager of the concerned department in the company.
4. Then a quotation is asked from the suppliers about the part availability, its price and again informed its position to the shop floor Supervisor or the concerned person to check its suitability. Normally parts specification might be changed due to model is old or for some other reason.
5. After all the supporting documents are prepared a recommendation is made to the Procurement Department to place an order with the supplier to get the supply urgently.
6. Now if the Purchase Manager has approved it and asked the staff to prepare a purchase order for the supplier in relevant to the Quotation submitted for the right part or the approved part by the Factory/Manager as the case may be.
7. These are all go in sequence, prepared by, checked by, approved by and finally the Authorized Signatory.
8. So in these sequence any one should notice it and correct it.
9. After the order the part is supplied then first it goes to the stores for receiving it and checking it as per specification and Quantity - against the copy of Purchase order with specifications.
10. If the product supplied is not as per specification then the Stores submit a rejection report to the Stores Manger who in turn inform the Purchase Department about it.
11. Finance Department is also informed about it. Normally Finance Department never process the Invoice unless a Stores Report is received about it with specification.
12. Even the Finance Department Check the Invoice against the Delivery Note with Stores Report and check the Purchase order copy so as to match the details everything is in order.
With all the above in sequence I don't know what kind of role and where your role was involved in it.
So right from the requisition from the stores to the placing and delivering the Product all are involved.
So just meet a Lawyer and send a Legal Notice to ask for information from the company. Your Lawyer will be able to guide you in the matter to protect you from financial and mental agony.
Please don't wait if the company doesn't not respond to your asking details.
As the wordings are all very important so don't imagine anything on your own and accept responsibility.
Company cannot demand money from you alone.
Please take immediate action.

From Saudi Arabia
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