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I am in URGENT need of some Knowledge Transfer Template, if any format available
I am a new employee in LnD domain and taking over from a current employee, there is no format available in the company, they do it over call. If I get all the handover in the written format it will be easy for me to work efficiently


From India, Mumbai

Hello, I am in URGENT need of some Knowledge Transfer Templates if any format is available. I have moved to an L&D Consultancy, earlier I was into an HR generalist role. As this area is new, I don't know what questions to ask and don't want to have any problems later.
As I am taking over from a current employee, there is no format available in the company, they do it over a call. If I get all the handover in the written format it will be easy for me to work efficiently. Please help.

From India, Mumbai

Sit down with the person you are taking over from.

Using the position description outlining the duties required, work through them one by one asking him/her to detail how they do the required tasks. Write it out in bullet point fashion so you can follow it correctly once the person has left.

Ask about processes and procedures, suppliers of services, useful contacts etc etc.

This is not hard. You don't need someone else's form from an organisation which may do things totally differently to your organisation.

Once you are up and running in the job, start to prepare a manual of how to do the job. That way, when it is your turn to hand over to the next person, all the work is done.

From Australia, Melbourne
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Gkasture,

This is in addition to what Mr John has written. You may sit with the outgoing employee and list out:

a) the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly activities done by him/her
b) understand the department-specific issues
c) understand the forms and templates to be used, why they are used and when they are used
d) understand how the soft data is stored and where it is stored. Obtain a complete list of the handover.
e) understand how the hard copies are stored and where these are stored. Obtain a complete list of the handover.
f) are there customer/client related issues
g) are you supposed to know any financial matters
h) do you need to know issues related to the government or the semi-government authorities
g) to succeed in your job, what should be the focus of your activities?
h) were there incidents of customer dissatisfaction and if yes, why?
i) what about the idiosyncrasies of the employees or top management you will deal with

Additionally, verbally ask him/her the mindset of the managers and other employees working in your department or other departments. What are their likes and dislikes? Who is cooperative and who is not-so-cooperative?

I hope, if you get the above information, then it is sufficient.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear madam,

As a L&D professional , your and your outgoing colleague's job is to design need- based , value added learning interventions across the board for all types of employees and effectively deliver them.

Towards this aim, it may be worthwhile to understand from your outgoing colleague, how he has gone about assessing learning needs- Skill, knowledge and attitude gaps and how did he go about developing programs based on it, what methodology used to seek participants feedback and how the top management is assessing the initeatives.

Learning initeatives are not destinations but a journey at continuous improvements. So build on the efforts already made and keep on adding value through your own innovation be it in need assessment, design, training pedagogy and feedback mechanism. What should be your guiding light is it must intrinsically gel and align with what the organisation's dynamic needs pressures are from time to time. That will be crucial success factor and continuous challenge for you.

I have shared some general thoughts and have not confined to your specific query.


Vinayak Nagarkar
HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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