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Prashant A Jadhav
Under which act conveyance allowance / transport allowance is paid for attending suspension pending inquiry outside factory premises.
From India, Mumbai
Babu Alexander

Conveyance allowance or Transport allowance is payable in certain circumstances, purely at the discretion of the Enquiry Officer, considering the distance the workmen had to travel from his residence to the place of Enquiry.
It is based on the “principle of natural justice” , that the delinquent employee to be given in all possible / reasonable opportunities / help, to attend the enquiry proceedings, to defend his case. This may not be extended to the witness(s) in support of the workmen, as the same is the responsibility of the delinquent workmen to produce his witness

From India, Madras

During the period of suspension, a suspended employee is entitled to subsistence allowance which as per the Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act 1947 & the Model Standing Orders framed thereunder, providing that he has to be paid initially 50% of the wages for the first 90 days (Section 10A), to be later revised to 75%/25% depending on whether the suspended employee is responsible for delay in the proceedings or not. Whether conveyance or transport allowance is to be paid depends on the definition of wages applicable to your establishment.
As a matter of general rule, conveyance allowance is a fixed sum of money given to an employee for using his personal vehicle for discharge of official duties. Transport which normally is a lesser amount is given to all who are availing public transport or non-motorised personal vehicle (Cycle). A suspended employee is restrained from discharging his duties, so he would not be entitled to conveyance allowance, but he can be paid Transport Allowance as he is required to attend the domestic enquiry and is subject to being certified by Enquiry Officer, as correctly advised by Babu Alexander Sir. In case any outstation trip is required the suspended employee is entitled to travelling allowance and DA as is applicable to his substantive post.

From India, Mumbai

As far as the Disciplinary Proceedings against Government servants are concerned, the delinquent employee, even if he is under suspension, is entitled for Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance at the rates prescribed for his grade. Retired employees are also so eligible on the basis of the pay last drawn.

Defence witnesses, even private persons, are entitled for TA and DA.

From India, Kochi
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