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I have one query regarding Sick leave. One in my reference had availed sick leave for 1 day, the day prior to his leave was Ganesh Chaturthi i.e 9th Sep 2021 & the day post his leave day was weekly off i.e Sunday (12th sep 21). So now the company is asking for a medical certificate. As per my experience in HR & knowledge if an employee has availed of sick leave for more than 2 days, then and then only he/she should submit the medical certificate to the company.

Here the employee had availed SL only for 1 day. Should the employee submit the medical certificate? Also the company is stating that weekly off i.e (Sunday) will now also be counted/considered as sick Leave (SL). The company is into Manufacturing & employee is with the company for more than 30 years as of now. (not a fresher). The employee is working as Production Supervisor.

Can anyone mention/ help me with the exact rule & clauses as per labor laws.

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Labour Law & Hr Consultant


Dear Poorva,

There is no provision for sick leave under the Factories Act, 1948; the sick leave may be under the certified standing orders of the factory or under the leave regulations of the company.

Therefore, you have to find the answer to your query from the leave rules of your company.

From India, Salem
Okay, thats fine.

But then if company is asking for submitting the leave application on 12th Sep 21 too (weekly off - sunday), just because the day prior sunday, the employee had availed SL. Then on monday ie. 13th Sep 21, he was present on duty.

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Poorva Joshi,

The incident highlights a few things and also raises a few questions. My comments are as below:

a) A long-serving employee availed of sick leave on 9th Aug 2021 (Thu). 10th Aug 2021 was a closed holiday on account of Ganesh Chaturthi. But then what about 11th Aug 2021 (Sat)? Did the employee attend the duties on this day? If he has attended the duties, then why is the company asking the employee to submit a leave application even for 12th Aug 2021 (Sun) also?

b) Does the company have a proper policy on employee leave? If it is there, then has it been communicated to all the employees? If yes, then how was it communicated?

c) The employee has served for 30 long years in the company. However, it is a matter of trust between the HOD and the employee. Who is exactly asking to submit a leave application? Is it the HOD or the HR Department? Is someone else shooting from the shoulder of the HR?

d) If the employee becomes sick on a day that immediately precedes or succeeds a closed holiday, then it will be counted as a 2-day leave. Has this clause been mentioned in the leave policy? If yes, then has it been applied in the past to other employees as well? Is it that the clause was there, but someone remembered it suddenly, and it has been applied for the first time in the case of the employee?

e) In the last 30 years, the employee in question could grow only to the level of Supervisor. Does this insignificant growth have anything to do with the application of a rule? Does the company's management in general but someone in particular wish to convey to the employee that he is a persona non grata in the company?

f) Instead of a lower-level employee if some senior employee with an illustrious career record had done the same, would HR have asked him/her to provide a leave application for an additional day? Does the application of the rules depend on the person, or it is the same irrespective of the designation, qualification, career achievements etc.?

Submission of Medical Certificate: - You have raised a question on whether or not the employee is required to submit a leave application. However, for a minor ailment like a headache or a sprain in the leg, one does not go to the clinic. The employee can write that he depended on the homemade remedy and did not consult a certified medical doctor.

Application to the Higher Authorities by an Employee: - Because of his long stay in the company, if the employee has developed clout, then he may submit an application to the higher authorities for exempting from the rule of forced leave.

More than the application of the labour laws, the case is related to the internal dynamics of the company.

Finally, what is your role in the incident? Are you from the Production Department?


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

1 day Sick Leave. - It depends on the occasion. In normal circumstances for minor ailment, one does not go to medical practitioner, but takes rest. Employers agree with union that for 1 day sick leave no certificate is needed.
But for special occasions like this one, no certificate is not the absolute right of employee. Employer can very well demand proof of ailment even for 1 day. But, again that must be done on the day of ailment i.e. information of absence for sickness must be communicated by the employee on the day itself and demand for proof by Employer must be made on the same day. These actions taken after the day is over, means neither one is sincere about it. Not being sick, but to take advantage of no certificate for 1 day sickness is misusing the facility and Employer will be well within his rights to demand proof, if he has reasonable doubt.
Vibhakar Ramtirthkar. Pune

From India, Pune
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