Hi friends, Please let know how to srean the CV befor short list the resume. Have a happy weak end. With Regards Madhu.shivani@gmail.com
From India, Bangalore
Renu Handa
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Renu Handa

I believe the following criterion can be utilized before shortlisting a CV.
Each component has an importance value. It can be modified to suit the individual job requirement .
Details of current job
Company Name Designation Salary drawn
Time required to join

Qualification: Personality: Confidence:
Experience: Body Language: Interview:

From India, Bhopal
Steps for Identifying Fake Resumes

Step 1: Once you get to screen a resume and before you propose to call the candidate for an interview, do a preliminary check of his company. According to Companies Act, companies doing business in India should be registered with The Registrar of Companies (ROC). Many companies that give fake work-experience certificates are never registered and can be easily identified using this step. One can easily verify this information from the Ministry of Company Affairs website. This is the most basic, easiest and effective steps to eliminating 90% of fake profiles. Unfortunately, most HR don't seem to know this fact (or don't even know what Registrar of Companies means). If the company that the candidate has mentioned is not a registered company, then most probably you can assume that he candidate has faked.

Steps for checking a Company Name using Ministry of Company Affairs website

1.a.) Go to the Ministry of Company Affairs Check Company Name URL

1.b.) In the field named Relation, select Starts with from the dropdown combo box

1.c.) In the Company Name textbox, enter the name of the company. For example, if the company name is Ikon Software Private Limited, don't enter the full company name. Start with entering Ikon Software and most of the time the company should get listed. If not, simply enter Ikon and search again. If it still doesn't list the company, check for correct spelling and try again. Finally, if all else fails, then you can be sure that the Company is not registered.

Step 2: Every software company will have its own website. Do a Google search for the company name to see if you can find the company website. Most fake companies do have a website and an experienced eye can clearly distinguish a fake company from a genuine one simply by looking at the website. However, to simply things, we can query something called the Domain Registration details. Technically, this is called a WHOIS lookup. Simply put, with a WHOIS query, you can get details of a website - i.e. Who registered the website? What is their mailing address? What is the ir phone number? Regardless of whether the company is genuine or fake, this step gives you vital information such as the Contact Person who registered the website, Company Name, Address, Phone Number. If we are looking for a genuine company, then you will see that the website would have been registered under the Company Name and all contact information would be properly listed. Fake company websites contain either an individual name or will incomplete information. Since the WHOIS query gives you the Company's contact details such as phone number and address, you can immediately call and verify if you have any slightest of doubts.

Steps for checking a Company using WHOIS lookup

2.a.)Do a Google Search for the Company Name. Most of the time, the company website you are searching for will be listed in the first page. Open each link in the search result (if you unsure as to which one is the correct website) to confirm the company website. Note the website address.

2.b.) Go to www.dnsstuff.com

2.c.) In the section WHOIS Lookup, enter the website address of the company and click WHOIS button.

2.d.) In the following page that opens up, you will be presented the results of the search. Note that you will have lots of data thrown up. Firstly, check the details listed in the "Contact" field - Most often a landline number of the company should be listed. If you find a mobile phone number or don't find anything at all, then you know what it means . Another important information will be listed in the "Registrant" section. If the website is registered by a company, then the company details (such as their physcial address, phone number, email and other contact information) would be listed here. If this section is empty or contains incomplete and/or supicious information, then they're all signs of a bogus company.

Step 3: Most of the fake profiles and their companies can be identified in Step 1. However, should the Company get listed, and if you are unclear with Step 2, then this step would be useful. Some fake companies are registered, and you should be careful with these kind of companies. For example, STC Third Eye Private Limited (its an offshoot of the popular software testing training institute STC Technologies) is a registered company but mainly involves in issuing fake work-experience certificates to its students who have studied software testing course (they charge a hefty sum of Rs. 75,000 for this). OK, to the issue - When you call a candidate for the interview, always ask him/her to bring the payslip. A payslip is a great tool to easily identify fake profiles. But most HRs miss the trick here - they look for Basic Pay, HRA and other breakups but many leave the all important pointer called the PF (Provident Fund). It is mandatory for companies to register all its employees for PF if the number of employees in the company is above 20 (includes contract employees, part-time staff etc). So if a candidate doesn't state his PF number, make it compulsory that you ask for it. Using the PF number, we can use the PF verification tool detailed below to check if the PF number is valid and it corresponds to the actual Company Name stated by the candidate.

Steps for Verifying Company Name using PF Number

Before we start, we need to know how to decode a PF Number. For example, a PF number would look something like TN/51244/0034. The PF Number is based of three parts seperated by '/' symbol - the first part identifies the State PF office where the PF number is registered, the second part contains a unique number that identifies the company (in our example, 51244 identifies the Company) and the last part is the actual PF number of the employee. Each and every state manages its own PF office and has its own website. For this example, I will be using the Tamil Nadu PF website to illustrate the process of verifying a Company using a given PF number. Let's assume that we want to verify the Company Name for the PF number TN/51244/0034. The steps are

3.a.) Go to Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Chennai . Using this website, one can verify the PF details of any company registered in Tamil Nadu.

3.b.) For the field name Office, Select the appropriate city (for the example, I'll select Chennai) from the dropdown list box

3.c.) For Establishment Code, enter the Company Code in the textbox for our example, I'll enter 51244).

3.d.) Now, here is the crucial step. Once you enter the number for the Establishment Code and press TAB key, a database query is made for the code and if a matching company is found, it will be immediately displayed under the Establishment Code textbox. If no company is found, you will get a "Establishment Not Exists" message box.

Using the PF Verification method stated above, one can easily and definitely verify if the Company is genuine or fake. Please note that for finding the PF details for states other than Tamil Nadu, you have to go their respective State Government websites (I will post the links to these websites shortly). ALWAYS keep in mind that you make it mandatory that candidates quote the PF number. Also keep in mind, for companies having more than 20 employees PF registration is compulsory and there is no way out - so if any candidate makes up any stories regarding PF, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!

The above listed 3 steps are the most important and critical for verifying any fake resumes (well before the actual interview process). If the above steps, carried out meticulously, can save a huge amount of time and effort for Companies. The steps outlined can effectively ward off 90% of fake profiles so before you forward the resume to the interview panel or technical team you can be sure that the profile is genuine.

From India, Bangalore
Renu Handa

the heading of the topic has a spelling error. It can be ignorance or the typing mistake. We Screen the CV or the Resume not screan it.
From India, Bhopal

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