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What are the ways to Increase Employee Engagement during COVID 19?
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Relationships built on trust and positivity form the crux of solid employee engagement. The focus should be on keeping happy, informed, positive and engaged employees.
Low employee engagement is a costly problem! It costs businesses $4,129 on average to hire new talent, and around $986 to on-board the new hire. That means you lose over $5,000 each time an employee walks out the door, not to mention the unquantifiable cost of losing an experienced employee!
Some of the tips to build employee engagement are:
1. Take up exercises to build appropriate rapport between employees
2. Show empathy
3. Provide correct resources
4. Encourage healthy feedback sessions
5. Celebrate team success and appreciate efforts
Employee engagement boosts productivity, improves morale and reduces absenteeism in the workplace. Employees start enjoying their work when the environment is positive and motivation and start loving their job thereby contributing significantly to the company. In fact, engaged employees start viewing the job more personally than a mere obligation they have to fulfill.
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From India, Noida

HRone, he is asking the practical ways to make the employees engaged and not the theory sessions and modules available in the market.

The simple way the company to make the employees engaged is to make them feel that the employer is with them. For that you should first of all pay pending salaries, never quote any Court verdicts to convince them that the employer has no obligation to pay salary during a period in which there were no work. Secondly, provide hygiene facilities as per the guidelines issued by the Disaster Management team. Ensure that every one's health is your own health or the organisation's health. if you take care of the people, the people will return it to you in the form of higher turnover and higher profits. No HR technology or employee engagement module can help you unless you take care of the above basic things of the employees.

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Employee engagement is one of the important concerns of the management in this new age of remote working. Here are a few tips to help your employees comes out from the feeling of isolation and keep them engaged.
1. Frequent team video calls to discuss what is going on with the team.
2. Continuous check-ins and regular one-on-one meetings to learn what is happening with each employee.
3. Taking action on the employees' concerns.
4. Recognizing the efforts of your team and the individuals who perform well.
5. Rewarding the high performers.
6. Delivering constructive feedback and providing solutions to improve themseleves.
7. Suggesting training programs to upskill your team members.

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Employee engagement is a result of multiple initiatives and HR practices implemented by the employer.
During COVID19 situation, most employees are working remotely so it's important to know how things are going at their end. Make sure they have access to everything to be productive and motivated. Go an extra mile to minimize their frustration. Here are a few more ideas that would help you keep employees engaged:
Since they are working from home and they have various other things to attend to, make sure you allow them to have flexible work schedules. Most companies say that their employees have full freedom to work in flexible hours, but thatís not the reality. Do not micromanage and do give freedom for real, not in saying.
Trust your employees completely. Give them the chance to express their opinions, listen to ideas and acknowledge them. Ignoring and discouraging employee ideas result in disloyalty and a negative work environment.
Provide them tools to become highly productive. If productivity is an issue, discuss it openly without procrastinating this conversation. Avoid micromanagement of day to day activities and motivate them to take ownership of their work.
Even if they are away from office, make sure you help them in skill development and provide training opportunities from time to time.
Conduct weekly meetings and have online fun activities. Many organizations are nowadays conducting online engagement programs to keep their employees motivated.
Physical health is very important, but now itís time to ensure mental well being of employees as well. Think of holistic ways to recreate employee wellness programs and benefits, including physical wellness, mental health, flexible work schedules, child care, elder care, paid time off and more.
With the changing times, employers need to adapt to the new work model and evolve their work approach to engage the workforce. Read this informative post

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HR Team is having a big time to deal with celebration ideas,speciallyduringCOVID-19 situations. Below mentioned are 4 easy to implement tips to engage your employees for celebrations like birthday, work anniversary and many more.
1. Share a video message collected and edited from all team mates.
2. Send gifts at home like flowers, cake, vouchers etc.
3. Plan a virtual party with special attendees as all senior authorities of the company.
4. Send some creative e-card and beautifully crafted email with wishes on behalf of the company.

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