I work for software company which belongs to one of the prestegeous banks in the world and my project is related to an internal dashboard. Issue is with my manager's lack of empathy and common sense is getting on my nerve!
Few things I observed is..,
1. He acts as if he doesnt care if the employee is sick or not. Typical example to cite here is, once I was with high fever and messaged him that I wanted leave and he replied back with "Ok". I went to clarify few work related things and to my utter surprise he asks me to complete that!
2. He clearly lacks a planning. We are part of sprint and suppose to complete a particular user story. All we knew was it must be completed ASAP, but we didn't knew the deadline. He, without even taking our estimates sent notification to all the users with upcoming features with a deadline. Surprised and confused we all continued to slog for 12 hrs for nearly two weeks without any weekend offs! Whats disturbing is, towards the end of the deadline he called us at around 10pm and asks us to complete them! It doesnt seems like a request but more of a Manager commanding work to his/her subordinate.
3. Its been an year since I worked under him and there is never a day where he appreciated any of his subordinate!
After all the above, I am feeling kind of very uncomfortable and a sense of insecurity working under him. I wanted to share all these to him but he is quiet notorious in retaliation (It happened with one of our ex-colleague). Not sure how do I have to handle this. Any suggestions?


How many members are there in your team?

Unfortunately there are a few such managers who care only for output and have no empathy or feeling of team spirit.

How are the other team members reacting to such pressure and totally unappreciated work?

One among you must indirectly talk to the manager and explain the problems and pressure and suggest alternatives which also keeps targets in mind.

Manager appears to be a man of ego and arrogance as per what you have written.Though he will have his own viewpoint and issues to speak.

Try and interact and balance things out.Manager has to deliver and some adopt unfeeling and by order work style.

If after interaction, there is no change-mind you interaction should be positive and backed by evidence of work done and how work could have been done without such sudden night calls etc.

If after sincere effort things do not change look out for alternative jobs.

A person who is so authoritative must have been a target for employee complaints.

You need to be diplomatic, fact oriented when you talk to him.

From India, Pune
Thank you @nathro for sharing your views. We are a team of 5 of them one of them has already decided to leave the project. Most of our team members are 10+ years experienced, who are in a primitive notion that whatever manager commands they are ready to obey, without even realizing it spoils the work culture. Yes I am going to put my views with all the facts and concerns which is affecting my personal life. Will keep you posted with discussion updates with my manager.

Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear Colleague,

Apparently you are put to uncomfortable work demands by your Manager. You have put your side of the problem. We need to know also Manager's side- what is making him so extremely demanding and insensitive to feelings of his team mates. Given the cut throat competition in the businesses, demanding customer and no miss on the project deadlines also put tremendous pressure on the Managers. But the right way is to carry the team by leading from the front and by examples. Perhaps there is disconnect in smooth communication and divide is created by the Manager either knowingly or unknowingly.

I think heart to heart talk between the Manager and the teammates may resolve this in understanding mutual expectations and clarifying common work goals and ways to achieve them

Suggest demand a meeting with your Manager at the earliest and sort out on the table instead of working with suppressed emotions which is in nobody's interest in the long run.


Vinayak Nagarkar

HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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