Dear Folks, I have one question, Employees get one hour break for lunch. Is employees sleeping at that hour acceptable? Kindly advice me on this. I am working as an Asst HR Manager. Vidhya
From India, Chennai
Dinesh Divekar
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Kesava Pillai
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Nagarkar Vinayak L
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear Vidhya,
Have you checked the dictionary meaning of the "break"? Break means a brief rest, as from work. The rest can be with sleep or without sleep. Therefore, why anyone should have objection if someone sleeps during the official break is not understood.
In fact, siesta is good for health too. Check the following link:
In the countries like Spain or Italy, siesta is officially permitted. Click the following link to refer the details:
Siesta: The Little Nap with a Big History - SlumberWise
As long as siesta rejuvenates a person, everything is fine. However, it should not create a drowsiness.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Vidhya,
I agree with Dinesh that it is alright if the employee sleeps during the lunch break as long as she/he does not exceed the break time duration. It is up to the employee on how to spend the break timing.
However, if there is any employee who may sleeping at the desk, it is also true that this may give a bad impression to customers or to the management visiting the floor. In front end customer service oriented areas like banks, supermarkets etc, this may seem awkward.
So, you could advise the employee not to sleep at the work place/site and so to choose any other area for the purpose.

From India, Bengaluru
Kritarth Consulting

Sleeping-on-Duty, whether in Factories and or Office in Industrial and Commercial Establsihment s is neither Permissible nor a Helpful Work Practice
Sleeping-on-Duty, is Potent cause of ShopFloor/ Workplace Accidents, Injuries, Lethargy etc
Certified Standing Orders, Servic Rules Expressly Prohibit Sleeping-on-Duty,
Rest while on Duty is For Recuperation
Kritarth Team

From India, Delhi

A small nap improve mood, alertness and performance. So small nap during lunch break can be permitted. However as rightly pointed out by Mr.Nelson the place of rest is also equally important depends on the nature of business of employer, it should not be awkward for Superiors / customers as applicable. Further employees may be advised to wash their faces once they resume to work after break hours.

From India, Madras
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear colleague,
Here the issue is whether the employees should be allowed to sleep during the break and not while on duty.
I share the same views that no restrictions can be placed on this during the break. Even extending it further, even if employees choose to engage in any other activity like use of mobile, playing some group games, chit- chatting or stroll , around , knitting etc they should not be restricted as long as it does not affect discipline or decorum.
These are leisure activities during the break which are bound to rejuvenate and give fresh energy to them and therefore by all means be permitted.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai

Hi Vidhya,
According to policy and standards, sleeping is permissible unless on production or working floor. He/she may utilize their break in any way including sleeping but in cafeteria or any resting place.

From India, Delhi

There is no issue if employee takes rest (Sleep) during break hours. The act & rules provided break hours for the workmen to relax but it should not extend beyond the time slot.
From India, Mumbai

Sleeping while on duty is definitely a Big No.
But during breaks officially given if employee has a quick snooze, it is not wrong.Give them some place for the snooze away from customer or visitor eyesight and let them take their break within stipulated timings, wash and then come back refreshed.
A nap is generally conducive to better productivity.
That said, in practice, “don’t fall asleep at work” is common office expectation. Some of that is perceptional issues — people don’t know that you’re on a break or not officially on the clock yet and it can look like you’re sleeping when you should be on the job. That can look really bad for you, and even for your boss (who appears to have an employee who’s openly snoozing). It would be nice if people assumed that if they spot you sleeping (or appearing to sleep), it’s because you’re on a authorised break … but the reality is, people don’t always default to that assumption and jump to conclusion.
So keep all these factors in mind.
Perceptions, productivity while deciding.

From India, Pune

Dear Friends,
As per the Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act. It is clearly indicated "SLEEPING WHILE ON DUTY IS MAJOR MISCONDUCT". The same has followed by all the organisations in their Standing Orders and Service Rules.
But in some of the organisations except manufaturing places, Office staff allowed after lunch break one snap (SIESTA). But the management has given option to work in which number of hours rest has taken that much hours the person has to work continuously during duty hours. to subsititute the loss of working hours .

From India, Kakinada
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