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Hi Fellow Members,
In urgent need of your valuable advice.
I work in admin department and recently my boss was changed. This organization that I work with since 5 years has issued me a show cause notice of willfully misplacing the attendance registers of the organization. I have told them in past that I have no idea where those registers are as they are kept in open and multiple people have access to them.
Furthermore these registers are maintained by guards capturing only time in and time out which bears no signature of employees. The registers are plain registers with HR never reviewed them once or signed them as the office has a biometric machine installed through which it is mandatory to punch attendance. Also the HR department releases a monthly email requesting department heads to submit monthly attendance of their teams and subsequently payroll is processed.
There could be two reasons in my opinion behind this surprise notice (as the registers went missing around 2.5 months back and notice has been issued on a holiday with a 48 hour notice to submit a response). One, my line manager consistently asks me to work on weekends, after office hours, and during my sick leaves and has a very nasty and casual attitude towards work. Two, the company is going really down in terms for sales, and the Admin function is overstaffed so they need frivolous reasons to show the door to the employees. Please advice what can be done in this case as I am getting mentally harassed in a very planned manner. I am a junior resource with no reportee. The organization has gone through several hr leadership changes in past 6 months.
The show cause notice has been issued on a public holiday and is sent through email. I have been given only 48 hours to respond. I will really appreciate your help and advice.

From India, Kolkata

Not clear whether you were the in charge for the maintenance of Attendance register. If not you can reply to them that you have no idea and no where connected to that. Further if the Mgt is keen in showing you the Exit door try to get relieved properly and try to avoid getting terminated. This will not be the end of your career. Explore better opportunities with your experience and keep mount. All the best

From India, Madras
Dear Sir, Thanks for your response. I was not in charge of maintaining attendance registers. Those are not attendance registers even. Regards
From India, Kolkata

Don't get upset on seeking explanation. Explain them politely but assertively that you are not the Incharge of Attendance registers. Remember If their plan is to send you out, they can only change your fate in the organization you are working. But not your fate. Be fearless.
From India, Aizawl

This gives a clear impression of vindictive attitude of your boss. In my suggestion better search for a job, the continunace would be more painful. This is a hard task still do not loose confidence. Till get a new opportunity, send a reply to explanation called for( in simple line, that no attendance register under your custody and neither you are aware of it's missing). Wait and see.............the proceeding.

From India, Mumbai

I think you should fight for your integrity.
1. If you are right no one can do anything.
2. If you keep mum than people will think you have done something wrong that is why
you go silently.
3. You have spent 5 year of your life there you can not leave it like that.
Decision is yours.
Thanks & Regards

From India, Ghaziabad
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