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We already knew HR and are a HR but for being professional we need to polish ourselves and need to learn new skills'
Humans are the important part of everything and without humans it would be difficult to peform the task or operate the machines.
God created everything and it includes us(humans), before creating us he might have some plans, some works that can only be accomplished by us, so he have created us.
As the question demands the reason why????
1. Human resource department is the main and must have department in each and every organization and without them the completion of the tasks are difficult.
2. Human resource personnel takes in account each and every management part as the main work lies on the shoulder of the HR people.
3. The take off deciding salary, incentives, perks, bonous et-cetra are only done by the HR department.
4. Any kind of arrangement- seminars, conferences, training schedules, orientation, framing of policy et-cetra are also done by the HR department.
5. The recuritment process, selection process all the work are done by HR department.
6. The effective team management, all the management functions everything is to be done by the HR personnels.The list can go on and on. I am not stating or saying that other departments are not important but the main task or the majority of work load lies on the shoulder on the HR department or HR people.

Powerful ? Like Hitler or Sadam Hussain ? Power is vested in each and every professional in all organisations. However, many people misinterpret and misunderstand the power by utilising it wrongly or not utilising it effectively. You should learn the basics, be at the service of the user departments, never throw the rule-book at the people. Rules are there to guide you and help you. but be humane and rule from the heart and use commonsense and logic more than the rule. Go beyond the brief to help people who knock at your door with some expectation or the other. You get more powerful by delegating, empowering, training, mentoring and guiding your team members to make them more effective. Naturally, your team members will look upon you as a guiding force and you will feel powerful. Being 'powerful' is just a feeling and there is nothing physical about it... like Superman, Spiderman or Hulk !!!
Have to become a People person , and a proper bridge between the management and the Employees.
Be a Good listener, address the griveances and always be avaialable for the employees. always have to remember that HR is a People rep
Subhobroto Sarkar

Greetings from Ungender. In addition, to all the responses above what you can do to excel in the field of HR department is by ensuring diversity and inclusivity at workplace. Here is an interesting read for HRs on how they can help breaking stereotypes at workplace. 3 important lessons on breaking gender-stereotyping at workplace from the movie “Dream Girl”  - Ungender Insights
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hi, i would rather replace the word POWERFUL ( negative connotation) with resourceful and efficient.
A good HR manager should understand that the most important resource is the human resource in any organisation. without people there is no company. This resource needs to be handled carefully for optimizing productivity and growth.
HR needs to have a perfect balance between the management needs and employee welfare.
HR also needs to work as a watchdog in implementing laid down HR policies and also reprimand the ones flouting it.
HR needs to be impartial and quick in decision making.
HR needs to be fair and empathetic towards the employees without compromising organisational priorities.
HR responses to situations and queries should be fast.
HR should command respect from management and employees by its deeds and not powers.
VP HR & Training

It takes something more to be a true professional in HR management. Here are 10 things to consider:
1. Focus on the big picture
This is a common flaw of HR managers: they get so focused on hiring the best new people that they forget about the ones they already have.
The engagement of the current employees is part of the big picture. Its just as important as getting the best workers on board. Are your recognition, review, and growth policies on a par with your recruiting efforts? They should be.
2. Maintain the passion
HR managers represent the rules and needs of the organization. Thats why they appear as dry, cold, and distant most of the time. When you rediscover your passion, youll overcome that flaw. Your own drive will inspire the people youre trying to recruit, as well the current workers in the organization.
3. Take a positive approach to communication
Each change and transition the company goes through affects the employees. It affects the connection between them. A professional HR manager must keep the communication lines within the entire organization functional at all times.
Communicate with the employees not only when they are facing transitions, but on a day-to-day basis, too. When you know what issues they are facing, youll be able to manage them well.
4. Show up where they work
The employees will appreciate a more human contact. Get out of your office and show up where they work. Ask questions and let them suggest ideas. Show some support and youll create a better working environment. Thats what HR management is all about.
5. Show a genuine interest in each employee
Personalization is the key to effective human resources management. When youre communicating with someone from the staff, its important to take their preferences, personality, age, and goals into consideration.
As a HR manager, you have to keep tabs on everyone. You cant inspire them to do a better job with generalized motivational talks. If you push them towards their personal goals, however, youll be on the right track.
6. Collaborate with all departments
You have a responsibility to choose and support the right workers for each department. For that purpose, you have to learn what the individual needs of each department are. Work close together with the managers to develop appropriate HR ideas and practices.
7. Develop a mentorship program
Through the process of mentoring, a newly acquired worker gets proper guidance for personal and professional development. They learn how to do their job well. When they get effective supervision and support, they are less afraid to be creative.
8. Stay flexible
A research study in multinational firms in Hong Kong showed that flexible HR practices and employee behavior flexibility had a positive effect on the adaptability culture. Another study showed that organizations with strong culture adaptability had higher organizational commitment. Thus, your flexibility as a HR manager has a lot to do with the overall commitment in the organization.
How do you develop such flexibility? Be on top of all new trends. Analyze the events and culture within the organization. Consider their ideas and try new methods to support the workers development. Your profession involves learning and influencing change. Remember that!
9. Use the right technologies
Human resource information and applicant tracking systems are constantly being upgraded. You have to stay on top of new technologies, so youll keep improving your effectiveness as a HR manager
10. Know your vision
You cant wait for your organization to define what your role is. You know what human resource management is all about. You need to do everything you can to become your own expert. This is an important role within the organization. The leadership team will expect you to grow and suggest new ideas.

*understand your company vision
*Understand your Management decision
*understand the employee expectation from the organisation.
*more than sympathy move towards empathy
*understand the reality
* move towards company goal
*Never and ever share the company secrets like salary,promotion to any
*be honest
*Read more case studies which helps to take the right decision
*Time management
*be updated on PF,ESI,PT and other labor laws .

Its not easy to become an extraordinary HR manager. It takes a lot of work, experience, and consistent experimenting with new techniques. The tips above will help you start your journey towards greatness in this profession.

"Look comfortable being uncomfortable."

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