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I am recently joined a Software Development startup Company with less no. of headcounts.
I want to involve my team in engagement & team coordination building activities which can be arrange easily.
I want Suggestion on the same, as the total head count is 10.
Presently we are doing below mentioned activities :
Birthday Celebrations
Festival Celebrations
Learning & Development (on new skills mentoring them )
Team Outing - Quaterly.
Thanks & Regards,
Yashoda Bisht

From India, Gurgaon
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Hi Yashoda,
In addition to the said, it is sure to encourage the bonding if you consider these as well, if possible-
1. Make it a routine to share the lunch and snacks on a single table and discuss matters, informally;
2. Make it a habit, also to visit events/occasions in their homes, like BD of spouse/children, marriage of siblings, exchange gifts to suit the occasions, could be a surprise visit;
3. Assist/lend a helping hand in their troubled situations, should be timely, may be their family feuds, if not mistaken;
4. Organise tickets to movies or cricket matches/other sports of their liking;
5. Liberalize leave/loan sanctions, use of vehicles for personal needs;
6. Incentives achievements & innovative ideas, winning new customers;
7. Issue food coupons, could help purchase of groceries;
8. Organise free to mix & use-hot,tea/coffee,milk, sandwiches, salad, ice creams in work places;
9. Organise pick up/drop, door to door, if not done already;
10.Inculcate a work culture of 'one for all & all for one'; share the work and see that work accomplished by a team so that credits also shared, not compromising the individuals' skills & know how;
11. Supply logo printed uniform/tee shirt, quality trousers, backbag, stationery etc. & ... add on...

From India, Bangalore
how interesting and ironical, every thing in your list used to exist till the 80s. belive me office was like a joint family. army family was more tight nit . oh modernity and technology we are trying to reinvent ourself. any way it was very good and heart warming to see how we still have chances to go back to roots
From India, Rajkot

Start by asking the team if THEY are interested in such activities. I guarantee some will not be interested, and being forced to participate will alienate them, creating a whole new set of problems.

Staff engagement is an issue that comes up almost every single week here on CiteHR, and I have to ask myself why?

Start with something very simple like a weekly informal lunch as suggested above. See how that goes for awhile, that every person is comfortable with it, and only then maybe progress to something else. Be very careful about birthdays etc, as not everyone enjoys that, and it can be embarrassing. I speak from experience here, as I hated people broadcasting my birthday to the whole office, and people making a fuss. What you think is cute, does not mean everyone else does.

From Australia, Melbourne
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