A Viking's Prayer
I'm standing on the ship
looking out towards the sea,
glancing at the waters
that soon will carry me.
Beating of distant drums
coming from the battlefield,
a thousand Viking warriors
their weapons they won't yield.
I hear Valhalla's call
coming yonder from the sky,
my time will soon be up
I know then that I must die.
I call upon mighty Thor
to be always at my side,
so that I may fight bravely
after each oncoming tide.
Let blood be on my sword
let sweat fall from my brow,
as I go on the battlefield
to strike my foes down.
And if I should be last to fall
let me die a death with pride,
then my children will proudly know
a hero is how I died.
"(c) copyright of Aidan Lucid 2007"
26th November 2007 From India, Hyderabad

Manager - Hr
Area Hr Administrator

Hi Kiran
Hello. I have noticed that you have posted this poem without my consent. My name is Aidan Lucid and I am the owner of that poem since it is a part of my collection which I have out at the moment. The book is entitled, A Viking's Prayer and it also appears on my website: www.avikingsprayer.com Even though I appreciate your love for the poem, you have posted the work on the site without my consent or without crediting me as the author and creator of A Viking's Prayer, and it is in fact, infringing on my copyright since I am the sole owner of the work. So can you please add the following at the bottom of the poem, "(c) copyright of Aidan Lucid 2007" or else remove it from this site?
Thank you for your time in reading this message and I look forwad to your response.
Yours sincerely
Aidan Lucid
10th December 2007
Hi Aidan Lucid
Greetings. Its wonderful to know that its you who wrote this poem. Its really fantastic. Sorry for this issue. First i dont know that this is a copy righted. Else i wouldnt have kept this. This is a forward to me from a friend in USA. Anyway sorry for the trouble, i know how painful it is to circulate the work by some one with out taking permission or giving their name
11th December 2007 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Kiran
Thanks for your message. Thanks also for putting my copyright notice under the poem. It is appreciated. I am glad that you like the poem. Maybe I can interest you in a copy of the book? If so, then visit my website www.avikingsprayer.com today.
Take care
Aidan Lucid
11th December 2007
My ancester would never had spoken in such maner as written abowe. Its a pure fixtion what Aidian Lucid has written.
To get into theyr minds you have to read the saga books where you can see that they had a unik way expressing the spoken word with theyr own way and rules putting it forward as a poem. Those poems they sang often 2 together or against each other in 5 octive later banned by the church called demonic tones but has surrvived in iceland to our days.
Ahmad ibn Fadlān did write in 930 something about his acount with the Rus, or sweedis vikings. He also write down prayer they wore suppesed to say. However all of those are pure fiction for they are to strongly colerd of Ahmad ibn Fadlān own religin as he metion \"paradise\" \"engel of death\" \"oh Lord\" and muslim christian things like that, we did never use.
How ever there is one viking preyer that has surrvived to our days and only one.
I shall for your amusement translate it from old norwegian to engli
6th October 2012 From Qatar, Doha
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