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We have an employee who has worked with us for about 6 months, let's call her Jane. She has been an excellent employee, very productive and has referred many other employees to the company. We recently signed a contract to provide services to another company. We will call the company I work for Company A and the new company we signed the contract with is Company B. Company B requested Company A hire the current employee, let's call her Jenny for Company B to run the operation and had glowing reviews for this person.
We agreed to it and I started the hiring process. Jane came to me shortly after the hiring process and stated that Jenny was her ex girlfriend and that she was emotionally abused by Jenny. After talking further, she stated that Jenny was 8 years older than her and an authority figure in her life and they began dating when Jane was 17 years old. They were together for 6 years and had a tumultuous breakup. I checked into it and there were no laws broken in this particular case. I wanted to avoid the risk altogether but my boss insisted on hiring Jenny regardless. Jane is now upset and says she doesn't feel valued or safe to come to work. I will add that my boss decided to go ahead with hiring Jenny because she was highly recommended by Company B and that Jane and Jenny would only have contact at 6 staff meetings a year and company events.

From United States, Tulsa
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Your boss has already made the mind up and recruited the person. So, what is your question?
From United Kingdom
I guess I never really asked a question did I? I am just trying to get thoughts on this matter, such as how hard should I push to change the situation? How can I help Jane be at peace with this decision and try to keep from losing her as an employee?
From United States, Tulsa
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